Journal of the Rising Sun Fellowship (IC #3)

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From the journal pages of Cyaer Sunblaze:

I have mentioned in this journal many times how much I like Pandaria, and what a peace it gives me being here, unlike anywhere else on Azeroth. And I have come to think that perhaps there is a reason for my being here beyond the Horde. I can only hope it is true, as I have become disillusioned with the military. So I continue my journey and leave myself open to her people's and cultures.
From the journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

I work hard for a living. Some would say I have it easy, I think. Go fishing when I want. Drop everything and see a certain pretty lady. Pretty easy going way of life I guess. Until... watch the anguish of a husband watch his wife die in giving birth to their son. And listen to the heartbreak in his cries. And try to comfort his sorrow. have to tell a wife that her husband has been found dead, and his last dying breath was for her safety. She cried too, on my shoulder, and I joined her in her sorrow.

...when you come across a home ravaged by invaders, and you see that the children were left mutilated and dead. It brings tears to my eyes, and grief to my heart.

...or you fight opponents that hit you not with swords or daggers, but with overwhelming guilt, or do you defeat ones such as they? You remain strong, and know that what you have done was the right thing, and not for selfish needs or wants, but for more noble the preservation of life, to bring peace to troubled homes and villages., I cannot go there, I promised myself I would not...but to fight for justice, and honor. To be an example for others. And yes, even to have forgiveness and remorse.

Yes, I fish. I enjoy fishing, it relaxes me. It allows me to relinguish those troubles, those doubts, all the fears and hatred I bottle up inside me, and I let them go with a simple casting of my rod into the water. I find peace, calm, and relaxation in fishing.

I work hard every day. I mine the ores of Azeroth, that aid blacksmiths and jewelers in their crafts. I pick the choice herbs from all parts of Azeroth, to aid those scribes and alchemists in their professions. I am a gatherer. I gather things together, and sell them. I work hard at what I do.

And lastly, I am an adventurer, a hero that seeks to right wrongs, to aid the weak, and to bring peace to a small corner of the world wherever I may be. And I'm proud of that.

And I wonder sometimes how I ever got to be a rogue and not a paladin. But I think my choices and ideals came from two fine women that helped me find my path in life. And that through the goals and morals of our fellowship, The Rising Sun Fellowship, I can be proud of who I am and where I am today because of them, and the fellowship. Light bless them, and keep them ever in its graces.

And Karamia...I hope I'm still doing good. And that I bring a smile to your face once in awhile. And Kel'tira, thank you for everthing. You have been an inspiration to me from the start.

Kiki has some fresh tea, and some kind of sweet pie for me to eat before bedtime. I love that woman, always looking out for me, and trying to make me fat. So, I'll finish for now.

As the young rogue's head hits the pillow, he says but two things - Light watch over Kel, keep her safe...and bring Nicias home safe and sound, for her.
From the journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

I'm not a very good patient, I hate being bed ridden for any length of time. And Azmos said I need to rest for at least a few days, meaning stay in bed and rest. As he put it my body had a traumatic experience from the spear, and then the tip may have been full of who knows what, and I got a freaking infection that raged unchecked throughout my system. If I had not gotten myself to Kiki when I did, I might not have been around.

Anyways, Az healed the poisonous toxins out of my blood, and healed some internal damage too. And Kiki has been hovering over me ever since. And for that, I am truly sorry, because I can see the worry and concern she has for me in her eyes and her mannerisms. I really scared her, and she didn't deserve that from me at all either.

So here I lay, resting, trying to sleep, and not eat all these foods Kiki keeps bringing to me. I swear, I will not allow myself to become a fat pandaren blood elf!

I wonder how Kel is? I'm hesitant to use the guildstone, I don't want her worrying about me. She has enough to worry about. I hope she's okay...and light bring her husband back to her, she needs him.

Kind of tired, I'll write more when I have a little rest under my belt.
From the pages of Azmos' journal:

I believe my return to the inn in Honeydew Village was much more fortuitous for a certain rogue I have made an acquaintance with in the Fellowship. His plight was much more severe than I let on to the innkeeper, she was near frantic over his situation. How I envy him that kind of care and concern. But I digress, the wound the lad had received was infected, and had been reopened recently. It still bled, and there was a smelly pus-like discharge with the blood.

