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wait nvm, found one on newegg :p Is there really a difference between 1GB and 2GB dedicated graphics memory with the 7850 if it's only being used for wow?
Thanks guys. Chelsi I did already purchase the Fractal Design case :D Thanks though. I'm thinking about just ordering parts over a month or two time span, not in a huge rush I'm just making sure everything is compatible.

Not all of the ASRock Mobos support FX-6300? TBH I'm not very well rounded when it comes to any of the BIOS stuff so this could be an issue for me. Does this happen often?


Case is fine btw, just noticed you didn't link one.

Thanks! It was aesthetically pleasing and happened to be black Friday so i figured why not!
It's a relatively easy process to update the BIOS, except...when the motherboard requires a working CPU to perform that update.

That's why some Motherboard manufacturers have implemented a system to allow doing it directly from USB.

Now here's the thing, ASRock can update their BIOS/UEFI by default to work, so eventually it'll no longer be an issue. It might not be one with their motherboards now.

As for other Mobos, well, they could have the same problem, or not. Hard to say.

Ty for the info :) Either way i suppose if I'm going to take the time to build it I should invest the time in learning how to maintain it.

For WoW, 1GB is enough
Got my Biostar motherboard (TZ77B LGA 1155), RAM chips, Celeron processor (BX80623G540), and power supply. Plus, the used hardware I have to spare. What I don't have is the IDE/ATA PCI card or the graphics card. Can I start building the PC now? I don't recall whether I need the graphics card installed first for this processor/set up. Or anything silly that I've missed.
You can. You can install graphics card / PCI card whenever.
When the build is complete, just plug those in to the relevant slots. Easy.
hi can you tell me if this build is good to be in org on a very popluated server at max settings.
Link is coming up null for me.

this one work?
HD 6970 is outdated. Ditch that for Radeon HD 7950.

Sabertooth is severely overpriced. A good Z77 boards can be had for $120~$130ish.

Sound card is unnecessary.

Ultra 650W is not 80 Plus certified. Terrible power supply. Get ones that have 80 Plus Bronze certification. Also, 550W is all you need for a single GPU setup (HD 7950).
Yes, that wroks, well, that's certainly about as good as you're going to get. If you weren't satisfied with the results, nothing else would do that much better.

I wouldn't bother with the sound card, the Sabertooth has a perfectly suitable on-board audio.

You could even go down a step or two on the motherboard and be happy.

Another PSU might be worth considering, that one isn't certified, and I've never heard of Ultra as a brand.

Edit, and yes, that's a 6970, really, go with a new generation card, unless you have one around or something.
i7-2600k with H61 o_O
The power supply should work
sucks my friend recommended me the 6970 and bought it already but ty for the help.
sucks my friend recommended me the 6970 and bought it already but ty for the help.

Return it for a refund.
which manafactuer would you recommend i get for the 7950? if you could provide a link that would be great thanks.
One such recommendation:

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