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Radeon HD 7870 LE (Tahiti LE) is now available for purchase!

These cards, in terms of performance, is only slightly behind HD 7950, beats GTX 660 Ti, and is priced to sell. Overclock it, and it'll come only shy of few FPS behind vs. the stock HD 7970.

This particular SKU is limited-edition kind of a thing; AMD does not expect to produce a lot of these chips.

Currently, PowerColor is selling one for $240 after rebates -- that's a killer deal considering how much performance you get out of it.

Get it while you can.
For those looking at a CPU, Amazon has the FX-8320 down to 149 now.
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How much better would the FX-8320 be than an i3-2120? How much worse is it than the i5-3570k?
Depends on the actual work being done. The FX-8320 would be substantially stronger in sufficiently multi-threaded operations than either, but would lag behind the i5 in most single-threaded operations, and even the 2120 in some.
So it's more or less a side-grade? Back to waiting...
In some cases, it would be, in other cases, it'd be a major upgrade, to a slight downgrade.

I would certainly consider it prudent to wait for Intel's Haswell to be released.
Hey sorry to bug you again but I spent a couple hours putting this together and I need to know what you think. I'm not sure if everything is compliant with each other either lol.
The only things I really need is help with the mobo and the power supply. Is this mobo any good and is my power supply enough or should I get a better one?
No reason to get an aftermarket cooler if you don't intend to overclock. *unless you're really nit picking about temperature*

I am not a big fan of rosewell PSUs, the last one I own likes to not work and then randomly work when it feels like it. Would go with Antec/Cosair/PC power and cooling/Seasnoic. Make sure its 80+ bronze or something similar to that.

The motherboard should be fine though a b75 motherboard is slightly cheaper.
Ok I dropped the cooler and picked up an Antec 550w.

This build should be able to run most games on ultra with no problem, right?
Yes should run most games on near ultra or ultra with playable fps

Swap to DDR3-1600 RAM.

The case does not have front USB 3.0 ports. Try to get one that does.
I believe my build is now complete.
Looks good to me, but CPU cooler is not necessary, as Aquorius mentioned.
Got rid of it. Done and done :)
Thanks for all the help!
Hey kal,
Quick question and somewhat of a bump, but I have my 2500k overclocked to 4.4 and have the voltage set to 1.325. Feels a little high but it won't be stable otherwise. Anyways it is fine most of the time but occasionally it would blue screen if I am surfing the web and watching videos.
It would only blue screen when there is very little things running but it is somewhat out of my control as it varies from a few hours of being on to a few weeks.

I would tell more if I knew where the logs were and how to access them :|.
1.325v seems bit high for 4.4 GHz. I did 4.5 GHz stable @ 1.285v.
But then, every chip is different. D:

Undo overclocks and see if these blue screens return,
For Windows 7 (and Vista, not XP):

It'll be in:


Which is usually c:\Windows\Minidump but not always.

If you need to enable it, then try:

sysdm.cpl in the run menu.
well when i get around to installing windows debugger, I'll be sure to post the logs but as of now the reason it blue screen is because of the overclocking, "undid it before didn't blue screen for months"
Looks like you have a poor quality CPU or motherboard. Consider lowering your OC.

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