<Rejected> 6/6, 3/6 is recruiting!

Area 52
would you guys want a resto druid? me and my gf are thinking of switching back to this server. im a feral/balance but i also tank as well if you like.
my gf is resto/boomkin but she's a solid healer. contact me when you can and maybe discuss it. :)
Would love to have you both, but we already have a resto Druid at the moment. I want to try to keep duplicate classes/specs to a minimum. :(

Good luck to you both, though!
Bump Bump
Bump. :\
I am interested in your guild....460 ilvl two hand frost dk here....only think is i am new to wow i hav only been playing a couple of months. I learn quick and have prior mmo exp. I played rify and was an end game raider so i know what it takes to not stand in stuff and i never missed a raid. My dk is currently on kilrogg but will transfer if you will have me...will be on tonight you can hit me up with my battle tag. Frankie#1855
Bumpity bump bump. Look at Frosty Go!
So.. down another healer. Our raid group just keeps getting thinner and thinner. Can't even get Elegon down because we can't get a solid group going for longer than a week. :\

@Cruzakin, if you are still around, and still interested, I would love to chat with you about it.
if in need of plate dps pst me ingame
Why is it I can never make the raid times of every guild I get interested in /sigh. Good luck tho guys!
11/30/2012 08:38 PMPosted by Hushly
Why is it I can never make the raid times of every guild I get interested in /sigh. Good luck tho guys!

Lol, our times seem to be bad for a lot of people. :( I can't change them due to a few of our schedules, sadly. And, thanks. ^-^

11/30/2012 07:36 PMPosted by Dekap
if in need of plate dps pst me ingame

We had a lot of tryouts this week and last, so after I discuss them with my officers I will get back to you. Should be sometime in the next few days. If you find another group before then, good luck to you!
Filled on DPS, had MIA raiders come out of the woodwork.

Still in dire need of an off tank and two healers. I would LOVE a Shaman and Druid/Monk healer - and anything that can tank, and tank well. :(
Elegon and Will down! Time to get it all on farm and step into heroics and HoF.

Still searching for a tank and two healers.
483 Resto Druid if you're still looking for a healer. baseballc904#1828
Hey guys! I'm a spriest main spec. Although I have healed HMs on this toon in Firelands, I've always been main spec shadow and haven't healed in a long time. However, I'm willing to get back into healing again for a consistent raid group. Atm I don't have appropriate gear for healing (I'd be lacking significantly on spirit), but I can work toward it for a solid group.

Again, I'm ms dps, but can OS heals if needed. I previously ran an end game guild with some friends in Cata, but their schedule no longer fits mine since I've changed jobs. So, I'm looking for a weekend guild. I'm a solid dps. Simcraft says I'm performing at the max for my gear. I also don't stand in fire. :)

No worries if you're full on casters, but if you think you might be able to use me, please wsp any time in game. Thanks! (the alt code is 161 for the i).
We are actually stocked up on healers for a bit. Have a couple that wish to try out, so I have to give them each a try before I search any time soon.

We are still in need of an offtank, though. :(
Still need an off tank! Want to pick one up by Friday night before we start raiding. :/
On top of an off tank, we need a DPS. I'd really love to have a Hunter or a plate wearing DPS.
Filled on DPS for now, still need an offtank though.
488il guardian/478il feral druid looking for new home 4/6 msv and 1/6 HoF
12/13/2012 11:38 PMPosted by Gotbeaf
488il guardian/478il feral druid looking for new home 4/6 msv and 1/6 HoF

Awesome! That's exactly what my group could use. Send me in-game mail if you're still interested in joining, and if you have any questions!

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