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There are much cheaper, but still quality power supplies you can buy. See my Black Friday deals thread.
I'm currently trying to build a gaming pc and I'm totally stumped. Of course I don't want to spend more money than I have to, and I'm trying to keep it below 800 for certain, and anything I get will be better than the HP I'm currently using. I have been doing research nonstop and I can't decide on an AMD or Intel cpu or an AMD or nVidia gpu or how much watts I need for a power supply or how much ram I need. I've been looking at an AMD fx 8150 as a possibility and maybe an AMD Radeon HD 7770 for a gpu. Then again I've considered an Intel i3-3220 or i5-3750k if I want to spend the extra money. A nVidia Geforce GTX 650 ti is also a possibility. Like I said, I don't want to spend more than I need to, but I don't know enough about computer hardware to really know if I am getting the best for my money. Any help anyone can give would totally be amazing.
What else are you putting into your PC? A standard build for $800 can handle way more than a 7770 and FX-8150. Let us know if the price includes a monitor, accessories, etc, and if so, what their costs will be so we can deduct it from your total budget. a PCpartpicker list would be even better.

As for whether to go Intel or AMD or Nvidia/AMD, it is mostly an issue of price points. Certain manufacturers dominate a particular price point and fail miserably in others.
I have an HP monitor that is in great shape and I have never had any issues with it so I plan on using it. I need a new case, motherboard, ram, cpu, gpu, etc basically everything for a gaming pc. I have a keyboard, mouse, speakers, and all that. A blue-ray player would also be nice but it is definitely not a requirement.
If we assume ~300-350 for power supply, RAM, case and mobo, that leaves us with over $400 to work with. For that price range I would definitely suggest the $220 i5-3570k and use the rest of your budget on something similarly priced, like the HD 7850 or 7870.

Edit: Do you plan to re-use your hard drive? This is good information.
FX-6300 has an advantage of retaining full L3 cache as 83xx brothers, as well as more L2 cache (from more cores, vs. FX-4300).

FX-6300 doesn't cost all that much vs. FX-4300 too.

Oh dear, just discovered flipping through downloads to update my BIOS with that my mobo is so old it doesn't support the FX series or any AM3+ sockets, with the exception of the FX-4120. A motherboard upgrade is looking more and more likely; in that case, I may just wait for Haswell.

This isn't getting any easier to decide on.
If you don't want to think too much about it, I'd take one of my example builds, substitute few of these parts from my Black Friday thread.

I recommend Build 2 or Build 3, depending on your budget.
I forgot to mention I also need an operating system. I prefer Windows, not vista though. And I have no idea what I'm using so I'm been looking at Cyberpowerpc but I'm not sure how reliable they are. And I don't really know anyone who builds pcs. I even asked in trade chat, which was embarrassing.
So I've been looking at the graphics cards and a Geforce GTX 560 is a possibility, but the price is killing me. I'm just wanting a graphics card that would let me play WoW on ultra settings with atleast a decent FPS and isn't going to cost over $160.
This thread is amazing, thanks, Kal. I've been away from gaming for a while and have always wanted to build my own rig. Can someone let me know what they think of this:

My goal would be to play WoW on ultra and build a solid gaming machine. WoW's my #1 priority, but how well would this setup play games like Dishonored, AC3, or Far Cry 3?
You can save more $ by going with some of the Black Friday offerings. Namely, motherboard, power supply, hard drive.

I recommend getting a computer case with front panel USB 3.0 support.

You can pick up Windows 8 Pro upgrade for $40 (or $16 if the trick works). That's a huge savings from having to buy a full Windows 7.
Thanks for the quick reply. Here's my updated build w/ suggestions from your Black Friday post and tips above.

Unless you see anything glaringly wrong or have any other suggestions, I'm thinking I'm gonna go with this and the Win 8 Pro upgrade you mentioned. Thanks again!
Can't have H77 with that build. Move up to Biostar Z77 motherboard.

There's a Seagate 2TB drive deal from NewEgg.

430W is slightly iffy with a HD 7850 + OC i5-3570k. Spend a little more 500W ver.
Done. Thanks again for your help and this awesome thread.
is the PC Power and Cooling Silencer MK III 500W compatible with a Intel Core i5-3330 processor?
All modern decent power supplies are compatible with modern system.
So I should get that instead of paying an extra $20 for SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold 650W 80 PLUS GOLD Certified? I'm not going to be overclocking or anything, just want to upgrade my gpu.
You can get a much cheaper power supplies with Black Friday deals. Check it out.

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