I have only seen this in another case I was privy to be on, and that patient had died...he was too far gone to save. Cyaer was still able to be saved. I drained the wound as best as I could, then placed a clean dressing on it. I cannot emphasize enough how important clean dressing can be on any wound, in any situation! Then proceeded to cast many spells that would help him survive.

I neutralized the poison of the infection, as it was working its way throughout his entire system, the red lines I saw around the wound convinced me that this had to be done first. The spell would allow his temperature to fall back to a more normal state, and would relieve some of the aches and pains he would feel.

I cast healing spells to aid him in his recovery, I watched as the redness faded, and I noticed the wound was sealing to be less of a scar, and less drainage from it also. As I touched his skin and body, I realized that the weapon that had done this had punctured his lower intestine, and that's what may have caused the infection to go septic within him. I took care of that, and cleared the wound again just to be sure.

He was a most fortunate man to be alive. And watched as the pandaren placed cool cloths upon his brow, and fretted over him. I did direct her on changing the dressings every few hours, and to keep him warm, and let him getting up for at least a few days. And nothing strenuous today or tomorrow. I gave her several potions that would aid his healing and fortify his body in healing itself.

I then lay down to rest myself. She brought me a hot cup of the tea Cyaer is so fond of, and a piece of sweet fruit pie. She was very appreciative of my attentions to Cyaer, and made it known to let her if I was in need of anything. I don't know what kind of hold he has over her, but I saw only a devotion and love that I find peculiar between such differing species.

I don't know if I even want to know what he does or has done to this woman. (But I wish I could find a woman like that for was touching to see that kind of care she gave him.)
The following journal entry is short, possibly Kreindis' shortest.

I cant handle this much longer... I need SOMETHING to inteact with... being alone for so long... I cant take it...

Please, luck shine on me, someone or something bring me back..
From the Journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

Okay, the pain isn't such a factor anymore, but must it itch so darn much!? Kiki has sworn to me that if I scratched one more time and opened the wound, she was going to knock me out and sew heavy mittens on my hands. I thought about it, and I think she just might do that, so I am refraining for now...but oh, the agony of not being able to pick and scratch!

She is a wonderful cook! She made this fish and noodle soup that tasted so delicious! And she keeps a constant pot of water hot and ready for a cup of tea, that I drink way to much of, and need to cut back on, as it leads to other...situations I would rather not discuss.

Azmos stopped by and checked the dressing, and how things were going. He made me stick my tongue out, and he checked my eyes for who knows what, then chuckled, as he just wanted to see if I would let him see my tongue, and stare into my eyes. I do believe that was the first time I heard him laugh, or show any kind of sense of humor. Lucky me.

Kiki dotes on Azmos too. She was fixing him a bowl of soup, bringing him rolls, and tea. I almost feel jealous, but then she is so kind and caring, I appreciate her gratitude to Azmos. He saved my life, and for that I am grateful too.

Kiki and I spent a lot of time talking, and I find her insights in many things wise, and thoughtful. She amazes me sometimes, but then I knew she was special a long time ago. Light bless her for her gentle nature and loving heart. I will miss her when I move to Halfhill.

I cannot help thinking about Kel, and how she is doing. Not being able to get about and laying in a bed all day, has given me a lot of time to think of her. I hope she's okay, I miss her face, and long to see her again...soon.

I still pray for Nicias' return, as I can see that it may be something in the back of Kel's thoughts, and....
From the Journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

It is the first day of Winter Festival, and I feel like joining in the festivities. My heart is light, and there is a new spring to my step that I am enjoying also. I have had several lasses ask me for a dance, and I have turned them down. I have eyes for only one woman, and she is enough for me.

I finally got the okay to leave the bed and inn, just to take it easy, so as not to tear the wound open too soon, and blah, blah, blah...Azmos needs to work on that bedside chatter, and such, but Kiki was hanging onto his every word, and nodding when he said anything remotely intelligent. I just grinned, put on my leathers and headed to Halfhill.

My little patch of ground had a bountiful harvest for me, and I managed to plant a few more things for tomorrow. I may have overdone a little bit, but I rested in the inn there, and had some tea.

