[BUG] Wu Kao (Shado-pan) - Assassin's Shroud

Bug Report
The Wu Kao daily questing area, usually Sra'vess, is supposed to apply an effect called Assassin's Shroud upon entering the area. If the effect is present, however, the Stealth effect (the very effect of the buff) is malfunctionning. It is totally absent.

It also render the use of the Wu Kao smoke bombs, Shiny Shado-pan coins, and Wu Kao Dart of Lethargy impossible.

To resume :

- Assassin's Resolve stealth effect does not apply correctly when entering Sra'vess.
I am having this issue as well. The Assassin's Shroud buff is applied but my character is not stealthing at all.
Sra'vess is, for lack of a better term, buggy for me in general. The companion I have can get stuck flying or not flying at weird and usually inconventient times, the stealth effect doesn't register on me (but does on the companion) etc.
This is happening for me as well, which makes Sra'vess all the more "fun."

This place is hell on Azeroth.

edit: Relogging fixed that, at least.
Same, its making this quest intolerable i've died like 10 times its really annoying. EVEN WHEN the stealth works ive had things attack me while im stealthed.

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