Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #3)

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From the pages of Azmos' journal:

I spent the evening here in Orgimmar, and changed clothes so my Pandaren clothes can be sanitized. The closest thing I can remember them smelling like is a zoo or, not that but the animal pens of the Darkmoon Faire, that's what they smelled like! I dread going back there; however, I have Horde commissions to fulfill, and learning more about these pandamen beliefs and culture...if they have many of them to truly learn.

I spent some time in prayer and meditation in whether I should move to learning the ways of the shadow...and I cannot. It was and always has been my belief that the light is sufficient for all my needs, desires, and way of living. To turn my back on that would be like revoking my very essence of what I have lived and believed in all my life. I cannot do that. Light forgive me for even entertaining such foolishness.

A part of me believes my spells and temper have been weakened by my thinking of moving to the shadow side of the things...and so I have renewed myself and vows to continue on in the work I began so long ago - being a priest of the light, not the shadow. There shall be no shadow within me, only the light, the pure Holy light that has served me well all this time.

Light cleanse me of my wrongful thinking, and set my feet on the proper path. Allow me to be a good example, and let my life be a testament of the light and its ways.

I shall return to Pandaria on the morrow, and I have packed my bags with those things that may make it more tolerable. Food from home, and other miscellaneous sundries. I can only hope they will last for my stay there.

One side note: There are rumors floating around Orgrimmar that the Fellowship is being targeted by someone high up. The murder of Karamia Sunblaze, Cyaer's wife, shows that no one is safe. I believe it behooves me to return to Pandaria as soon as I can, I have already taken my tabard off so as not to have a target on my back...I feel for Cyaer, he is a good man, and she was a gentle spirit. That still does not give him license to kiss and fondle animals.
Kel'tira Sunblaze

She had her whole Blood Knight getup on, and her boots set up a raucous on the cobble-stone streets of Silvermoon. She was getting more than a few strange looks looks for her pacing, but the paladin did not care in the slightest. She was torn, distraught, and uncertain.

And she wanted nothing more than to see Cyaer.

The black journal is filled to the bursting with pages, and she still clings to it, maybe as a reminder, maybe for the memories, maybe to cling on to the pain...

I'm going to Pandaria. I need to see Cy again.
A new well bound leather journal, embossed with the Rising Sun Fellowship symbol:

I spent more than a half day in meditation, and resting in the light. I cannot explain it thoroughly, but there is peace in having a direct connection to the light and using it "properly?", is that the right word? I can see how it is used for healing and for combat, and I sense that the power can be used as the paladin sees fit. It does not judge you, it flows through you, and in you...I find it truly is a force of good, but can it be subjugated by a paladin to do otherwise? I wonder?

I spent some time with the lovely monk, Raviella, my my woman, my love. And we talked and spent time fishing and cooking in Undercity. To say she enriches my life is an understatement, she brightens the corners of heart, and I find myself smiling when I think of her. We even joined a few groups of people exploring some areas that were too dangerous for us to explore on our own.

My shield sped to its target, and I used the light to demolish our foes as the others expended their spells and weapons to aid me in taking them down. Raviella healed us as were we hit and bruised and beaten on by the foes we met. And I enjoyed the friendly banter, and company of those we joined forces with...I like how we are a unit that focuses on our goals and we attain them through teamwork.

Raviella and I found ourselves alone in an Alliance prison, and whether it was the excitement of defeating such strong foes, or the strangeness of being in an Alliance territory, I found myself drawn to her, to hold her close, and to kiss her inviting lips. She is a passionate woman, I count myself so very fortunate to have her and to know she feels the same way I do...I am truly blessed.

My slept peacefully back in Silvermoon City, and dreamt of a pretty Sin'dorei monk with eyes that set my heart aflame with desires and passions I never felt before. I love her, and yet that doesn't seem adequate enough words to express the way she makes me feel.
A simple leather bound book with an embossed symbol of the Rising Sun Fellowship in the cover:

I have returned from the duties that took me so far away from the Fellowship, from my home,...there are lines through several words here, the words can be read clearly...and from a certain mage that captured my attention so long ago.