Don't mention this to Kel, or she will have my hide, but I went and helped the people of Stoneplow. It felt good to be fighting again, and my mace and blade were well used this morning. I also was swallowed by a giant bug! I fought my way out the way the Hidden Master had taught me...I focused my energy, and slowly worked my out of from within the big bug. The people seemed to make a big deal of it, but I hightailed it out of there to Halfhill.

And I tore the wound open again. I looked over the bandage and could detect some fresh blood on it. Fortunately, I had another bandage, and placed it on the wound. No one should be any wiser...except Kiki, and I won't allow her to look at it. Which will be difficult, but I think I can do it.

I took my fishing pole and took a wrong turn somewhere, and found myself in a dark tunnel or passage. I found some new kind of fish, and a few nodes of Ghost Iron Ore. I also found some nasty inhabitants of the cave. I tried to slip by them incognito, and made my escape to a little place called Binan, I think.

The people here look at me strangely, and I have heard some comments from a few of them...they hope I can help them. I can't right now, but I have made a promise to their spokesman to return to aid them in their dilemma. Light, I feel tired...

I need to head home and face the wrath of Kiki, but I don't quite feel right. I am so stupid. I overdid again...
Kel'tira Sunblaze

So entirely drunk. My head aches. My hip aches. I ache in general. And what's worse? I lost the bet.

Stuck in this ridiculous holiday get-up all day.

Where's Cy?
From the journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

Busy day, busy night.

I harvested a bountiful supply of vegetables and witchberries. I brought several home to Kiki, of which she was both surprised and delighted. And I went fishing, sunbathing, swimming, and outrunning six-legged alligators. Just a fun filled day. But I didn't over do...I went easy throughout the whole day.

Later, I spoke with Kel over the guildstone. She wasn't quite herself, and asked me to meet her in Orgrimmar. I did as she wished, and found her in a dainty little Winter Festival outfit that left little to the imagination. And she had a nice little glow going on.

I took her to the Wyvern's Tail, and held her as she kept shivering, and to give her someone to lean on. I made us both a cup of tea, and that helped her warm up a bit too. But I kept my arm around her just to keep her warmer. We chatted, but I'm not sure how much of it she will remember tomorrow.

I carried her to bed, and tucked her in. I sat at the end of the bunk and watched her as she fell into a deep sleep. However, when she began to shiver again, I laid beside her, and wrapped my arms around her to offer my warmth and body heat. She snuggled against me, and pulled my arms close about her.

I kept awake throughout the night, making sure she had no difficulties, and protecting her. I...I stroked her hair, and softly whispered to her that I loved her, and she was worthy of love. I would tell her that several times though the night. Sometimes she would lay there, sometimes, she rolled over and snuggled into my chest sighing and going to sleep again. I was in a heaven that I almost didn't want to break or lose, but all good things come to an end eventually.

I removed my heavy cloak, and took out my rough workshirt, and my dark slacks. I folded them and placed them on the end of the bunk, the cloak I laid over her to help keep her warm. I softly kissed her cheek, and whispered one last time how much I loved her. Was that a little smile I saw?

As I left the inn, I watched the life of the city begin to stretch and yawn its way out of the night and into the morning. The sun was just rising, and I watched it for a moment before I walked through the portal to Pandaria.

My mind and heart are at peace with each other, and I am secure in my love for the guild mistress and Lady of the House Sunblaze. However, she said something last night that I think I knew deep within my heart, but didn't want think about.

She knew how deeply I loved her, but she still holds on to that thought of Nic's return. I whispered I knew that. And I am prepared to walk away from her if and when he returns. But every moment I can have with her now is precious to me, and I cherish these. I love her enough to let her go when it becomes necessary, because I won't make her decide or chose.

She needs him more than she needs me.

Light, help me to be strong when that occurs.
Kreindis' spirit had spent the past 'days' by 'day-dreaming'. He had been thinking of other better ways to have died.

There was only three that he would like over the others, but he liked ALL of them more than his death.

One was dieing in battle so his allies could defeat their foes. More... honorable.

Another was protecting Tislina from anything that would do her harm. A death that would show his unending love and passion for her.

And lastly, a death by natural causes. It wouldn't be as bad as anything else.

And then of course, he wished he DIDN'T die anyway in the first place.
From the journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

It is difficult for me to say this but I will, as these are my private thoughts, and I may come back to read them and know the state of my mind at this particular point in my life.

