<Rejected> 6/6, 3/6 is recruiting!

Area 52
<Rejected> (lvl 25) is a guild focused mostly on 10 man raiding and progression. Our mission in World of Warcraft is to be drama-free, help guild mates when needed, explore new content, and most importantly... have fun. However, we do take raiding seriously and have little patience for time wasted. We welcome skilled and well rounded players who know to GTFO of the fire.

470+ ilvl only, please.

Core 2 - Fri/Sat 11PM - 2AM server
We are 6/6 in MSV, and are currently working on Garalon in HoF. We hope to down him and progress further into HoF before going back to MSV and trying a few fights in heroic. We are trying to quickly progress, so I expect the best out of all of my raid members.


-Shaman/Priest with a DPS OS (or a DPS with a decent healing OS, as there is only a few fights that require three healers)

-Need two DPS, recruiting any of the following:
Death Knight
(Must be competent and know your class. You will be removed if you do not meet expectations. You will be in a tryout period for ~2 weeks before officially being a part of the group. You can still obtain gear during this tryout phase.)

<Rejected> strives to help our raiders out as much as possible, so our gifts to you are:

- Free raiding repairs
- Feasts provided in sanctioned guild runs


If interested, please contact me in game, or feel free to post a response on the forums, and either one of us will contact you ASAP.

Still looking!
ilv 475 holy priest interested..... message Sippycup#1121
Sorry for the late response. We already have a Priest healer in our core, and we'd like to keep the amount of cloth wearers to a minimum.

We're still looking for a Druid/Monk/Shaman!
Got us a druid tryout for this Friday. Friend of a healer who just joined my group 1.
Lost a few members of our group due to no shows. We are now recruiting a good off tank and a couple DPS.

Please contact me in game or on the forums for information if interested!
Brewmaster here. I'm definitely interested.
11/05/2012 07:31 PMPosted by Zèo
Brewmaster here. I'm definitely interested.

Heard you contacted one of our officers - I will reply to your message ASAP.
To the top!

Need a Resto Shammy and a boss Hunter.
Another shameless bump.

Need a Resto Shaman badly. Maybe a Priest if I can find a good one.
Also need a DPS - Hunter preferred, but a good Rogue would be acceptable.
Bumpity bump

Hate to keep bumping, but this group is in dire need of a healer. Shaman, Monk, Priest, you got it, we want it. We're up to Elegon this week, may give a few tries in HoF. I'd really rather not have to PuG a healer again. :<
Still looking for a resto shaman?
11/18/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Makàhna
Still looking for a resto shaman?

Possibly. I know one of my officers picked up a Monk healer from another guild - but I'm not sure if he's permanent or just helping out. Would really love to have a good Shaman healer -both for the nice utilities and healing output. I will send you mail in game in the next day after I speak to Talcore.

Also, still looking for a melee DPS. DK or Warrior preferred. A Rogue who knows their class is acceptable as well. Not too keen on Ret Paladins unless I find one that changes my mind.
Looks like our Monk is at least coming this weekend. I'm still not sure if he's full time or not.. Sorry for the delay. If you find another guild looking for a Resto Shaman, then good luck to you!

We are still in need of a melee DPS. :\
I might be interested. would like to talk in game il 479 fury warrior
So, found out tonight that our Monk is unable to come with us anymore. Still need a healer.. Shaman preferred.
Well, we have been having insanely horrible luck.

We are on Elegon, get there in ~70 minutes and then we never have enough people in our group come Saturday to finish him off. We need people so we can progress because we have fallen very far behind. :(

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