Herald of the Titans FoS run

I am nearing the level 80 mark quickly and I and some friends are interested in doing a Herald of the Titans feat of strength run. The difficulty level on this feat is not nearly what once it was, but we are taking a serious approach to it nonetheless. Currently there are 3 - 4 of us that are interested in doing it, but we would like to get more people involved to make it go more smoothly (though I have read about it being 5 manned since MOP came out).

If you are interested in joining us on this run, please either reply here or send me an in-game mail. We are planning on doing some gear runs for 226 items in the very near future and we don't want to spend any more time than necessary on this so that we can go ahead and push for 90, so if you are interested please let me know ASAP.

Also note that some of the responsibility of gearing will rest on your shoulders. You should know where the gear drops and what you need before any old content is run (I think at this point some 219 gear wouldn't be unreasonable). Additionally, while you may have done Algalon in the past, please re-familiarize yourself with the fight as mechanics seem to slip minds after a period of time.

Here is a link with some information regarding the gear that you can and can't use for herald of the titans runs:


I didn't realize this was Horde, my apologies :)

Best of luck to you guys!!!
I have an 80 hunter I could bring horde to do this.
Could bring this character if you needed a tank.
Unfortunately I deleted the Druid that I had at 80 last week that I used for my Herald kill
Redwall, We could indeed use another tank. What is your main's name? Can you send me an in-game mail with his name and i'll put it on the list.
add my btag
id be very interested should have a healer ready for this
Definitely interested.... just need runs to get gear.

e/ add bnet tag.... Newlander#1289
Will be hitting 80 tonight. Could use a couple more DPS for this.
I'm interested. My druid is 80, ill gear whatever spec is needed.
Still need some more ppl? ive got a dk can tank/dps sometime this coming week pst me in-game if interested or leave a reply
I think we may still have space, I'll ask turtleblendr about it and have him put an official response up.
update.. my tank is nearly in full 226 gear, i have max level 80 flasks.. food, gems enchants. etc im ready to go just leave me an in game mail on illidan thanks Bababa BOW

DK name
Bowhunt. This is turtleblendr. Can you add me on realid? My battle tag is battle#1225
Also, just FYI. I think we are going to make a test run this weekend to see where we are.
I would be interested. I have the gear ready except my legs, probably going to pick up tier 7.5. Everything is gemmed and enchanted with best available. I have two professions maxed for perks and have all Cata consumables ready to go. I can do well over the required 4.5k dps.

I have taken this very serious despite how easy it is now and would be interested in joining a serious group.
Neisseria add my battle tag battle#1225. We are planning a test run this Saturday
Added. If you didn't get it...mine is Omnipotent#1764.
Got you on realid neisseria. Need to push the herald trial run to next week due to scheduling conflicts. Set you calendars for the 17th at 8:30pm
hey guys sent out a realid request for turtlebender my real id is bthugsnh#1718
get back to me asap still on for the 17th?
i got 1 more run for uld25 it seems then looking forward to facerolling my fos

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