I am not at liberty to go into details, even here in my own personal journal, but suffice it to say, my time was spent healing and bandaging armies of the Horde. I have found the horrors of war truly are just that...horrors. The death, the atrocities, the seemingly meaningless fighting...I do not believe I am cut out to be a part of the Horde's war effort...though I am thankful for those that do step up and fight...and die...and are maimed for our ways of living here in Silvermoon City.

I can bathe and bathe, but my mind still sees those men, young and old, Tauren, orc, Sin'dorei...dying, their blood pooling beneath their shattered and bleeding bodies...I must stop thinking about it...I need...light...I need a drink.

I contacted Tislina, in the hopes I might see her once again. To talk, and see what has been happening here at home. I invited her to dinner, and a little wine. She says she has some things to work out, and to keep in contact with her. So I write to her on occassion, well, every day...and

...I feel as though she may be in danger or threatened in some way, that she is in pain...light what does it all mean? I can but pray for her, and hold on to the hope she is all right.
From the Journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

It was a glorious day! The sun was shining when I returned to Halfhill, and the little garden plot I called a farm was already rich in more produce. My co-farmer Farmer Yoon, has helped me immensely in figuring out some of the tactics I need to use when guarding my vegetables from vermin and the like. These ones look bigger and better than yesterday's, so Kiki should be very surprised, and pleased when I get home.

As I worked on the little plot of land, I thought about Kel, and how alone she has been. I mean, I realize that two people from two different vocations and two different organizations may not get to see each other very often, but light, not to write, or send a simple bouquet of flowers once in awhile to let her know you're thinking of her. Karamia always knew where our love stood, she got gifts all the time, or a brief note...all it cost was a little time, that's all.

I prayed as I worked that he would come home to her safe...but to be honest, my heart wasn't in it...I think about how his absence has affected Kel...even in those important days...she had no one to turn to, to trust, except maybe me. Sometimes I think that things happen for a reason, we can't see the whole tapestry, because we are just a thread in the make up of the tapestry.

I heard from Kel this evening, before I left Halfhill. It was over the guildstone, and I met her near the inn. We talked, and she received some sort of call as we were talking. She had to leave, and I told her I would wait for her for as long as it would take.

I arrived home, gave Kiki her treats. I think she enjoys cooking and fixing these as much as I enjoy eating them. If I didn't know better I would think she's trying to fatten me up.
Alenthis sat quietly in his study. The war had heated up. And as such, his job had become much more stressful. Sylvanas had yet to play her part in Garrosh's war. But she certainly had one to play. For now, Alen was still assigned to Silvermoon City. There were rumors of unrest in Dalaran. Several Sunreavers had already returned. It seemed politics and truces were headed for the trash bin. And all out war was on the horizon. Alenthis had been writing reports and advices for the past week straight. He hadn't heard from the Fellowship. Or from Lyrilia. He hoped both were alright. He jotted a quick note down to visit the halls of respite on his next trip to Silvermoon.
"Ya be up early mon..." Vuzembi slowly approached the elf, smiling sheepishly as she tossed him a withering glare. The simple clothes she had been wearing the night before had been traded for her heavy plate armor once more, the weapons gleaming beside her in the early morning sun. She sat on a rather large, dusty rock facing the ocean, her eyes following the crabs as they scuttled across the beach, the turquoise waters tugging at the soft white sands.

"The beach in Eversong isn't quite the same as this one, but I wouldn't give up a chance to watch the ocean, especially after sleeping in that...hut." She hugged her knees closer to her chest, blowing a stray strand of hair from her face. The troll chuckled, moving to sit next to her on the rock.

"Aren'cha afraid 'o da water or sonthin'?" he pulled a bit of straw from her hair, flicking it to the ground.

"Well...yeah. Terrified actually. But it's just the whole going into the water I don't like. I find watching it rather relaxing." She grimaced at the piece of straw, pulling a small white feather out of her hair, and flicking it to the ground as well.