I spoke with Kel'tira today. It has been brought up to her to do something about Nicias. And light help me I feel her pain and difficulty in this. I am of two hearts and thought on this. There is the selfish, and the not so selfish. And I am inclined to go with the not so selfish...and here's why.

Kel'tira has loved and remained devoted to her husband, Nicias. I have said before, this is one of her strongest traits. Through all the difficulties, trails, and tribualtions she has been through...she has been steadfast in her love and loyalty to her husband. And I can so respect and admire her for that.

When you find that person who completes you, and makes you whole, you are very reluctant to turn away from that relationship no matter what the reasonings that come. And to stay true to that is powerful. I can only imagine the pain and anguish Kel'tira has gone through for wanting him, for him to hold her, to seek him and hold ache for his touch, to hear him say he loves her, and to have those days that seem so far away and distant, but are but a thought and a memory away...

I won't tell her to give up on him, I cannot tell her to do such a would go against all that I believe in as far as love and marriage are to me...

and yet, here I stand...loving her with all my being, wanting that woman to love me like she does him...
Kel'tira Sunblaze

It would appear she has finally broken down and bought a new journal, this one, instead of white, is a deep, violent purple. The pages are gilded with silver, and fresh. She stares at it for a moment before shoving it roughly into her pack and drawing out the beaten-up, stuffed old leather volume.

What am I going to do...?

I cling to Nic because he is all I was, though I know deep down he is probably never coming back to me. I look to Cy because he is all I ever could be, and I know he would treat me well. Does he understand, though, that I can never love him like I love Nic? And I always will love Nic, there is no doubt in my mind there. I will likely always see him as my husband. But Cy is something and someone else.

How can I tell him that I love him, but will never love him like Nic? He cannot fill that hole in my heart, no one can, and I do not want it filled. I want to live with that reminder of Nic, who he is to me. Cy has to find a new place in my heart, and Light do I want him to.
Dusk. That time between the last remnants of daylight scattering its shadows across fields and meadows, and the coming of the night, the gentle caress of its cloak of darkness, ever a rogue's friend. The gentle sounds of the waves as they lap at the shoreline comforts me as I watch the sunset over the ocean. I have sat here with Karamia many times, good times, and thinking of her brings tears to my eyes.

Tears of remembrance, tears of a love that is one of a kind, and tears for the loss of that love. My face is wet with them, and I refuse to wipe them away, as they are a tribute to Karamia and our brief love and life together as wife and husband.

Sitting here, looking at the sunset, and thinking of her makes my heart ache, and the tears start a new. I won't ever be able to forget her, she brought a light to my life that is so rare and unique...Mia, I miss you so...and I hope I'm doing right by you.

You showed me love, real love, and what it is...and I have found it again with Kel'tira. She makes me happy, Mia. She brought me back from a dark place that your death had sent my heart spiralling downwards into despair...and Mia, she returns that love.

I won't ever forget Karamia, I can't ever forget you...and yet, I'm moving on as you told me. You're my first true love, Karamia...and Kel'tira is my last true love...and I love her because you showed me that I have the capacity to love, and to love strongly and deeply.

Good-bye, are a fond memory that I will remember all my life. And thank you, Mia, thank you for opening my heart and letting me know what real true love is.

My eyes are red and puffy from all the tears, and I don't care who sees them. I feel cleansed a little, and that makes me sad, and happy at the same time.

I was wrong in my last entry to want to have Kel love me as she does or did Nicias...just as I will not love her as I do or did Karamia. The heart has the capacity to love with every beat, and so shall be my love for Ke'tira, similar, but not the same as I loved Karamia. Kel holds a new and special place here in my heart, and that is a good thing. A very good thing.

I have an overwhelming desire to just take that woman into my arms and kiss her like there is no tomorrow...I wonder where I might find her?
From the Journal of Cyaer Sunblaze:

Ah, another fine day in paradise! Work, work, work. The garden is doing well, and I stock up on those things I need to complete for my cooking awards. Yes, I said awards. I made a promise to myself and Karamia that I would learn to cook and fix exotic dishes for her. Well, I still uphold that promise to learn to cook. So far, I'm doing well, at least my trainers are very pleased with the results I have brought to them to judge and taste.

