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Hey Kal forgot to say thanks last time for trying to assist me monitor trouble...Found out it was because of the wallpaper slideshow, guess it affects WoW more than other games, but I just have a quick question

Whenever I play some games that is heavier on the GPU, my second monitor flickers or it starts becoming wavy at some parts. Even though I have Vsync on in those games and made sure both monitors as refreshing at 60Hz, it still happens though this one I don't mind as much.

P.S. do you think its worth doing SLI when gtx 660ti drop in price? maybe in a year or so
That's not normal.
How is the second monitor connected to the graphics card? Wavy indicates it's using VGA?

Only if you are willing to deal with potential headaches that come with SLi.
Motherboard -GIGABYTE GA-970A-DS3 AMD 970/SB950 AM3+ ($65)

CPU - AMD FX-6100 ($105)

RAM - Crucial 4GB (DDR3 1333 Mhz) ($23)

Video Card - EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (1GB) ($115)

Hard Drive - Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB ($70)

Optical Drive - Lite-On Internal DVD Writer ($18)

Case - Cooler Master Elite 430 Mid Tower ($40)

Power Supply -Thermaltake PurePower 430 Watt ($30)

Total Cost: $466 (USD)

So copying this spec from this gaming rig website. Just curious to see what settings that machine would run most current games? Any chance of high/max? If so, this could be my girlfriend's comp right here.

Also the PSU would need to be replaced.
Don't. AMD FX-6100 is based on older Bulldozer architecture, and that is a major fail.

550 Ti is also terrible at that price.

The power supply is terrible.
Currently using a dvi converter, don't have a dvi only atm
Yeah, DVI converter to VGA? That probably is why. Try using other digital method if available.
something is very wrong with newegg right now. they only show 3 or 4 of a given category of items when you search. lots of people on reddit talking about it too. i was looking up micro atx cases, and it only showed them as having 2 apevia cases, not the pages and pages of them i'm used to seeing when i browse.

CPU: AMD A10-5800k
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212+ EVO
Motherboard: Any A75 based motherboard, strongly recommending OC-friendly ones
RAM: Any 2 x 4GB RAM while keeping my notes (DDR3-2133, 1.5v)
Power Supply: PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 400W
Hard Drive: Cheap 500GB or -smaller- if you are fine with it.
DVD Drive: Cheap DVD burner
Case: Cheap ATX mid-tower case, but must support tall CPU tower coolers and have at least 2 fans

With this build that you have setup for us.. What other games can it run other than World of Warcraft? Here's the thing.. My GF wants a new computer but she mainly raids on WoW and spends a lot of time on League of Legends.. So me buying her a $600-700 computer isn't really needed (at least in my opinion). But she is on my case about it running most current games on high/max with no issues.
A10 needs to be overclocked (GPU-wise) to reach HD 6670 level performance on its own, but it can certainly run LoL with zero problem.

WoW raiding may be problematic without a bonus GPU.

Any non-intensive 3D games can be run on A10 with medium or so settings.
So it wouldn't run games like GW2 or D3 that well? what do you mean by bonus GPU?
an HD 6670 to do Dual Graphics with

It will run D3 well
It probably needs GW2 in medium setting to run well
The only issue is I wouldn't OC that build.. So would the cooler still need to be included in the setup?
I just would like to add that front panel USB 3.0 ports can be added to any case (as long as you dont mind taking up an expansion bay) for under $13. I'd still go with the HAF 912, but thats just me.

If no OC, go with AMD FX-6300 build instead.
Although I recommend OCing AMD FX-6300, but it doesn't need to in order to roflpwn i3-3220 (which is it's nearest competitor)
Figured you might be able to help me out. I built a computer based on a build of yours.
First time ever doing it. I've always wanted to. Anyways, whenever I play games there's a flicker and humming sound from my monitor. It's less noticeable on games like LoL or D3. Anyways, I get kicked off constantly. I don't know if I installed something wrong, or if I missed updating a driver. I can't seem to find the exact build I bought. It was from a TL;DR post. Asrock B75M-DGS motherboard, Radeon HD 7800 series.

I've always been getting kicked off occasional, with various errors. I don't know if I did something wrong or what. Here's the thread I posted in the tech forums. Haven't found a solution yet.

If you can help out, that'll be great. But, no worries if it stumps you too.

Monitor should not be making any noise like that. Ensure cable between monitor and graphics card is firm and tight.

These crashes seem to indicate few things to me.

I want you to try this first:

Memtest86+, which will need to be burned onto CD or bootable USB. This checks out integrity of RAM.
Alright. I don't actually have a usable USB or CD atm. So, it'll take me awhile to get back with you with the results.
Hi, I was wondering if this computer would be any good to play wow with max settings.
Not really.
So it'd be better to just build my own?

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