"Ah....I see. But da thought of ya bein' relaxed an all...I can' see dat." He grinned at her, his facing quickly becoming serious again. "Now, I know ya be tellin' us alot o tings da last few day, but can I ask ya one more ting?"

"Depends. I'm NOT staying another night if that's what you're asking."

"It not be anythin' like dat. Just...why do ya always care so much about what ya family be thinkin'? I mean, ya not be likin' dem very much, i can see dat.."

"I...don't know." She swiftly turned her head away from the troll, hiding the look of surprise that had spread across her face at the troll's question.

"Ly. I know ya know. I won't be tellin' dem if ya tell me." The blood elf stiffened for a moment, contemplating whether or not to answer. Relaxing, she turned to face the trool, a glare spreading across her face.

"You better not talk to anyone about this." The troll nodded, and her glare faded. Looking out to the ocean, she sighed, a hint of sadness in her eyes.

"Take ya time, mon."

"There's so little of my family left, I don't want to see it fall apart. My brother and my cousin used to constantly fight with me and my little sister, no one in my family really gets along anymore. I know my cousin and my brother have drifted apart, my little sister has...passed."

"Ah, I see why ya didn' wanna talk about her...Okay, okay, I be shuttin' up now"

"Anyways, my brother and cousin both hate me, my brother's wife hate me, but that's most definitely mutual." Anger sparked in her eyes for a moment, the look of pure hatred on her face causing the troll to shift uncomfortably. "And now...they won't let my see my niece, they say I'm a bad influence." She snorted, the anger returning to her face. "I just...don't want it to be this see everyone so far apart, it feels like there isn't any family left. But, you know how good I am with people and fixing things..."

"Ya be terrible at dat, Ly."

"That didn't help! Now shut up before I shut you up for you!" A grin slowly replaced her glare as the the troll mocked cowering in fear before her. "Well..I guess. I just want to make them like me again, to avoid conflict and just have things go back to the way they were before...but I can't do that, and I won't, I just know I won't. I won't let them control me and tell me who I can talk to who I can see, what sort of things I should be doing. I won't let them dangle things I want in front of me, just to get me to comply to what they want. I'm younger than all of them, and they could always do that to Evelise when she was alive, and they think they can do it to me now. I know things won't be fixed unless both sides give....which I know won't happen, but I can't stop thinking that maybe, if I just give in a bit, they will too and things will fix themselves."

"Ly, ya family be screwed up, Ya be needin' a new one." He smiled at her, motioning to the tabard she was wearing. "Tell me about dem."

"Why?" She tensed up again, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. "I've told you enough about my troubles, I don't need a therapist, thank you very much!"

"Jus' tell me Ly! Den I will be showin' ya how ta get back ta Silvermoon wit'out Taye noticin' "

Shock washed over her face." can't do that!" A sheepish grin spread across his face, and he patted the spot next to him. "Fine! Just this once!" She sat down with a loud clank, her armor scraping across the rock. "They're called the Rising Sun Fellowship, I don't know too many of them, but you know how I am. I don't like making more friends than I have to...Some of them are alright.." She smiled softly, playing absentmindedly with the edge of the tabard.

"Ah.....I see.'" He smiled knowingly at her, laughing softly at the confused look she gave him. "It be nothin' Ly, I just figured out where I be findin' dat mon of your's should he be doin' anythin' like dat one elf ya told me about..."

"Shut up Vuzembi. We agreed not to talk bout him anymore!" Annoyance spread across her face, silencing the troll. "Now, I suppose they're alright, the fellowship that is, but...they seem to be having some trouble lately...well more than usual..." She snorted. "People are dying...I don't know if Kel'tira, the leader, has fixed whatever problem she has.....I haven't spoken with anyone for awhile..."

"Seems like they be needin' help, just like ya be needin' a family of some sorts." He placed a hand on her shoulder, stopping her from standing up. "Now, I don' mean ya needa be leavin' ya real family, jus' show dem dat ya don' need dem if dey gonna be like dat to ya, mon. Jut, tell me dat ya gonna give it a try."

"Fine, now lets get me out of here!"


