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I was thinking it would be too good to be true. I have a question about the 7850, I don't know much about GPU as I do other components. On PC Part Picker there are a bunch of different versions (1 and 2GB, different MHz) and brands. Are there any real differences between the GB, MHz and brands? Or should I just go with the cheapest offer on the site?
It's recommended to go with 2GB VRAM version if you play VRAM intensive games, such as heavily modded Skyrim.

Different MHz don't matter too much, as all can OC just the same (although some will OC better than others).

Brands do matter a little bit. I would recommend going with major brand names like Gigabyte Windforce, HIS IceQ, PowerColor PCS+, MSI TwinFrozr
Extreme Budget:

I don't know about ECS motherboard -- they aren't really reliable.

I know it's aiming for extreme cheapness, but drive is too small for the cost. Even though we're looking at maybe $10 more, size you gain is considerably larger.

Budget Enthusiast:

For OC, needs 8-pin CPU power receptacle. That ASRock board only has 4-pin, which will severely limit OC.

Otherwise, looks good to me.
All decent ones with 8-pin CPU power receptacle costs quite a bit more. Cheapest is ASRock's Pro4-M version ($75).
How well would this run WoW, as well as Skyrim, CoD, and other games like it?

-Budget is $500
-Really hoping to at least get High graphics with smooth FPS.
-Don't know the first thing about building, I'd much prefer buying prebuilt.

Getting a new PC this week, much appreciated.
hey what do you think of this site for recommended PSU?
That works too because all the power supplies listed are 80 Plus or above.

Some models are not available in USA though. For example, talk about Super Flower power supplies and most builders here will go "huh what", but it's a popular brand in Asia / Australia as a quality power supply manufacturer.
This is kind of wierd but I figured I would ask.

I would like to know my Budget for buying a computer by asking first what I would like.

Basically I want a Computer I can play WoW with and browse Internet thats about it I may play a different game but I actually only care about WoW. In terms of Graphics I don't want everything on Ultra or even High. I usually turn everything to either Low/off and fair while I put maybe View Distance higher. I will need to buy a Monitor but like I said I don't need anything extravagant or awesome. I rather have a computer that will last a long time and play WoW decently than a computer that has a chance of dying sooner.

I personally won't be building the computer a friend went to school for it so I trust him more than anything to be able to.

The reason I ask this is because at the End of this Month I can have about $600 and by end of December I could have maybe $800 for a budget so if thats good enough then I will just wait, if I should get my budget maybe higher around $1,000 then I will apply for a personal Loan at Bank and I will just use the extra money to make repairs on my car, which aren't needed but my Windshield for instance has a couple tiny little divet from rocks and some minor issues that I would like to get like Tinted Windows maybe get some interior cleaning done.

So yea kind of a wierd question and everything but I Just figured I would ask. I'm also asking my friend that I mentioned before but I believe its better to get opinions from different people.

So thanks.
$800 is more than enough to build a great gaming PC for most not-so-demanding games. That doesn't include OS price though.

Here is an example build:
$800 is more than enough to build a great gaming PC for most not-so-demanding games. That doesn't include OS price though.

Here is an example build:

Love you guys.

I saved this Build and will probably be back in a month or so to either get better parts or whatnot but thanks for the help.
That case...looks like its going to keep all the hot air inside and it seems pretty small
Doesn't seem to list Dimensions anywhere...but by the looks of it, it may have a little trouble fitting a 10inch GPU
Small update:

Mechanical keyboard section expanded quite a bit.
Hey Kalg, awesome guide!

Is there any way you could look over my post and let me know if any of those rigs are worth it?

Only looking for something to get me past the next little while, currently at an unplayable stand still, so looking for something quick.
As Kayko (Chelsi) mentioned, Choice 5 is the best no matter what.

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