The fishing was slim yesterday, I couldn't figure it out. I found plenty of octopus, but nary a shrimp in sight. It's all good, I had the warm sun on my back, and on my face, the clear water to take a quick dip into once in a while, and best of all, I got to fish. Life doesn't get much better than this except...

...maybe holding a certain pretty lady in my arms, and pressing my lips against hers...yeah, that's the best thing in life! She was in my thoughts while I was fishing, and she always brings a smile to my face when I think about her. I wondered if she had a chance to put together the pattern we went running into Ironforge for. My heart was beating so fast, and seeing her like that...was exhilerating. She has so many facets to her that continually show me why it is I love her. Kel, you are amazing! And I love you!

I spent several hours out searching for a gift befitting someone of Kel's stature and talents. I will find it, and when I have it, I'll know it's the gift she will want. I smile thinking of giving it to her, and her look of surprise.

Light shed your light on me and let me catch a break in getting it for her. Thank you.
I’ve been bouncing back and forth between Orgrimmar and Silvermoon, all because of a stupid troll who can’t keep his mouth shut, and seems to feel the need to

“Ly? Is that you?” The warrior looked up from her journal, the voice vaguely familiar. Closing her journal and setting it aside on the step she had been sitting on, she rose, her plate armor clinking together. She had been at the blacksmith, working on getting her armor repaired, a few scratches and dents from the troll she had dueled marring the metal. “Lyrilia?”

She froze as her eye found him over to her right, waving madly at her. His hair was a deep, chestnut brown falling down to his shoulders. He had exchanged his usual mage’s robes for something more simple; a loose red shirt, black pants, and plain black shoes. His smile widened as he caught her eye, the elf starting at a brisk walk towards her.

“Taye? What are you doing here? How’d you find me?” She dropped her quill to the ground beside her journal, the metal bead she had placed on it clinking against the glass of her ink bottle.

“Hey! It is you! Wow…” His grin widened as he neared her, stopping on the step directly below the one she was standing on. “…you’ve changed. But you’re still just as beautifu-“

“Don’t touch me.” Her now gloved hand slapped his own away as he reached up to place a hand on her arm, a confused look spreading across his face.


“He was wrong. Very wrong. You should have known that it wasn’t true! How lo-.”

“Can we talk about this somewhere else?” His voice was soft, the grin having fallen from his face.

“I’m busy.”
“Please? At least explain what’s been going on...I know you’ve been avoiding me. Please?”

“Fine. We can go sit over there.” She motioned towards one of the benches in the square across from the blacksmith. “People will be too preoccupied to care about what we are saying.” She bent down to scoop her journal and writing supplies into her bag, leaving her still damaged weapons on the rack near the anvil.

“Ok.” He followed her, nearly having to run too keep up with her brisk pace, expecting her to walk much slower. Reaching the bench, she waited until he sat down first, making sure to leave plenty of space and her journal between them.

“So, what is it then? What do you want to know?” She leaned back, crossing her arms, an annoyed sigh escaping her lips.

“Well…why did Vuzembi say know…you didn’t actually…?”

“He doesn’t think before he speaks, Taye, or before he does much of anything. We had only been speaking a moment before I had to step away, and he seemed to feel the need to tell you I was there. We hadn’t discussed anything really; I just said I hadn’t seen you in a while. A long while. Which is true, I haven’t.” She shrugged, speaking fast.

“Oh. So you don’t you have…?”

“What? Do I have what?”

“Do you have...someone else?”

“Yes, I spoke to him yesterday about you, actually.”

“Oh. Well…Quelisa told me tha-“

“I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to know what she has to say, nor do I care! The only person I really care to talk to would be my niece, but I can-“

“Oh! Right! Here, I have something for you.” He cut her off, pulling a small, smooth communications stone from his pocket, and holding it out to her. “It’s from Calithara, Vora doesn’t know.”

“Oh, uhm thanks.” She took the stone from him, eyeing it carefully. ‘I’ll keep it on me, always. You can tell her that.”

“Good. I’m sure the- She! I’m sure she will be happy to hear that.” He smiled at her nervously, hoping she wouldn’t catch his mistake.

“Uh yeah.” She shifted awkwardly in her seat, clearing her throat. ‘Well, I have to get back to my armor…” She rose from the bench, walking blindly out to the street, not noticing the Hawkstrider barreling clumsily towards her.