The warrior fell to the ground in a tangle of blonde hair, dust and plate armor. Pulling herself up, she eyes the raptor warily before tossing a glare to Vuzembi.

"I told ya she be a feisty one, mon. Are ya sure ya want ta be going dis way instead of da othah way?"

"Shut up!...Wait, what time is it? You don't suppose Taye would come here, would you?"

"Yup. He be comin' here if he don' find you at da inn."

"Let me try one more time..." Lyrilia yanked the raptor towards her, Vuzembi coming up beside her to hold it still once more. Climbing awkwardly into the saddle, she dug the heels of her armored feet into it's side, urging it forward. The animal didn't budge. Kicking a few times in frustration at its new tactics of getting her to not ride it, she got ready to dismount, screaming in surprise as the raptor lurched forward, tossing her into the air and onto the ground in another heap of dust and metal.

The warrior rose from the ground, straightening the plate and stretching her sore limbs. Turning to face the defiant raptor, she screamed a steady stream of obscenities, the troll laughing against the fence post behind her. The raptor, seeming to understand her, turned to face the elf, its sharp rows of teeth fully on display. Scratching at the ground a few times in preparation, it charged at her, a snarling ball of bright blue raptor flesh.

Pulling the shocked warrior out of the way, Vuzembi made a grab for the reins, grunting as he hit the ground, his hands holding nothing but air. Wiping the dust from his eyes, he watched the warrior run through the gate, his sister howling with laughter from the tree she had been watching from. The raptor slammed into the gate, snarling at the flustered blood elf a few times before turning to stalk away to the other side of its pen.

"Ly! Ya ready to take da portal my friend can make fo ya yet?"

"Just shut up! What do you think?" He chuckled at the elf, her hair a wild mess around her dirty plate.

"Alright den."

From the Journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

I awoke to find myself saddened me but I won't keep a leash on her. She deserves her freedom, and I respect her for that. I'll see her soon enough again. I hope.

The damn garden is the pits...fighting with weeds and such...sometimes, I just...patience is a virtue...slow down, life is to be savored...Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm in too big a rush to get things done, they will be completed in their own good time. I need to set down with a cup of tea, and think it through, and then act.

I seek this "balance" that the Pandarens speak of. They all seem to know what this balance is, I just need to find it myself. Oh, I found the unknown master...he was tough, but fair. He said I have good focus and how will that help me to find balance? Maybe I need to talk to one of the monks aways running around here. They may be able to point me in the right direction.

I received a call from Kel from the private line, she needed my help. I dropped what I was doing and came running. It took me some time, but I found her, bruised and unconscious. It is always at those moments that you wish you knew some real good healing spells and/or skills. Fortunately, I had a healing potion that seemed to lighten the pain and such, so she could get back to Halfhill.

I wonder what she was doing way out there in no man's land. But then I go to far off places in my commissions, so why question her about why she is in the boonies? I fear for her, and worry about her. I...

I met her in Halfhill, and we chatted, then Aseria came to see her. I stood away from them, to give them some privacy. And Kel sought me out afterward. We talked again, then I put her to bed, she needed rest for those bruised ribs of hers. I...

Another day done, and I went home to Kiki, and the most comfortable bed in the world. I sat and shared a pot of tea, and some noodles with her. I discussed some of my trials and tribulations with her. She smiled, and patted my hand. "It will all come together, Cyaer. Give it time." I looked into her eyes, and nodded. I crawled into bed, and fell asleep almost instantly.
From the pages of Azmos' journal:

"The light is strong if one but knows how to use it properly." Words of wisdom from one of my instructors as I learned about the light and its many uses and power. I spent some time working on my spells and the proper rotation, and the monkeys, or Hosen as they are called here, fell quickly to the light. It gave me great satisfaction to see them fall.

I was enlisted to aid the Horde in taking over some air field that the Alliance had created here. They had enslaved the Pandaren villagers to aid them in their work. I thought of them as simple animals, but I was wrong, so very wrong.

There were men, women, and children enlisted to build the air field and base. They were frightened, and grateful for my helping them to escape. It melted my heart when a little girl grabbed my leg, and held it close to her, she looked up at me and thanked me for saving her. I was so wrong about them...perhaps Cyaer is not what I had thought at first.

