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The CPU comes with stock cooler, not motherboard.
You do not need a thermal grease, it is pre-applied on the stock cooler.

Low-profile version of graphics card should only be bought if you have a slimcase computer. Unless you buy a weird motherboard, standard graphics card will not usurp all PCI slots.

I wouldn't bother with an IDE/ATA PCI card, to be honest. I know you want to save money, but they will be dreadfully slow vs. a modern SATA drive.

You would be much better off buying him/her an SSD instead.

Plain Windows 8 will work. If you can, you can take advantage of Windows 8 Pro upgrade offer, and depending on whether they ask for the key or not, you can get it for $16 or $40. You "need" a prior Windows installed on the drive, but you don't have to activate it. So just install whatever XP or 7, don't activate, reboot from the Windows 8 Pro DVD, and do a fresh install.

You can buy some parts now, as there's a Black Friday sale going on:

Motherboard -

Graphics - HD 7770


Power Supply -
11/23/2012 08:02 AMPosted by Kalganized
Low-profile version of graphics card should only be bought if you have a slimcase computer. Unless you buy a weird motherboard, standard graphics card will not usurp all PCI slots

Well, it'll only be $5 more than the one you suggested. Plus, it outputs to older VGA standard, which is helpful. Plus-plus, the card you suggested seems to be out of stock now.

I wouldn't bother with an IDE/ATA PCI card, to be honest. I know you want to save money, but they will be dreadfully slow vs. a modern SATA drive.

Speed is not the issue. Cheap storage is. If speed becomes an issue, that'll be down the line when I can upgrade. I'm not trying to take a huge chunk outta my wallet all at once, hence the Celeron CPU.

I can get a Rosewill RC-215 for cheaper. Or am I missing some feature the 212 has? I don't need to set up a RAID, just to be able to handle multiple drives.

Don't have a prior version of Windows. Rather have a clean install anyway.

The Biostar I'll pick up mostly because I can't tell the difference between the two motherboards.
Buy this graphics card then:

$60 after rebates

The one I linked seems to have no trouble with initial recognition of the drives, while other one seems to not be recognized at boot.

They only support 1 IDE drive. There are 2/4 IDE drive support cards, but they all seem to be fraught with problems.

You don't even have to buy one -- you can download --legit-- Windows 7 ISOs from Digital River (google it), a legit MS redistributor. You download the ISO, burn it, install it, but don't enter the key.

Buy Windows 8 Pro upgrade offer from MS for $16 or $40 depending on whether they allow that or not, burn the ISO, then boot from that ISO once Windows 7 is installed on the new PC -- remember, no activation of 7 is required.
Well, bit the bullet and placed my orders. Thank you for all your assistance. It was very helpful.
Is there certain criteria a power supply has to meet in order for it to be compatible with a Acer Aspire M3985?
Posted a separate thread before seeing this. Any thoughts on the Doghouse System laptops such as the Mobius NT and ES? Im looking to replace my old gaming laptop and dont know much about what to look for but ive heard good things about doghouse. Sorry if something similar has been posting in this thread.
Don't bother with Doghouse Systems. They are grossly overpriced for the level of hardware you get.


Not really.
Thank you Kalganized for this useful guide.
What's the difference between a modular and one that isn't?
Modular: You only use the power cables you need.

Non: You have to stash all unused cables somewhere in the case, since they are all attached to the power supply.
Okay, so I want to build a computer for WoW but I pretty much know nothing other than what I read from your guide.

If I follow the exact specifications of the Trinity Build you have, will I be running into any sort of problems when building it or setting it up? Is it all pretty much laid out as simply as it can be?
There should not be.

Only thing you should be aware of is that all my build examples do NOT include:

1) A copy of Windows
1) Accessories like monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker
Okay sounds good, also, Idk how to overclock and am a little hesitant to since if something goes wrong i wouldn't know how to fix it. Is there a specific amount it should be overclocked? Or is overclocking like a flat rate kind of thing?
You don't have to hurry to overclock; take your time and google around.

Generally, A8 / A10 should be able to achieve 4.5 GHz or so with core clock with decent 3rd party cooler (AMD recommends turning off Turbo mode in BIOS). 4.5 GHz may need a slight voltage bump. If you don't want to mess with voltage, it should easily do 4.2 GHz.

As for the graphics core overclocking, it's not as high: it could probably go up to 1 GHz core clock.
Ah I see, okay then. Thanks for all your help. Guess I'll just get it and keep researching stuff as well.
Ooo one more thing. So for the trinity build, you don't need a graphics card?
I'm not so much in need of information here as I am in finality. Currently I have the AMD Rana x3 425 ( with the 4th core unlocked to make it a Phenom II B25. Obviously, this is currently a massive bottleneck for my 7850 ( especially when overclocked.

Unfortunately, the 965 isn't enough of an upgrade to justify $100, and like most people I'm less than enchanted with AMD's latest releases in games. I have an aging motherboard, and it might do me well to upgrade it, but if I can get by with just a CPU upgrade I'm plenty happy keeping it.

Here's specific information:
- I'm not interested in how they handle heavy multi-threading; this will be primarily and almost exclusively for games
- I typically only upgrade a few years at a time, and my next upgrade will almost certainly involve a mobo upgrade if this one doesn't -- future of CPU socket irrelevant
- Just interested in a CPU hefty enough not to bottleneck the 7850 in CPU-intensive games like WoW and Guild Wars 2.

Currently, for the motherboard I have at the moment ( I was looking at the FX-4300 ( The i5 3570k/2500k are overkill and too far out of my budget for what I need.

Mainly, I'm asking, would it be better to go with AMD's latest quads, or suck it up and get an Ivy i3? Keep in mind, non-game performance is basically irrelevant. I would have made this decision myself but there's basically nothing in the way of game benchmarks for neither the latest Vishera series or the higher-end i3's. Thanks.

Trinity build does not require a graphics card


If you only care about game performance, i5-3470 (and other non-OC i5) is what you want.

If you cannot afford i5, FX-8320 can be had for $150 (Black Friday special), and will roflpwn i3. Even the FX-6300 (about $120) will also roflpwn i3. Yes, the Ivy i3.
Yeah I was also looking at the 6300, but many games still only utilize 2 cores and I can count on my fingers the number that support more than 4. Given the same architecture, and the 4300's higher stock clock, wouldn't the 4300 be better for games? I just feel like the hexa-core is wasted here.

And as for the i5's it's not so much a matter of budget as in "I really don't need this much performance."
FX-6300 has an advantage of retaining full L3 cache as 83xx brothers, as well as more L2 cache (from more cores, vs. FX-4300).

FX-6300 doesn't cost all that much vs. FX-4300 too.

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