Her journal fell to the ground, sliding under one of the many Winter’s Veil trees set up around the square, her ink bottle shattering on the stone, drenching her armor and the ground with ink. The sound of her plate armor screeching across the ground as she slid across it echoed through the square, Taye, having pushed her out of the way, was nearly directly on top of her.

“GET. OFF. ME!” She pushed him angrily away, surveying the inky damage to her armor, and the shirt she wore underneath. Finally having rolled him off of her, she stood, stalking away angrily towards the blacksmith.

“Ly! I’m sorry I was just…” She was too far away, and was angrily ignoring his shouts, focusing on the large black splotch on her shirt. Grinning after her, he ran to the tree, scooping up the journal, his grin widening as it opened easily, having been left unlocked.

“Ah! Taye, you’re back! Did you get it?” The woman smiled brightly at him, her caramel coloured hair pulled up into a neat ponytail, her mages robes swishing about her.

“Uh yeah, right here. And she took the stone too.” He handed the red leather journal to the elf, the gold clasp glistening in the sun.

“Good. Now, come in Taye and we will explain the rest to you later. Now, if you do just as we say, you’ll get what you want, and we’ll get exactly what we want.”

“Are you sure I mean…she seemed pretty set on...”

“We’ll be explaining that now.”

The thick, wooden door closed shut behind them with a loud click, the sounds of their muffled voices coming from the other side of the large double doors.

Alenthis lay quietly in bed, dead asleep. Or, at least his semblance of sleep. Alenthis put himself into a deep stupor nightly to allow powerful potions to keep his body fresh and renewed. He didn't dream tonight. Just thought. Lyrilia seemed awfully bothered by this 'Taye' fellow. But she wouldn't lie to him. She said she didn't have feelings for him. And he believed her. His thoughts drifted to the stress of work and his mind didn't register the faint popping of a portal opening.

Azurick stepped into Alenthis' room and shut the portal firmly behind him. He moved to Alen's bedside and stared at him for a moment. Time to find out what,s in you're head, Brother.

Azurick plunged into Alenthis' thoughts scouring his mind for traces of whatever haunted his dreams. He passed by memories, and hopes, and flew right past Lyrilia and...and someone else. Azurick paused. Seems I've found his fears. He frowned and continued. He could feel a dark presence up ahead, contained behind a sort of wall. He approached and probed the barrier slightly. Nothing. Azurick put his hand on the barrier, listening to what was happening on the other side. But no sounds came. He took his staff in both hands, pulled back, and slammed into the barrier in Alenthis' mind with all the arcane power he could muster.

Alenthis awoke with a start and jumped from his bed. Azurick sat quietly in a chair across from him. "How the Fel did you get in here?!"

"I walked, Alen." Azurick paused for a moment. "I only came to visit you. How is Lyrilia? Work?"

Alenthis frowned slightly but relaxed, leaning against the bedpost. "Work has been dreadful. And Lyrilia...she's alright."

The mage nodded slightly. "Alright?"

Alenthis frowns slightly. "Alright."

Azurick got to his feet and paced slowly around the room. "Alen, you're becoming a bit less social than I'd like to remember. Do let me know if somethings the matter." Azurick disappeared in a cloud of Fel smoke. Alenthis breathed a sigh of relief and leaned back in his bed. "Lyrilia..."

Azurick appeared in his room and howled in pain. He brought his hands off of the staff he had been tightly gripping. Third degree burns covered them. And shadow magic danced across the wound. "This isn't a demons doing. It's a necromancer's." Azurick growled in anger and sat down, racking his mind to figure out how to best start tackling this new problem.
(New entry in a light green leather journal etched with a tree)

I am both excited and terrified. In less than an hour’s time, I will be in Hearthglen with Sol. I have missed him terribly and want so very badly to see him again, even if it is just for one day.

The picnic basket is packed: bread, roasted beef, cheese, fruit, wine and a blanket. I look about as good as I am going to get. It has only been just over two weeks but I am still trembling with the thought.

He could do so much better than me. I am going to show up one day to find out that he has decided the same thing?

Not today though—there hasn’t been enough time. They haven’t met me. After today… let’s just say that my pillow will probably be wet tonight.