I am tired and filthy. And I just want to go home. Silvermoon City seems so far away from me.
In the ghostily cobalt journal the spirit of Kreindis had created lies a new entry.

The holidays grow ever nearer, even if the cold has no effect on me anymore and I will not be able to participate in the festivities of the season... I still think about it.

One thought from when I still lived lingers on my mind, and I slightly enjoy the thought... it is the idea of sometime in Winter, when the festivities are happening, of kissing Tislina under the mistletoe. I had kissed her before many times, but that would feel... special, I think would be the word. Sadly I can but think of it and wish I could do it again...

...and of course, know I cant.
The warrior stood admiring the newly cleaned armor a few paces in front of her, her long blonde hair pulled up into a messy ponytail. Bits of dirt and grime covered her face and hands, a dirty rag with which she had washed the armor with clutched in her hand. Smiling, she pulled her hair down, stopping to wash her hands before setting down the road towards the Hall of Respite.

Reaching the Hall, she pulled a guildstone from the shelf, slipping it into her bag and slipping her journal out. Curling up against a large pile of pillows, she settled down to write, the folds of her deep blue skirt gathered around her, a smudge of dirt visible on her white shirt.

I've had much to think about since my little....trip to Orgrimmar and I'm almost positive I still smell like Orcs, and thanks to that dreadful female troll, chickens as well. I have been pulling feathers out of my hair and everything else I brought for the past day, and I'm sure I'll still find more. I hate Orcs, I hate trolls...and I hate chickens.

I dislike admitting when people are right, and I never will...not even in my journal, so I shall put it this way.

I have been thinking of what that troll said, and even after all the trouble he has caused me (and knowing him he shall never fail to find a way to cause me more),
I have decided there may be a small sliver of truth to what he has said. I have spent far too much time worrying about a family that never cares, about fixing something that does not want to be fixed, solving problems others do not which to be solved, and perhaps, it is time for me to stop. if that damned brother of mine decided he want's something to do with me again, he can come find me, without that wife of his...

He should not even be married to her, does he not know what things she has done? I have brought it up to him and when he asked her she got away with telling him about a few mere murders she has committed, ones without a bounty on their head mind you, but still. It pales in comparison to how hurtful to him what she has really done is. I hate her for getting away with things he would never let me, for not having been questioned further...

And I shall forever hate her.

However, the fellowship seems to be a family to many, and although I may not wish to find a completely new family, I shall prove to my own that I do not need them if they are going to act the way they are; I can make it along just fine without them. I shall be looking for Kel to speak with her about what I can do for the Fellowship, as she is most likely to be the one to know of everything going on, although I am still angry with her about the 'High Elf Incident'.

I shall be inquiring as to the whereabouts of Alen as well, of course.

A loud bang echoed through the hall as she slammed the book shut with a satisfied smirk. She shall finally show her family just how well she can make it without them, temper or not.
From the Journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

I awoke with the smell of tea brewing, and that delicious porridge bubbling in a pot somewhere. Again, I smiled inspite of myself in having Kiki taking such good care of me. She reminded me of "Mom", but furrier. Actually, I love Kiki more, she is a true friend that loves me like a friend. I think.

"Oh, you are awake, good!" the pretty Pandaren said as she brings in a tray with enough food for two.

"Kiki, that's too much food! Are you trying to get me fat?" I joked with her.

"Cyaer, you could do with a little more meat on your bones, but this is for both of us. The inn is quiet, and I thought I would join you, if you don't mind? she said coyly.

"Of course not, you are always free to join me, Kiki. I enjoy your company immensely." I said as I sat up in the bed, prepping the covers to set the tray on. Kiki set the tray on the blankets, then sat on the edge of the bed.

"Cyaer, have you thought of selling you vegetables that you grow from your little garden? They are so fresh, and while I enjoy them, I can only hold and store so much, as you have been so generous with your giving."

I nodded, and told her that I had actually. "I had spent some time fishing yesterday, and have several large fish to sell. I thought about bringing you some, but since you don't wa..."

