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HD 7950 comes with 3 game voucher
Just got back from my "local" MicroCenter. When picking up my order, it appears the sales rep dropped two copies of Windows in my order: one Windows 8 and one Windows Pro. Is there any performance benefit to installing Pro over the basic edition? I don't think I have any use for the obvious Pro extras.
See this list for comprehensive difference between two versions.

That said, unless you need a specific feature that comes with Pro version, there is no need for it.
Excellent, thats the list I used to determine that I had no use for the added features.

Looking forward to assembling my first build. Thank you for coming up with the build list in your guide, fit my budget perfectly!
darn, I was pretty excited and was thinking of grabbing another gtx 660 lol
AMD having a firm grip aren't they.

Perhaps I can grab a SSD

Hope you can grab something nice Kal.
Helped me out with everything. Amazing person and knows everything about computers! Thank You so much!
Running into a bit of an issue with posting. I have the speaker installed properly. Am getting zero beeps with ram installed and multiple beeps with ram uninstalled.

Motherboard is ASRock 970 Extreme4
If you have RAM installed, it does not post?

Have you plugged in the 8 pin CPU power plug
It posts, but I get no beep confirming that everything is working properly. At the bios screen, the ram is recognized, however

Edit:yes, the 8-pin is connected
Not all computers beep when everything is working properly.

If you can boot into a CD (or existing OS installed HDD), then it's good.
Thoughts on buying a used graphics card?

^ that one in particular because the used is 25% cheaper.
Used graphics cards are usually OK, but you can probably find HD 6770 / HD 7770 / HD 6850 for about that price if you look harder -- and all those would be superior over GTX 550 Ti

Well there is another GTX 550 Ti, but for only $70 refurbished. Is this something I should snag or keep looking? (my PSU is a Cooler Master GX 650W 80+ bronze certified, and it does have a 6-pin connector)

My current card is a GT 220, so pretty much anything is an upgrade. Price is a pretty big concern for me, so I'm happy with linear returns on price/performance. (ie 30% cheaper for 30% less performance)
I dunno.

$95 after rebates. It's $20 more, sure, but it's new AND it destroys GTX 550 Ti

But if you need to get something as dirt cheap as possible, go for it. $70 is not too bad (for no rebates too).
Hey Kalg,

What do you think about this deal on a Z77 mobo? Comes with 8gigs of RAM too which is what caught my eye.. been reading around and reviews on mixed on ASRock, some love them and some hate them. Seems like a great deal nonetheless though, you save like $60+ buying the combo:

It's a good mobo.
Another card question:

2GB DDR3 or 1GB DDR5
Which is better for gaming?

What is needed to support a PCI 3?

^my motherboard
1GB GDDR5, no questions asked.

Check out this topic, if you want to save $:
PCI-E slots are backwards/forwards compatible. What PCI-E version the slot is, is irrelevant.
Firstly, thank you Kalganized for your guide.

Secondly, first-time builder and primarily a Mac user.

Wish to build a low cost, upgradeable gaming PC set-up for my friend's birthday/Christmas. I have a general idea of what I want, but need advice and a check that I have all my "i"s dotted and "t"s crossed.

Parts I have available:
  • old tower that once housed a Pentium 4, USB front panel board I'm fairly sure is USB1.1
  • removable tower fan (located in the back, another fan placeable side-by-side)
  • 80GB SATA hard drive
  • SATA DVD drive, but unknown if it burns
  • IDE hard drives ranging for 8GB to 500GB
  • IDE DVD burners

  • In my shopping cart:
  • Intel G540 CPU 2.50 GHZ 2M CACHE 2.5 2 LGA 1155 Processor (BX80623G540)
  • I may upgrade this later to an i5.
  • MSI Computer Corp. DDR3 1600 Intel LGA 1155 Motherboards (Z77A-G45)
  • HIS Radeon HD 6670 1GB (128bit) GDDR5 HDMI DVI-D (HDCP) VGA PCI Express X16 2.1 Low Profile Graphics Cards H667FN1G
  • Low profile to make sure the graphic card doesn't usurp the other PCI slots.
  • Kingston Technology HyperX 8 GB (2x4 GB Modules) 1600 MHz DDR3 Dual Channel Kit (PC3 12800) 240-Pin SDRAM KHX1600C9D3K2/8GX
  • VIO 1.5G Thermal Grease CPU Heat Sink Compound with Easy to Apply Syringe

  • Things I want to know, taking into account a future i5 upgrade and that I will not be overclocking:
  • What is the minimum power supply wattage I will need? Trying to keep power consumption low. In reading the guide, I think I could get away with a 250 watt?
  • Does the motherboard come with a stock cooler for the CPU? If not, recommendations?
  • To minimize costs, I want to use the IDE drives. Recommendations on a IDE/ATA PCI card?
  • What version of Windows 8 do I need? Microsoft seems rather tacky about licensing and having issues either upgrading the comp or using the OS on another PC. I may want to install on my 2 Macs via Boot Camp in addition to the PC, if that's allowable.

  • Thank you all in advance.

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