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Excellent job on all your posts. You've definitely piqued my interest in building my own computer. It's fun shopping around for deals! Having said that, what do you think of this SSD and the price?
Good price, but it's SandForce.

Try looking at Samsung 830, OCZ Vertex / Agility -4-, Plextor M5P, etc.
Kal could you recommend me a ssd?
I listed few trusted vendor / high performance ones in my guide as well as in a post above you ;)
okay this is my final build any suggestions, and is everything compatible?

I really apperciate all the help am truly grateful.
Build is good, but you should take advantage of Windows 8 upgrade offer -- you could have Windows 8 Pro for $40ish instead of $140.
Ars Technica's opinion
GTX 660 Ti and HD 7950 equal? wut
okay will defiantly do that. Will this build be able to run wow at max settings while in org on a populated server while at 40 50 fps?
As long as you don't force shadows @ ultra nor force super fancy anti-aliasing, yes
Just a heads-up, ASUS has some rebates good for the end of the month.

Looks like they're clearing out older inventory, but if you've got a use for one, it's still not a bad deal.

I'm thinking of the M5A99X EVO with an FX-6300. Anybody able to tell me that that would be a terrible idea?
okay lets saty i want to force shadows ultra and force super anti aliasing would you recommend any upgradesto be able to do this.
WoW engine is too inefficient that no matter what uber epic video card you get, forcing shadows + uber AA will cause FPS to tank
ok am about to hit order is evertthing compatible?
You will need one more SATA III cable as motherboard only comes with two, and HDD, SSD, and DVD drive does not come with their own.

Otherwise, yes.
would you also recommend i get extended waranttys on certain parts?
Kalg is there a way to have Steam download games to a different hard drive than the one Steam is on? Or do I have to move Steam to that other drive?
Steam by default installs programs to its folder.

But there are workarounds.

For example:

I think I'll just move some of my non-steam games to it. Sucks it's only a 5900 RPM drive though, otherwise I'd move WoW over.

Use SteamMover. Super easy.



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