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No such thing
Silly me! I suppose I'll go with one of their Force builds then. Thanks for your help! You're like a techno-johnny appleseed.
Kal (or anyone else for that matter),

What do you think of this build? It's a close variation on one of the TL;DR builds.

I'm mainly going to be playing WOW and possibly getting into ArmAII (roommate is a big fan). I also do some Photoshop/Illustrator work every so often for fun.
If it's just for fun, I'd just stick to 8GB of RAM.

Otherwise, build is good!
I am looking for some input on a build that I am doing for my 14 year old son.

I need a good motherboard and cpu that stay with in my budget $150, I was looking at the new amd A6 5400k cpu with either the biostar fm2 ta75 MB or the msi fm2 a75 MB.

Is there a better cpu mb combo that would perform better that stays with in my budget or should I stick with what I am currently looking at ? which ever cpu mb is best in that price range it will be built with 8g g skill sniper 1866 ddr3, corsair 750 psu, evga gtx 550 ti, and a 1tb hard drive.

This is a hard choice for me being that I am a intel guy but being that they are well above my price range I have decided to look at the amd chip set.

I should also say that this computer will be used for playing wow and a few other games( nothing to graphic intense) and streaming videos.

I would consider i3-3220 + B75, which will slightly be over $150, but should prove to be better than AMD offerings since you have an 550 Ti
Thanks for the quick response back.

I was also looking at that but is it able to be OC being that it is not a K series? and if not wouldent be a performance lose to the A6 or A8 being that they are both overclockable?

Thanks for the quick response back.

I was also looking at that but is it able to be OC being that it is not a K series? and if not wouldent be a performance lose to the A6 or A8 being that they are both overclockable?


Overclocking won't make up for the performance difference between the i3 and the A6 or A8. You really only want to get an APU if you don't already have a graphics card, which you do.
I may be upgrading my graphics card a 6950 to a 7970 so if that happens I would be using the 6950 instead of the gtx 550, so not sure if that makes any difference?

Also I have read reviews that many people that are using the AMD A series cpu with discreet graphic cards and OC are having great results.

This is going to make my choice on a cpu much harder to pick best performance for the price.

Thanks for the feed back.
The 6950 and 7970 both stomp the GTX 550, so that makes an A6 or A8 a much less attractive choice. The main draw to those processors is that you can "crossfire" them with a low-end GPU--mainly the Radeon 6670 if I remember right--and get relatively decent results without spending too much money.

A GTX 550/Radeon 6950/Radeon 7970 paired with an i3-3220 will perform much better than those same cards paired with an A6 or A8.

I use an i3-2120 and a Radeon 6950 and I have little trouble maxing out most games. The only time my computer really struggles is with mutliplayer in games like Crysis 2 or massive (150+ players) battles in Planetside 2.
Yeah I really like my 6950 paired with a I5-3570k but with my current setup that is the only thing left for me to upgrade, plus since patch 5.1 I now have to play wow on high settings versus before I was on ultra and never dropped below 60fps.

So the only older componete is my video card and I have tried everything else to resolve the lower fps aside from replacing the video card. The cpu is OC to 4.5ghz and the video card has a mild OC using the catalyst control center, 16g ram and using kingston hyper x 3k to run the game should be more then enough to max out wow.

But for now my sons build will use the gtx 550 until after christmas then maybe I will put my 6950 in it, I am really considering the I3-3220 vs one of the A series cpu. Just hope its worth the extra money.

What do you think of this cpu mb combo vs ?

Is there going to be any big difference performance wise to justify the increase in price? or am I better off sticking with the cheaper I3 combo.

The advantage of the AMD is that you can expect to overclock it, which is a big benefit.

Its performance in other situations besides WOW would also be great.
FX-6300 is generally slightly superior than i3-3220, although it can lose in some games -- but FX-6300 can OC high to overcome the deficiency.
In your opinion is it worth the extra money?

I can do the OC on the FX-6300 because I all ready have a spare H100 for better cooling but if there is little difference over the I3-3220 even when OC'ed I would rather avoid doing so for a 14 year olds computer.

Thanks for all of your help.
Well, FX-6300 will outperform i3-3220, but it's something of an slight improvement -- that is to say, you will see the difference, but it won't be a massive one.

But since you have a spare H100, why not get the best performance possible then?
Great guide work here, it will help when i go to build a machine next year. For now, I'm wondering if the Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5 will work with my machine. It's an older unit with crappy integrated graphics right now. 300W PSU. It has a PCI Express x16 slot - and i can remove the TV tuner that I never use.

It's a gateway DX4300-15e.

Processor / Chipset

Type AMD Phenom II X4 810 / 2.6 GHz
Number of Cores Quad-Core
CPU Qty 1.0
Max CPU Qty 1.0
CPU Upgradability Upgradable
Chipset Type AMD 780G

Cache Memory

Installed Size L2 cache - 6.0 MB


Installed Size 8.0 GB / 8.0 GB (max)
Technology DDR II SDRAM
Upgrade Rule Max 2 x 2 GB module

Thanks so much!
It looks like it would fit a full-size card in there, though the PSU is a guess, but it should work.

At the least, you can replace the PSU at some point.
Budget is the main reason I am having such a hard time deciding on a cpu, if cost was not a factor I would just get another I5-3570k which is by far the best performing cpu I have owned.

Also I have to take in consideration that if I were to buy the FX-6300 and OC I would need to spend more money for a better MB to accomadate the abillity to OC.

Thanks again
ill just get to it


CPU: Phenom II x4 965

GPU: EVGA GeForce 9800 GT

what can ya suggest for upgrades to boost FPS in wow, thats all i really use this pc for. What i was thinking is upgrading the GPU, but i was wondering if upgrading the GPU increases fps or is that more so from the CPU or both? Also do i really need to look into overclocking? as i have never OC'd a computer but have been looking into it

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