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The memorial for Lyrillia the warrior, was changing venue to the Silvermoon City hospital, to accomodate the wounded rogue, Auxilia Sunsorrow. The poor woman couldn't even walk. Cyaer walked in and saw Kel'tira talking softly to Auxi and Sol, and walked over slowly beside her, and put his arm around Kel's waist.

As they waited for several other people to come to the memorial, he could see Kel looking at him, and he knew she could see something was wrong. She knew her man well enough, and his mind was racing, trying to think of some way to bring up what he needed to speak to her about.

Kel'tira gave a beautiful eulogy for the fallen warrior, and member of the Rising Sun Fellowship. And as it came to an end, Cyaer took out a white rose of friendship from his leather jerkin, and placed it into the flames of the brazier there in the hospital. He stared into the flames, thinking that Lyri had been someone's daughter...and his mind reeled at the thought. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned to see another friend, Alenthis.

Cyaer made to leave but waited for Kel'tira, again his mind distant, and far away. She took his hand and began to lead him out of the hospital. Alenthis stopped them a moment, and told Cyaer he would give his help in finding his daughter, and the rogue could only say thank you. As they stepped out into the night sky over Silvermoon, the priest who also attended the memorial, told Cyaer to only ask, and he would have templars to aid him in finding his daughter.

Needless to say, Kel'tira was confused, and Cyaer stood before her and told her everything he knew. And light, bless her life, she understood, and promised they would get his daughter, and they would raise her up properly. His eyes watered as he professed his love to her, and held her.

They would get his daughter...Viragona had finally gone too far, and her life was now forfeit, and the child would be saved from one such as she. There would be a fight...and if Cyaer had anything to do with it, Viragona would not stand a chance, but would finally get her dues. He vowed it in his heart, to save his daughter, and to end that witch's reign of terror over the Fellowship. Her life was his and Solorin's to take, she would not come out of this alive.
Kel'tira Sunblaze

"We, Cyaer, we."

Words echoing in my head, a promise. I cannot help but wonder vaguely what it all means.


Is it sickly perverted that I want to know how? I want to know how. It is inhuman, but it could save the lives of the mothers who are unable to carry a child to term, it could save the lives of the infants whose mothers are sickly.

If I know how, I could maybe use it to give life, to help instead of hurt, as Viragona has done.

But most of all, I want to help Cy. I need to help him. And Light strike me if I let my lover's daughter die at the hands of that witch. Or worse.


Together. I told him we would find her together. I told him that we would raise her together, and I meant every word of it. I meant it when I said I would raise her as if she were my own child.

And now... We need to get the Fellowship together.

They have as much stake in this as we do.

We need to get Auxi back on her feet. We need to see if Alen can track down Viragona again. We need to get Theronar to speak with the priests about the magic involved, and if it is inherently fel. I will speak with the Blood Knights on the same matter, and then gather the rest of the Fellowship. Sol can help me with the former, and we can find that new warrior, as well.

I am not certain it is wise for Cy to come with us, but I am equally uncertain I can stop him. I also fear that we need his blades in the fight.

(In smaller lettering, further down the page)

I love him. But I am scared for him. I want to hide him, and keep him from the pain of losing children that I already know.

(In the margins on one side)

The most important part of what I said last night, that we would always be together in this, saving the girl, raising the girl, I wonder if that got through to him?
from the journal pages of Cyaer Sunblaze

These past few days have left me stunned, and I walk in a fog. I am so overwhelmed by...just everything. I move around, yet cannot remember how I got to where I am or what I have done. I think I need to take a day of just resting and thinking what has happened.

I have a daughter. A daughter, a little girl, does she look like me? Is she cute, of course she's cute, she's my little girl, right? What color hair does she have? And her eyes, what shade of green will she have? Light, why do I have these tears in my eyes?

Will I be a good father? I'll need to change my priorities, but I would do that for my little girl. I've never held a baby, what if I drop her? Will she be quick and agile like me? Will she be a child of the light? What will we call her, my Kel and I? What name will we chose?

