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Hey Kal how is the Samsung 840 compared to the Crucial M4? Was planning on grabbing a larger SSD since 128 can barely hold the things I wanted it to hold :\.

Also I've seen people stick their ssd ontop of their PSU/Side their cases recently for better wiring and spacing. Are there any consequences that I should be aware of if I were to do something similar?
Crucial M4 is an old dog now; Samsung 840 should be better in every aspect, except write lifespan.

I wouldn't put SSD on top of PSU (heat is bad), but otherwise, it doesn't matter where you put it as long as there is no chance for it to suffer physical shock (damage).

Edit: It's possible that I will now exclusively recommend AMD CPUs at lower-end brackets IF the buyer would also play more recent games.

According to Toms, more and more games are moving beyond just 2 cores/threads, which puts significant damper in Intel's lineup below i3.
How important is contrast ratio when picking out a new monitor? I saw three ASUS monitors, all $169.99 after a rebate. Even though they were the same price, the contrast ratios differed between the three, one being 50M:1, the other being 10M:1, and the third being 20000:1.

Would this be a noticeable difference? Or would it be like frames per second, where you're just not going to notice after a certain point?

Also, in the guide it mentioned light bleed as being something that varied from monitor to monitor. Does this mean it varies from model to model, or literally from monitor to monitor of an identical model? I see a lot of reviews on newegg and tigerdirect where 20 people will talk about how nice a monitor is, then someone will talk about horrible light bleeding on the edges.
Those ridiculous contrast ratio is not really important, you won't see any difference as realistic actual values aren't that big and should be pretty close given similar cost.

Light bleeding differs monitor to monitor, even within same brand type. This is total RNG that is out of anyone's control as it is a manufacturing problem that can affect random set of monitors. However, some of the worse brands / cheaper ones tend to have universal problem with it rather than individual problem.
From what I understand, there's no actual standard behind the contrast rations, rendering it purely marketing pap.
Hmm now I am stuck between the 840 and 840 pro. Is the performance difference enough to justify the 50dollars difference? I am satisfied with my Crucial M4 most of the time, and I already find this one lightning fast. Is there something about the 840 pro that makes it that much better?

A second question would be, do you have any recommendation on speakers? I don't think I ever owned a set of speakers, been wanting one lately because I keep stepping on my headset wire as I get up. I am just that much closer to the ground than some people are. :|
I've heard good things about Klipsch's offerings.
840 Pro is good deal faster than plain 840 AND retains normal consumer-level write lifetime. However, unless if you are using a first-gen SSD, it's not likely you'll actually be able to discern performance difference between different modern SSDs.

I actually don't have any particular recommendation on speakers. :X
Hmm okay thanks Kal, will probably wait until there is a sale

Also Klipsch is a bit too expensive for me probably go with logitech as they have yet to fail me but thanks for the suggestion Lyrenna
Try to get something with a subwoofer, and that the tweeters have decent power to it. Good ones will cost about $60 or so.
Sorry, but I don't know where to post my question and my thread isn't getting noticed. I'm just wondering if there is somewhere to find recommendations for a laptop? A link to an ideal laptop would be But I really just need to know what I should be looking for.
There's a laptop section in the guide.
01/21/2013 04:59 PMPosted by Kalganized
There's a laptop section in the guide.

Found it. Thanks.

What do you think of this laptop? Overkill or worth it? Do you think I could get a machine for less that would run the game as well?
Moving to front page.
So AMD is rebadging the 7000 series as 8000 for OEM vendors... does that mean we're skipping to the 9000 series with the next generation of cards or are OEM cards a bit different from retail cards?
OEM cards are different from retail because they won't ever be sold on retail channel normally. They do this because OEMs want new name branding to fool uninformed consumers into thinking they are getting the latest deal.

AMD and nVidia could decline, but then, OEMs want this, and they will tell them, "You won't help us fool gullible consumers? Well, we won't buy your chips then!".

Retail cards will proceed as normal.
How would this setup do?

Intel i5 Quad-core
Nvidia 560ti
800W Power supply
1TB Harddrive
Well enough, the 800W PSU is excessive, you'd be better off putting the money into a better graphics card.
Alright thanks.

I assume i5 is i5-3xxx series? It should be.

6GB RAM is a weird choice to go with Sandy / Ivy CPUs. Get 8 GB DDR3-1600

560 Ti is an old dog. Try HD 7850 / HD 7870 instead.

Power supply should be 80 Plus Bronze certified at minimum, modular a big plus, ~550W is more than sufficient.

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