Kel thinks that I am being an idiot over this, but deep down I think she understands my fears. I hope when this is all done that Sol is more like Kel as a paladin than he is like other paladins I know

At the time we had talked about this she had lost a bet and was sitting beside at the table wearing some revealing elf costume. I told her that she was probably set up by that troll. I considered finding one, but I doubt that I could pull it off. That, and walking around Hearthglen in it would probably be frowned upon.
Tears on my pillow, tears on my heart. I am prepared to hear the words I dread, but I know I deserve it.

The waters were warm and inviting, and the fish were biting, and the pole lay on the raft, unused, as my mind was a whirl. I need to do something, be active, maybe kill something...that might help.

The large hammer head had sent me to a sandbar time and time again, with my heart jumping in my throat. I never knew if it smelled the fruit of the sea I had caught, or if it just wanted to get a bite out of me, but today...that was going to change.

I buckled the last strap, tightened my belts, and sat watching the great fish swim just off the shore, as I sharpened my blade, and prepared myself for a challenge. I had no fear, I wasn't afraid this time, my heart was cold, and my thoughts on whether shark meat tasted as good as I had heard. Finally, I was done and stepped into the water.

I splashed the water, and taunted the bastard until he made a beeline straight towards me. I pulled my weapons and smiled as he came in fast with that great maw of his open and ready for a taste of blood elf. His jaws closed but I wasn't there.

The dagger left a great rent down the side of the beast, and its blood filled the water, and my mace came down hard on the dorsal fin. He flailed in the surf, and tried to take a bite of me, but again, I side stepped his attack.

The water was dark with its blood, as it moved in to take me down. I almost dodged him, but it wasn't his teeth that got me, as he swam past me, his thick tough hide scraped against me, and I felt a hot agony on my left side. 'That's gonna cost me a pretty penny to repair', I thought.

My mace merely grazed the swimming death, however the sharp edge of my dagger found a soft underbelly, and more of its blood flowed into the clear warm water surrounding us. It took everthing I had not to bring my hand up to cover the torn and bloody ribs that had been scratched by its tough hide, but I prepared myself for its next attack.

It was difficult to see as the water was clouded with our blood, but as he neared me the dorsal broke the surface, and I dove beneath the water, and touched the sandy seafloor. As he passed over me I used my strong legs to propel myself at him, and both my weapons struck him hard. I almost got away from him scott free, but his great tail hit me and sent me rolling beneath the waves.

As I broke the surface to catch a breath, his great maw clasped my torso, and he shook me like a mastiff shakes a rat it's caught. I could feel his jaws squeezing the air and life out of me, and I felt darkness overcoming me when I suddenly found myself flying through the air and landing on the hot sands of the beach.

I barely managed to propped myself on one arm as I watched the scene before me play out. It looked like something from a different time, and it was huge. It was a nightmare from the depths of the darkest parts of the sea. And it definitely was a bad dream for the hammer head shark I had attacked. This huge shark from another time was tearing it apart, it would shake it, then throw it up into the air and then tear great chunks of meat out of the hammer head.

I had thought the water cloudy when I had been fighting the hammer head, but it was red with blood, as the great white tore the other shark apart. I lay back on the sand, thankful that it was the hammer head, and not me being something's meal.

The white hot agony of pain reminded me that I was still alive, and I sat up. The sand was red with blood, and I grabbed one of my new potions, and felt the agony recede to a dull ache, and the blood flow slow.

I fought with my pack to get out the new bandages I had, and slapped one on the wound on my side. I had to wind several around my torso to keep the bandage on, and to cover some of the punture wounds from the bite the hammer head had tried to take out of me.

I lay back on the sand, and closed my eyes. And I could see Kel'tira looking down at me with concern and worry on her face. She's gonna kill me, and I haven't got an excuse for doing such an idiotic episode such as this. Maybe I'll just lie here and die, and then I won't have to worry about it. Right. Not!

I wrestled myself up, and looked out over the sea. There was hardly any evidence of there being any kind of disturbance out in the water, and I shook my head. That could have been me, with hardly a ripple in the water. It gave me a reason to pause a moment.

My life isn't that bad. I have a woman who loves me, and that is a very good thing! I have friends, and a life that is full of excitement and and adventure. I really need to get over myself and stop these assinine episodes of trying to prove my worth or prowess. Duly noted.


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