We? We? Kel and I...she lady love told me we would find her, and we would raise her together. We, us, together...oh, light, she, she really does love me that much...oh, heart, did you not hear her words...we, us, together! Oh, Kel'tira, my dear sweet, Kel' have moved me to tears of such joy that I have never felt like this. You and I raising my, no our, little girl in the ways of the light...together.

She'll call you mother or even mama, how will that make you feel? Or when her little hand grips your finger tightly, and won't let go. And she smiles up at you and gurgles at you, mama. Oh, my beautiful Kel' you know what you said? What it entails? And how much I love you?
from the pages of my journal:

I met with Kel'tira this afternoon, partly to dicuss what we need to do to eradicate that witch, and partly to keep me grounded. I love my woman, she knows me better than myself most times, and today was one of those moments.

I dream and hope that my daughter will be fine and perfect, but that may not be the case. She was somehow magically delivered much sooner than the nine months that a baby would normally gestate and grow. She may may not have received the proper care and foundation of nutrition, or growth a normal baby would receive. And it pains me to think or write it, however she may be infused with arcane or fel magic already, or even have some demon blood, or light knows what that witch did to have her born so early.

I appreciated Kel's honest approach in telling me. And I still hope and dream, but I also go in to saving her aware of things not being perfect. I left Kel, to go to a small room that I keep in Silvermoon City. And I sat on the bed, and wept. Wept for my daughter, wept for my myself, and just wept.

I need to get it out of my system now so that I am strong before all the Fellowship as we prepare to defeat and destroy Vira. And to appear strong for my Kel'tira.

For I know she is hurting too. And she cannot withhold it from me, I see it in her eyes, in her voice, and her manner. We know each all too well. And it's a good thing. Knowing each other so well, I can be more open and honest with her. I don't have to wear a mask or try to hide anything from her. I hope she feels the same way. I love her so much.
“You should have the good sense to die! You’ve got to be the hardest person to kill in Quel’Thalas!”

More ludicrous words had not been spoken to her. But they were now pouring out of the older woman’s mouth and the woman with the brown hair had no choice but to listen. Listen because she was currently tied up and had yet to work loose the bindings on her wrists. Being a small, agile person, she was hard to keep bound up by amateurs and for all intents and purposes, the woman pacing back and forth in the small house at the edge of Kun Lai and Townlong was an amateur.

One that was about to kill her.

“I’ve worked too hard to see this all come down now!”

The woman with the brown hair had no idea what she was ranting on about… the woman had sought her out, not the other way around. A promise to reveal a bit about her past had been the lure, but the woman with the brown hair turned it down.

Her mistake had been to walk with the woman who simply wanted to talk to a long lost relative.

“Where were you when I woke up?” she wanted to ask the older woman. “If I am so important, why didn’t you come looking for me before now?”

In the end, she didn’t. Whoever she had been was long dead and now only Auxilia remained. She had been trying to find a middle ground between her new life and the woman who acted as if she wanted to make amends that she didn’t realize that she was walking into a trap.

Perhaps it was because she was distracted by thoughts of getting back to her husband, or with trying to find the right words to let the other woman down easily, or she was simply out of practice for being out of the field for so long… whatever the case, she had been easily ambushed, tied up, and taken by magical portal.

The worst part was not knowing what she had done, was supposed to have done, or didn’t do. The woman didn’t seem all that familiar and she wondered if it were a case of mistaken identity. And then she mentioned the trolls failing to do their job properly. At that point, she knew this was someone from her past, but didn’t have a clue as to who. While she thought that her past was so much dust, apparently it was going to come back and haunt her and she did not know why.

The bindings were almost loose and as the other woman brandished a knife, she had lunged. The first three strikes had missed but the last one had landed, piercing her side. A well placed kick knocked the woman down and she stumbled out into the cold air, swirling with snow. Blood dripped from her side and she knew that she was bleeding out. She ran, ignoring the bindings on her wrist for the moment and hoped that she would keep her balance. From behind her, she could hear the woman calling for the two men that were with her and the woman with the brown hair knew it was only going to be a matter of time before they caught her.

She stumbled along trying to decide if it were left or right off the mountain. She paused for a moment to work off the bindings and toss the rope into a bush. Knowing that her time was limited, she just turned in one direction and ran as quickly as the sharp pain in her side would let her. Unfortunately, she turned the wrong way. The ground dropped out from under her as she ran and she fell, tumbling down the side of the mountain a long ways before coming to a stop.

