Eternally in the Vale

Bug Report
Achievement. Milestone - Golden Gate - is not clearing on this character and appears to be a bug. I've done all the other milestones as well as the quests to open the gate.
I'm having the same problem. I just hit exalted and did the quest for Welcome Home, but I don't have credit for The Golden Gate.
I hit exalted with Golden Lotus today as well. I have completed all the quests available and I am missing Golden Gate still. I have loremaster for pandaria also.
same issue and completed the "Welcome Home" quest when hitting exalted.
It's been posted on Wowhead that the criteria for the Golden Gate part of this achievement is the completion of the quest Into the Vale, which is one of the initial quests to unlock the Vale starting from the White Temple. Nobody as far as I'm aware has received credit for doing so, it's clearly bugged.
Yes bugged; [Eternally in the Vale] the Golden Gate part, wich should given credit by entering the Vale in first place by doing the quest "Into the Vale" wich is how you get acces to the Vale. The quest is bug or rather the trigger to check the achivment is bugged. GM's responses only tell us "we cant award achivs" noone is asking for an award but rather for a Fix. this Achivment as well as [Tranquil Master] wich isnt giving credit to all who finish the Sha of Hated quest line need a Fix. and Blizz cant just tell us "do it on another char" or "go look at a fan website" be responsable for the game you guys develop and dont relay on fan sites... Fix it. make a hotfix that will award everyone what it supose to have been awarded without any bug that mostly was in the Beta and noone care for to fix.
I hit exalted yesterday, and am also having this problem. Nobody else that I asked in my guild has this milestone completed. I can confirm that people who datamined and posted to wowhead say that [The Golden Gate] milestone is credited upon completing [Into The Vale]. I occasionally still get a yellow exclamation mark on my map (main one, not mini-map) right at Temple of the White Tiger, but when I go there, no quest giver can be found at the location.

I submitted a ticket and got a message in my mailbox as a response. All they said was they can't give credit for an achievement (which I feel they should do if we have met the criteria). If I feel it was a bug, submit a bug report (which I did, though I am really hoping I get credit when it is fixed, or they open up just that quest for us again). And if I'm asking for information on completing an achievement, they can't give me hints to the criteria (which is stupid, because why would I open a ticket and wait days to get hints when I can just go to wowhead and find what I need in less than a minute).
This is ridiculous. It's clearly a bug and yet Blizzard is entirely unresponsive about fixing it.
I also turned in a GM ticket. the response was consistent with what is posted here. i submitted a bug report as well. we'll see if a hotfix comes with the next patch. fingers crossed.

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