[H] Reckless Ambition Recruiting

Burning Legion
About Us:

Reckless Ambition (H) of Burning Legion-US is a recently formed semi-hardcore raiding guild established with the premise of competing for realm firsts and completing content while relevant. The core of the guild have played together since the early raids of Wrath of the Lich King, with much of the core having experience all the way back to original Naxx in Vanilla. We expect to form a solid 10-man group within the next week to start raiding.

Raid Schedule:
(Tentative) Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00-9:30 Server Time (PST)

In Game Contacts: Shenshi, Kagomae, Zinkari, Gronk

What We Are Looking For:

- A minimum of 85% raid attendance is required – priority of invites goes out to those who are consistently showing up early and prepared.
- Knowledge of your class and spec – Willing to off spec as heals/tank/dps for encounters is a plus
- Knowledgeable of all encounters beforehand – Time wasted explaining fights is valuable time lost.
- Not only willing to accept constructive criticism, but capable of acting on that criticism to improve.
- A desire to complete content within our raiding schedule, as well as the willingness to put in extra time to clear leftover bosses - I will not ask you to raid on a Friday or Saturday night, ever.
- Understanding that all content will not be cleared on the first run. This is not a Raid Finder guild or a “let's wait until the nerf” guild. If you are not willing to put time into progression, please do not waste our time or yours.

Current Class Needs:

    Death Knight (Blood, Frost)
    Druid (Feral – Bear, Feral – Cat, Balance, Restoration)
    Monk (Windwalker, Mistweaver)
    Paladin (Ret)
    Priest (Holy, Disc)
    Shaman (Restoration, Enhance)
    Warlock (Affliction)
    Warrior (Arms, Fury)

    Paladin (Holy)
    Shaman (Elemental)
    Warrior (Protection)

Bump for a tank (Bear Druid or DK preferrred) and some melee dps!
Bump, Pst me with any questions~

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