With a small groan she lay there. She figured that she had to have hit every rock on the way down and was going to have the gashes and bruises to prove it. The warm pool that was seeping out of her wound and staining her white shirt was turning cold in the frigid temperature as snow started to settle on her. The pristine flakes that surrounded her were now turning crimson.

‘You should have the good sense to die! You’ve got to be the hardest person to kill in Quel’Thalas!’

The words came back to her as her vision grew darker. Perhaps the ranting woman would get her wish after all, she thought. Irony again: she woke up to find herself alone and now she would die alone. It seemed an appropriate way for a nothing to end. That was her last thought before the blackness came over her.
The young Sin'dorei patiently harvested the crops he had only planted the day before. He had been astounded at the growth when he had been first exposed to it. Now, after several months of planting and harvesting, and growing in knowledge of the farmer, he took it all in stride. He finished harvesting only to turn around and till the land for another night's growth.

He grew frustrated with the simple vermin and birds that thought to twart his efforts by invading his farm. His farm! His weapons flashed out slaying them where he found them, and he placed the dead carcasses on his fence to warn those that would think to enter without proper invitation.

His head throbbed, and he felt tired and weary. Perhaps he had too much going on, his plate was full, as they say. He rubbed his eyes, and made his way to the inn in Halfhill. As soon as he found a bed, he climbed into it, and pulled the blankets and quilt over his head and fell asleep almost as soon as his head the pillow.
They were the minute details that hurt the most. The curve of the letters in her father’s handwriting, the slant of the letters on the page, the way the words curled over themselves, ornate, but perfectly legible. She traced the characters of the letter she had found, addressed to her, in her – his – desk. It would always be his desk. It would always be his study.

The note was not a sad thing, nor was it an entirely happy one for the red-haired paladin. She did not want to read it again. Did not want to admit he was gone, but it had almost a year since his death, and it really was time to start moving on again. Time to get up and face the day.

Moving on had never been an easy thing for the woman, and she looked surprisingly old today. The scattered strands of grey in her coppery hair stood out starkly in the light. She touched the parchments that were folded into the letter, staring at the words on the page unseeingly, holding the paper just far enough that her tears would not drip on it.

Kel’tira… Kim’Dracon…

Little Dragon, do not fret. We still love you, and we always will. You will do a fine job with the House, this I promise you. They will respect you, so long as you show them the respect they deserve. As for that warrior? He will be good for you. He seemed like a good man, the one time I met him, Nicias, was it? He and that Fellowship you have involved yourself with seem like good people. And Kel, I know I will be dead by the time you find this, but there are some things you need to know. I am sorry I could not have explained while you were alive, but at that point, there was yet hope that you could escape the political morass that is House Leadership. Call it an old man’s sentimentality, that I did not tell you, or his stupidity, either way, forgive me.

Firstly, stay away from your uncle, Velin, at all costs. He is power hungry, and will stop at nothing once I am gone to take advantage of you, to manipulate you, or flat out kill you, to take the House from you.

Second, be wary of who you trust. You know what I mean.

Third, remember that I have faith in you, and that your mother did also. You have a good head on your shoulders, Kim'Dracon. Just try to use it once in a while, alright? You will do fine... better, I dare say, than any of the others would have. You have always been my favorite daughter, you know that.

And Kel...?

Please do not forget your mother and I. Remember us, Blood Knight. Remember us, Daughter. Remember that you were our daughter first and foremost. Remember that we will love you, always, no matter what. And I know that your mother and I feel alike in this... We will wait for you to join us, wherever we might end up, when we die. Do not rush your life. Live it fully. Marry. Have children. Live your life to the fullest, live your life like you want. It is your life, after all, not mine, not your mother's. We will always love you.

Make us proud, Kim'Dracon.

Make us proud, Little Dragon.

With love,

Kier'ali Sunblaze, Myssa Sunblaze

Kel's silent tears ceased, after a moment, and she touched the letter almost reverently, running her hand over the double signature, smiling sadly at seeing her father's handwriting again on the page. At seeing the childhood nickname that has always been a reminder of a different time in her life.