She slapped me on the arm playfully, nearly spilling my tea, "Oh, you little tease, you know very well what I meant...and still you tease. Becareful, little one, I can tease too." Her eyes were twinkling as she said this and I smiled over my porridge. Now what did she mean by that, I wonder. Do I want to find out? I chuckled at the thought.

She noticed and heard my chuckle, "What kind of evil are you plotting now, Cyaer?" Again her eyes were twinkling and I noticed it made her look prettier in a way. She will make a man a good wife someday.

"Nothing, Kiki, just enjoying your lovely company is all, and your delightful breakfast, thank you for the special attention." I smiled at her, and everything I had said was sincere, and truthful.

"Now, if you will allow me, I need to get up and get dressed and make my way to Halfhill. You know, to sell vegetables and fish." My voice was light and playful. And she picked up on it immediately. As she bent over to pick up the tray with dirty dishes and an empty teapot, She grinned, "Oh, well, don't let me stop you."

"Um, I'm naked under here, and you don't want to see my boney naked hide." She was headed to the kitchen, when she stopped and looked over her shoulder, "Really? Hmm, I have never seen a naked outlander before." Again her eyes twinkled with mischief. "And you are not going to either, if I have anything to say about it! Go! Scoot!"

I heard her light laughter in the kitchen as I got out of the bed and dressed quickly. It was moments like this that kept me here. I suppose I could have set up housekeeping in Halfhill, but why, when I have this to contend with each day. I smiled inspite of my thoughts.

Have I mentioned that I love Pandaria?
Kel'tira Sunblaze

Light, Silvermoon is troubling...

I wonder where Cyaer is...?

I Really should write, more, but... Work is overwhelming, work of both kinds, and I worry that Gear may have found some large bit of trouble...
From the pages of Azmos' journal:

I am beginning to rethink my thoughts on these animals, I mean people, of Pandaria. And I have experienced them first hand. I returned to Honeydew Village, and sat and actually talked with Brewmother Kiki, the innkeeper. She is an intelligent woman with a good sense of pride in her people and their culture.

I walked away from the encounter with a different attitude. I shake my head, and wonder what else I may have been wrong in thinking was infantile or worthless. A part of me wonders if I got anything from the "compassion" classes we took for several years...I need a vacation from all of this. Perhaps a refresher course in the church and its compassion training specifically.
The woman with the brown hair walked slowly through the lower floor of their house, her footfalls seeming to echo in the empty space. Outside, the sky was turning a reddish purple hue as the sun was slowly working its way over the horizon.

A week earlier, he had left her in Orgrimmar to check on something. She didn’t mind; she knew that he would be back and she occupied herself with helping her friend recover from his ordeal in the Barrens. Her husband didn’t want to tell her what it was, in case things had not worked out, but upon his return he had donned the armor of a paladin and the tabard of the Argent Crusade. They had but two short days before he had to return to Hearthglen to begin his training.

She climbed the stairs to the top floor and picked up his shirt from where it lay on the bed. She had asked him to leave it for her. She slipped out of her traveling clothes and pulled the shirt on over her head before picking up her journal and slipping into the bed to write.

(New entry in a light green leather journal etched with a tree)

Sol is now in Hearthglen, returning to his life as a paladin. A life he had to leave some years before he met me, but one that I suspected he wanted to return to. I never mentioned it, but now I am torn between being happy for him and a quiet sense of worry as to where this new life will lead him.

In Silvermoon, Blood Knights are held in high regard and some of them like to remind everyone of that fact. There are exceptions, but my experience has taught me to expect a cold, haughty demeanor that held persons of my status in contempt. Kel, of course, never has, but so many others have.

I am scared that when he returns that there will not be room in his life for me—that I will simply not be good enough. I know little about human paladins, but the Argent Crusade is filled with them. Perhaps they hold a different view than Blood Knights—I cannot say, but I will still worry.

