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Thanks! I should be able to handle that. I qualify as brain dead.
Note that you should install OS and programs onto the SSD.

You may be able to get Windows 8 lot cheaper than what everyone else is asking for.
nice, thanks again.
Hey Kalg what do you think of Bitfenix for cases?

This one caught my eye mainly cos it looks cool haha, with the blue side panel

BitFenix Shinobi White with Window, USB3.0 - $85.00
BitFenix Shinobi White, Mid-Tower Case, w/ODD Cover, Blue Mesh Strip & Window,2x USB3.0 2x USB2.0 2x 120mm Fan,8x 3.5" 1x 2.5", 7 PCI Slot
BitFenix cases are pretty good. Go for it if you like it.
Kalg one of my friends is debating between these two 7770s and he's wondering which is better

I know they should perform roughly the same, but is there any huge difference in cooling between the two?
Should be about the same too, although Vapor-X is probably slightly better.
Kalg one of my friends is debating between these two 7770s and he's wondering which is better

I know they should perform roughly the same, but is there any huge difference in cooling between the two?

This site is selling a 7770 for $90 (after $30 mail-in rebate)
Hey Kalg,
Just wanted to say thank you for this awesome guide.
I wanted to uprade from my old q6600 but i'm a noob on hardware.
I read all of your guide and i understant more now, i used it to get my new build and i'm very happy with it!
My new build:

i5 3450
Asus b75m - le
Gskill 8gb 1600 1.5v
Antec hcg 520
WD 500GB 7200 rpm
Gigabyte HD7870
Samsung DVD burner
Haf 912
Windows 7 64 bits

Sorry for any typing mistakes, english is not my primary language.
So my friend decided to up the budget to a 7950 and he's wondering which one of these to get.
He's wondering which one of them is the "best"
Off topic:

Switched to Windows 8 (fresh install), on 256GB Samsung 830.

Holy !@#$ it's fast.

On topic:

Glad you love it, Felguk! :D

Manik, I'd probably consider Gigabyte or MSI.
Not sure if you're around Kalganized, but I could sure use your help right now

Computer worked fine last night, turned off, tried to turn on this morning, loaded only the first boot screen, then nothing, no windows loading screen dont know what to do

My motherboard is a

The code on the motherboard was 0d. Not sure what that means, the manual wasnt helpful
0D has no particular description of what error it is.
D0 however, indicates CPU init error.

I recommend you try resetting the CMOS value to default.
Hmm alright. TY
Hey Kalg, your guide has been invaluable to me as far as dreaming and actual shopping now, so thank you.

I am a pre-med student so for the moment I really am tied down to a laptop (travel frequently, etc). I am looking for something that can handle WoW on ultra, but also hopefully some current FPS games that are computer intensive smoothly. I would also like to potentially stream from time to time, but that is less important.

Having said that, the computer I have lined up that I like the most so far is the Sager NP9150 with these specs (set up on Xoticpc)

15.6" screen
nVidia GeForce GTX 675M 2,048MB PCI-Express GDDR5 DX11 with Optimus™ Technology (Free upgrade from 670m from exoticpc at the moment)

8GB- DDR3 1600MHz Dual Channel Memory (2SODIMMS) (question here, is it worth it to upgrade to 16 gigs 1600mhz, as I want to stream and such, for $50 bucks?)

128g ssd from crucial configured as an OS drive
750 GB 7200RPM hard drive (might go down to 500 just to save some extra money)

windows 8 64-bit

end price $1574

Here's the link:

Thanks again for all the advice and work you put in here.
I wouldn't bother with CPU upgrade. Performance difference is minimal to non-visible to all except benchmarking programs.

16 GB isn't really necessary for streaming. You can also probably find RAM upgrade elsewhere for lot cheaper than what XoticPC is offering.

I would buy a separate SSD elsewhere as that will be cheaper. XoticPC charges you $135 for the Crucial m4 mSATA 128GB, while NewEgg has them for $125 -- and you can probably find it even cheaper elsewhere. But if you don't want to futz with opening up the case to install the mSATA SSD device, you can stay with that option.

I would recommend matte screen as it doesn't have annoying glare if you work frequently under the light.
Hey Kal, I'm wondering how major of a difference in performance this build: would have against your Pentium build: I'd like to save as much money as I can with the holidays coming up, but I'd also like to indulge and give myself a little present. I've been contemplating the difference between the two graphics cards, as well as the difference between possibly putting in an i3.
There will be a major performance difference between those two build.

i3 doesn't have that big of a performance difference vs. Pentiums
Alright, I suppose I could splurge with the i5 setup. How flexible could I get with the GPU seeing as the build has a good CPU just to possibly shave off a little money? Or would you just suggest going with the 7850/7870.

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