Even until the end, he had called her Kim'Dracon. Little Dragon. And now she missed it terribly.

With shaking hands, she folded the letter neatly and slipped it into her journal, sliding it into her pack, and then rising from her desk, his desk, and stretching slowly. Her black pants and crimson shirt shimmered in the light, and she departed. Silent, her pack settled on one shoulder, her armor standing proud in one corner of the study. She needed to be alone. Or with Cy. Whichever found her first.
From the pages of my journal:

The past few days are better not mentioned. I only know it was not a pleasant experience, not one I choose to have again.

And I have missed that woman who makes my life such a joy, and so rich. I should have been helping her in preparing to meet with Viragona, and bringing on her downfall. Instead of, well, nevermind.

I crave her touch, desire those lips I have been away from for what seems so long...will she allow me to fix her dinner, a fine bottle of wine from Silvermoon City's coffers, and perhaps some quality alone time together? I can only hope she misses me as much as I miss her.
The sun shone down on the white sands where Cyaer Sunblaze lay relaxing and sunbathing. His eyes were closed as he rested and thought about the precious moments he had just had with his lady.

They had found each other in Tanaris, and she had been within the innards of a dragon. She was coated with dragon guts and blood. And they decided a nice few moments on a private beach might help alleviate some of the smell and gunkiness.

He had enjoyed running his hands over her body, aiding her in removing the smelly gore that covered her. Her skin was soft, and warm as he gently scrubbed between her shoulder blades, and over her shoulders. He smiled as he worked his way down, rubbing and scrubbing her lower back and then her legs. He admired how she was a strong holy warrior, and had legs of beauty too.

They worked together in releasing the guts and gore from her coppery red hair, and he grinned feeling her fine hair flowing through his fingers. He will never forget how she looked as she brought her head up out of the water, and flipped her hair over her shoulder, the sun reflected in the drops of water turning them into tiny diamonds shining all about her.

The water was warm and inviting, as he would cup his hands, and rinse the grime and gunk off her skin. He couldn't resist, and gently kissed her shoulder, and put his arms around her waist. She leaned into his body, as he kissed her neck softly. His lips tasted the saltiness of the sea, while kissing her delicate skin.

Cyaer smiled, as he rose from the sand, brushing it off with his hands. He would never forget their moments here, and he would like to bring her back to this little piece of paradise, to create more memories. He stood in the surf, as he looked out over the water, and watched the gulls. Yes, they would be back, he made that promise to himself.
((Put it under the wrong toon!))

‘I will never be warm again.’

For someone already prone to take chill, the ice and snow had worked quickly. Somewhere, she could hear voices. Garbled nonsense drifting in through the cold blackness that meant nothing to her.

‘So cold…’

Then she was floating. Her body weightless in the dark moving somewhere but she did not know where. There was a small kernel of warmth, something that slowly seeped into her but doing little to offset the cold.

‘So this is death.’

She had no idea how long she drifted or when she stopped. Slowly warmth flooded in. Bit by bit and as it did, a weight settled on her chest. She could not breath and she found herself gasping for air.

“Easy now,” a man knelt beside her. He had a kind face as he smiled down at her. “No, don’t sit up. You were found out in the snow in Pandaria and brought here.”

“Who?” The word took effort as the air refused to move in her lungs. Never had she tried so hard to utter something so simple.

The man gave her a slightly disappointed look, “He said he was your husband, you are married?”

She nodded, unable to draw enough breath to speak. Even though she had only been awake for a few minutes, she felt sleepy.

“He is pacing in the hall. He is refusing to leave even through there is nothing he can do right now. You survived exposure, but now you have a lung infection. You’ll be staying here for a while—at least until we know this isn’t going to kill you.”

There was that sentiment again… killing her. She would have tried to find the humor in it except that she could not stay awake.
from the pages of my journal:

I am a sensative being. I remember my trainers telling me I had high potential in for going in retrieving information and leaving during a simple dinner party. However, I'm not comfortable in those types of situations. I have attended affairs with the Fellowship, as well as with Kel'tira, and I was anxious to leave as soon as I arrived. I suppose if I had gotten the proper training, these types of occurances would not give me hives. But I digress...

