The golden gate achievement is bugged

Bug Report
Just hit exalted today and finished all the quest for "eternally in the vale" but "the golden gate". Apparently it should have shown up when you first did the quest to get into the vale? so i guess since ppl hit exalted today they are just now reporting this bug.

Hope its fixed during maintenance.
Same for me I ahve all parts of the meta done but "The Golden gate" is missing.
So...not...fair. People are now only finding out since people seem to all be hitting exalted with Golden Lotus right now. =/ This sucks I thought maybe before it was a two part mission so i would get one part of the ach then at the end get the other. =/
I just hit exalted and noticed "The Golden Gate" is missing from my achievement same as you guys.
this is an extremly annoying bug...
I will hit exalted tomorrow and I do not have credit for "The Golden Gate." I assume that's opening the Vale itself?
I'm having The Golden Gate issue as well, I hit exalted a couple days ago and I've gone for every quest in Pandaria the moment I had hit level 90 so I'm not sure what quest I could be missing. This has to be a bug :(
T_T same problem here, im exalted now, finished all the quests including the achievement progress "welcome home" but somehow im missing "the golden gate", so no Eternally in the Vale.
Same here, hit exalted yesterday but just finished the quest line and noticed this today.
I've had the same problem. I reached exalted on Monday.
Same issue, it's clear now that this bug isn't just one or two people, seems to be everyone.
Come on Blizz.... you have known about this for ages... its a small bug fix, and creates BIG player satisfaction - get onto it!!!
Same :( makes me sad and no one wants a sad Pooh Bear :( thats Eeyore's job xD
Bugged for me too
Same here
same here
same here, got exualted with golden lotus today got the welcome home achievement, but no sign of the golden gate achievement.

Me too.
I have completed all of the quest lines for "Eternally in the Vale."

The Golden Gate Into the Vale

The Jade Army The Secrets of Guo-Lai

Weapons of the Thunder King

Welcome Home The Final Power

Remember to Close the Door

When I completed them; The achievements appeared across the screen, and in both general, and guild chat. However they do not appear in my achievement log.

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