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What do you think of Windows 8 so far Kalg? Is it worth switching?
11/07/2012 08:16 PMPosted by Aleranna
Alright, I suppose I could splurge with the i5 setup. How flexible could I get with the GPU seeing as the build has a good CPU just to possibly shave off a little money? Or would you just suggest going with the 7850/7870.

HD 7850 is more than enough for WoW, so I wouldn't go further, unless you plan to play more GPU intensive games, then in which HD 7870 would be better.

Sometimes, you can find deals on HD 7870 that has them just below $200. If you can find such a deal, take the HD 7870 instead.

What do you think of Windows 8 so far Kalg? Is it worth switching?

It's basically Windows 7 with fancy initial interface, with some performance improvement. It's not really something that screams "Must switch!" if you are using 7, but right now, you can get one for $15 (or $40 depending on your eligibility) -- $15 for the latest Microsoft OS (Pro edition too) isn't too bad.
Radeon HD 7890 (or 7930) is set to be released this month. It's a gimped Tahiti core, MSRP $250, and will compete with GTX 660 in price, but much closer to GTX 660 Ti in performance.

This will put even more pressure on nVidia.

Toms also did a review on custom 7970 X2 / 7990 made by HIS and PowerColor respectively. General consensus is:

1. Besides nVidia favored games, the 7970 X2 / 7990 absolutely destroys GTX 690 in performance

2. We knew already that Tahiti eats a lot of power and generates a lot of heat due to retaining full GPGPU facility (entire Kepler series have neutered GPGPU capacity, which helps tons with minimizing heat and power requirement). With 100% full load (using GPGPU programs), the 7970 X2 / 7990:

* Consumes astounding ~560W all by itself, not the whole system!. GTX 690 eats about ~350W. This is at 100% load however, using GPGPU intensive process. So it can't be helped. Gaming-wise, it's better (although still high), at ~375W for dual Tahitis, and ~290W for GTX 690.

* Both HIS and PowerColor cards generates a lot of heat and fan is much louder to keep it in check.

* Temperatures are a different story. With idle / gaming load, HIS is the coolest. With 100% load, PowerColor is the coolest.

3. Using RadeonPro can minimize microstuttering that is so prevalent on CrossFireX setups.
Hi Kalg,

First off, thanks for all of the information you've provided. It's been really helpful in putting together an idea and given me a better understanding of components. I have been reading your posts pretty frequently as of late since I'm looking to build my first gaming PC (by myself at least) and I was hoping you could give me your opinion on these builds. The only game I play is WoW and I don't intend on purchasing anything else, so I'd really like to get the best performance I can specific to WoW. Please give me your opinions on this build, i was also thinking of swapping the card for a GTX 660 as I have heard/read nVidia cards perform a little better with WoW for some reason. Please point out anything you'd switch.


My main purpose of the build is just to raid 25 mans in MoP and PvP, listen to music, surf the web etc.

Please let me know what you think :)

Thanks so much!
You can buy a HD 7870 for the price of that GTX 660 -- and HD 7870 will always outperform the GTX 660. No contest.

I would get B75 motherboard instead of H77. You can save ~$30 from that alone.

I would up the power supply to 500W, 80 Plus Bronze certified. Full modular recommended.

If you already have a copy of Windows 7 somewhere (including the PC you are using right now!), you can get a copy of Windows 8 for really cheap.

You can re-use your hard drive, or buy an SSD instead of that 500GB new drive -- unless you know you can't recycle your hard drive. Same goes for DVD drive.
Note that you should install OS and programs onto the SSD.

You may be able to get Windows 8 lot cheaper than what everyone else is asking for.

If I do this upgrade with my Windows 7 registry key, will I be able to use the upgrade on a friend's fresh build with a blank hard drive?
Is there no more freezing issues with these cards and WoW? The 7870's that is. Thanks for the advice!
Rockso: Windows 8 does not even require Windows 7 to be activated. As long as some form of Windows is installed (doesn't have to be activated nor updated), you can boot with Windows 8 disc, and do a clean install.

Remember that only 1 key can be active per machine.

Inova: Turns out only Sapphire cards had some issues. Get something else and it's fine.
What would you suggest outside of sapphire I've never strayed from nvidia, MSI? Thanks again!
MSI, Gigabyte, HIS, etc. If you check out my PC guide, GPU section, I lined out few "well-known" brands with the corresponding models that you should get. how well do u think this will run wow?
It'll run WoW excellent.

Consider MSI barebone-based though. XoticPC sells it as PC Force lineup:

what do u think about this one?
So I'm finally getting around to buying an SSD a year after I began looking at parts for my new computer. I'm looking at 256 GB ones, but what's the performance difference between something like the Samsung 840 Pro and a Crucial m4, and maybe the Samsung 830 series?
Samsung 840 Pro obliterates Crucial m4 and 830.

830 and Vertex 4 has their strengths and weaknesses -- generally, Vertex 4 is faster with random writes.

Rhorlo: Too expensive. That price should get you GTX 670M at least.
I think I might go with the 840 Pro then. Hopefully when I buy it it still has Assassin's Creed 3 bundled with it.
840 Pro is very expensive though.

Alternatively, consider Plextor M5 Pro, which is also blazing fast like 840 Pro.
Hey i had a question, on your or setup will this run BF3 on MAX settings? Thanks :D
FX-8320 system will outperform Intel in BF3 if overclocked. If you won't overclock the CPU, Intel build works just fine.

BF3 relies on GPU pretty big, and HD 7870 will run BF3 on max settings decently well. If you are going with FX-8320, swap out ASUS card for HIS card (as seen in the Intel build).
Alright thanks man for all your help :D

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