I have an uncanny way od reading someone, whether it be sitting on a bench in the Royal Exchange, watching as people walk by, or to reading friends and finding out what they really are saying. With one exception, when I went to spend a simple dinner with the Sunsorrows, I felt at ease, for they were at ease, and I felt their friendliness. I like them both.

So, where was I going with this? I had dinner with Kel'tira, and it was either a place she had dined with Nicias, or the area was a place she and he had some sort of closeness with one another. It brought tears to Kel's eyes. And we flew off together to Feralas. And I understood her pain. Her gift to me aids me in that I think. And I held her in my arms, and sang to her until she slept in my arms.

We eventually lay down, but I merely wanted to have her close, and just to hold her. She needed that more than anything else. And I was there to help her. I am here for her, to protect her, to give her soltice in my arms, and a refuge from her pain. I love her so.
from the pages of my journal:

I find myself humbled by the simple farmers in the Valley of the Four Winds. They have accepted me as one of their own, a tiller, a farmer of some skill and devotion. And I stand proudly beside them to protect our farms, and to continue to grow the food our nation and people need.

I intend to see my friend Auxilia. One, to make sure she is healing well, and is in need of nothing. Though I doubt Solorin would leave her lacking in anything. And two, to pick her brain, to see what I need to do to find Viragona's lair. Auxi is an expert in finding lost people, perhaps she can help me find one that doesn't want to be found. I can only hope.

I don't have the network of people to contact as she might, but I have incentive to find that witch, she has my daughter. And I try not to let that cloud my judgement or my common sense. I will keep my love appraised of what I find, and seek her counsel in what we must do to defeat this monster. For I am not alone in all this, our Fellowship has been under her threat for too long, and it is time to get out from under her scrutiny and thumb.

I have also contracted a goblin engineer and his mates to put together a more secure communication stone for our guild. No longer will her ears be hearing what goes on in our Fellowship, or anyone else for that manner. Aye, it was costly, but to have a secure network of communication between ourselves is necessary, nor more fear of repercusion that someone else knows our plans and dialogs. Thank you, Neryth for your help!
From the pages of my journal:

It is getting harder and harder to hold back the turmoil in my heart for my daughter. It is like some infected sore that does not heal, but moves from one place to another, it's milky green pus infecting my thoughts and denying me sleep.

I believe I have hidden from Kel'tira for now, but she knows me too well, it is only a matter of time. I don't want to burden her with my worries, and fears, Kel has more than enough to carry on her shoulders with the responsibilities of a House and the Fellowship...I don't...I can't bear to put more upon her.

She is strong, yes, but she is also fragile, and I need to have the facade of being all right, no worries, and confidence abounding. Though my world feels as though it is crashing down all around me, and I am powerless to stop it. I will remain silent...
The wind swept down across the small hill overlooking the Northern Barrens. The dry rustled as the air moved across it making a hollow raspy sound that seemed all too appropriate. In the distance, a small copse of brightly colored flowers bobbed as the wind wound its way through them. The woman with the brown hair came here for sights like these. A small bit of hope in a landscape forever torn by drought yet managed to survive.

Like her.

(New entry in a plain dark brown journal)

The infection that spread through my lungs is almost gone. I can breathe again without effort and I can speak again without struggling for air to say every word.

Kel is doing better for the moment, occupying herself with the issue of how the warlock managed the magic to bring Cy’s daughter into the world so quickly. I have to wonder how such magic will affect her in the long run and whether we are rushing to save a child who will only grow old and die within a few years, if not months. Light, I pray that is not the case.

I have to wonder how long it is before Kel strains and starts to break under the pressure again. I have to wonder if I will be strong enough to help catch her when it does happen.

Cy is trying to recover, but the worry about his daughter is an added complication that cannot be ignored, but it will not help him get through what happened in that basement. I can see the pain in him, his body and eyes betray just how badly he hurts. I can hear it in his voice and I do not know how to help him. I know that Kel is a balm to help heal those wounds—she knows what he has been through, but she has not completely reconciled her nightmare at the hands of her uncle.

The knowledge that both of them have been touched by such a thing leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. The idea that two people who I care about have to live with those memories makes me want to weep.