In a few weeks’ time I will be able to visit him—something that he made me promise I would do. I just hope that with each visit he is still happy to see me.
From the Journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

I miss her. It's been only a few days, and I'm longing to hold her in my arms, to smell her hair, to see those lovely eyes, and to just gently kiss her lips once more.

I love her and want her to hear that from my lips, and hear it in my voice how much I love her.

Where are you, my love?
From the pages of Azmos' journal:

All right, I understand that Horde military missions can be...rewarding. But I refuse to be barked at, period! Who the hell do they think they are talking to anyway? I am a decorated priest, and a recognized hero by the warchief, and by god, they are not going to talk to me in this manner, or so help me...they will need to eat their pablum with a spoon when I get through with them! Soldiers, they disgust me like no other.

They send me in to do their dirty work, and things they themselves are unable to do themselves. So they can damn well learn to use a little coutesy.

Fel, I need to get away from this mess the Horde is making here. I need a vacation. But where? Where on the muddy ball of dirt is a place where I can rest and relax? Where?
The blood elf walked down the road with some determination, only a small bag and a dagger on his side. As he made his way through Halfhill, he neither looked left nor right, but continued with a purpose to a place only he knew he was going.

He climbed the stairs to his destination, and stopped to begin a pot of water to boiling. He made light conversation with the old Pandaren who stayed here, and even offered him a cup of the fresh brewed tea he had made. The old Pandaren smiled and accepted the cup.

Cyaer went to the window, and climbed out on the broad sill, and sat down, cautious of not spilling his hot tea. As he looked out over the fields and plains surrounding the little home away from home, he breathed a heavy sigh, and picked up the large cup of hot tea. As he sipped the beverage, his mind continued to wonder where she might be.

Both of his stones had been silent, and he had begun to worry for her. It had only been a few days since he had found her unconscious and hurt. Had she returned to finish whatever she had been doing out there in the first place? And he had not seen her since he had placed her in the bed to rest...Kel...where are you?

As he sipped the tea, he continued to watch as the skies darkened, and a gentle rain began to fall. He was safe from the weather, as there was a bamboo overhang that protected the window seat he was on. Rain, that would be good for the crops, he thought, and I wonder if it's raining wherever Kel was.

He closed his eyes, and said a brief prayer for the woman who was becoming so important to him. Safety and protection were utmost in his mind, so he mentioned those in his prayer. And he asked she be brought back to him unhurt too.

He sat for a while watching the rain, and the wind dancing over the fields, as his tea grew cold and forgotten at his side.
From the Journal pages of Cyaer Sunblaze:

I awoke in the sleepy little inn run by Brewmother Kiki of Honeydew Village. It was not a good night's rest, but it was some sort of rest. I have been worried about a woman. And it tortures my soul not knowing if she is alright or not.

After a meager breakfast of a cup of hot tea, I went to the mailbox to see if any of my items I had for sale sold, and maybe I would have a few gold to line my purse for today. There were no auction receipts for me to rejoice after, but my heart skipped a beat when I seen a note in the box from Kel'tira.

She's alive! She said she was very busy, but she was alive. My soul can rest a little easier in knowing that simple fact. Do I wish I could be there by her side to aid her? Without a doubt, but I give her the freedom she requires, and the rest and comfort she needs when she returns. I breathed a sigh of relief, just in knowing she took the time to write the note, and tell me she is alive.

I found myself going to Halfhill with a different heart than when I arose this morning. My little garden was ready for harvest, I was quick to pack them off to market too. I spent a few hours in leisurely fishing near Serenity Falls.

I did learn one important factor when going fishing - when moving from one fishing site to another, it is always best to have your weapons at the ready. It is possible to kill those big hungry crocodiles with a fishing pole, but it takes a long, long, long time to kill it with one. (I had Kiki put some sort of salve on the wounds so as to prevent them from festering...all the while she clicked her tongue at me.)

I gave her a few large fish I caught, the rest I placed in a cool dry place to take to market in the morning. I'm feeling a little weary, but my heart is singing for I know she lives. I lay down on the bed half dressed and fell asleep that way. Some time later, Kiki must have found me, and put me to bed. My dreams are pleasant and I slept soundly through out the night.

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