I told Kel that I would stop feeling guilty when she did but I know that is a lie. I will never forgive myself for letting them take her. I failed her then and it seems I failed her again and again.

She let go of my hand on the balcony, nearly killing herself. My own husband tried to drown himself instead of...

The pen jerks up from the paper. She takes several long breaths before setting it back to write again.

Now the task is to find the warlock and decide on a plan on how to deal with the situation. I am concerned that Cy will head off on his own and he is in no condition to do so. Kel isn’t in much better shape and me…

She drew a deep breath, letting it out in a long shaky sigh before setting the pen and journal aside. She drew her knees up, crossing her arm over them and propping her chin up. Another wind meandered past, it’s warm tendrils caressing her cheek, playfully tugging at the chestnut brown tresses that framed her face, blurring the tears that trailed down her cheeks as all the pent of frustrations and fears of the past several months finally caught up.
The journal was left open on the table beside the rooms bed with a fresh entry on the page it was opened to, which read,

My memory returns oh so slightly every day. Well, kind of. I dont remember things that I did in life, but I remember places, names, things like that. I was a Paladin who was killed in Northrend by my Undead Elf brother Keyadrion, who cut out my heart for Tislina to see.

I'm going to find and question Keyadrion. He no doubt knows something about my past that I can get out of him, but I hope he doesnt play any tricks on me, I dont want to have to shatter him to pieces.

I've also visited my old room, I guess it was, at Wayfarers Rest. All I found was a half drank health potion, a pile of gold and blue armor with a shield and sword, and a red shirt and black pants. I didnt think there would be anything, but I checked the pockets of the black pants on the one on the shirt. The shirt held a small but beautiful and smooth green stone.

I dont know what to think of these things, but I will find out my past...
From the pages of my journal:

I feel old. At times I feel like I have lived several lives in the span of only a few years, and most recently, matured more and learned more than I ever thought I would. I loved and married Karamia for love. I thought I truly knew what love was, and my heart was broken and crushed when she was murdered.

I didn't think I would go on, I thought about dark things, and dark thoughts. And the last thing I thought about was ever loving again. And, I was wrong...on so many levels.

I moved on, slowly at times, then what seemed like leaps and bounds. My life was in recovery, and Pandaria saved me from death, both outwardly, and within myself. And someone returned into my life, in a new and wonderous way. I wasn't looking for it, but she healed my heart. And I found love again.

I not only found love, but my knowledge of love grew due to her. And in growing to care for her, and being with her, my life has become richer and more fulfilling then ever before. I need her, and I believe so deep in my heart, that she needs me too. There is love, and then there is a love that goes beyond your feelings, your thoughts, and it just is...and by the light, I have found that love in my beautiful Kel'tira.

There are no words that express the deep emotions that run through me where she is concerned. I have breathed her in, and she a part of me, and I would have it no other way...ever.
From the pages of my journal:

She loves me!

Side note: I begin my journey to find out Vira's hide-out. Light preserve me, and watch over Kel'tira.
Kel'tira Sunblaze

(Scribbled as if by someone too happy to care what their handwriting looks like.)

Yes! Yes!

Light be praised... Light be blessed...

And now there's no going back, whether I want to or not.
From the pages of my journal:

I was stunned, I was surprised, and I am happier than I have ever been, for Kel'tira Sunblaze asked me to marry her. For one brief moment, I was speechless, and had to think what it was she was asking me. And then, I simple said 'yes, Kel'tira, I will marry you'. And I held her in my arms and told her how much I loved her.

I am so happy, and when I look into Kel'tira's eyes, I see that happiness reflected in her eyes too. I went to a social gathering with my love, a night or two ago. And my heart swelled in my chest when she intoduced me as her fiance, and I stood taller and could not have been prouder of being with her that night. My eyes were only on her, and she glowed. And not just from the drink either, but an inner quality, an inner happiness, that I want to see on her more often.

We have not set a date, I would prefer a long engagement, however, by the same token, I want to be her husband as soon as possible. Kel's husband...I had only thought it a dream, and longing I would never find, and yet, here she is asking me...I will love her all the more as my wife, and I will be there for her always. Nothing has really changed, merely adding titles to our love we share, and as it continues to grow and mature as each day passes.

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