[A] <Sovereign> 10m LFM 6/6MSV 2/6HOF

Hey folks! Visit us at http://Sovereignwarcraft.com

Currently 6/6 MSV, 1/6 HOF

We're looking for a solid Shadow priest with a healing offspec. You will only heal when we have a healer post out for whatever reason, we currently have 3 healers one of which has a dps offspec.

Also in need of a melee DPS, prefer a pally with tanking offspec. Tanking offspec is prefered but not crucial. DK or Rogue would work as well.

We only raid twice a week so our time is limited. We expect to you to be on time, at your computer and focused at all times during raids. If you tend to go afk for whatever reason please do not apply. This will get you removed from the group. We take a 10-15 min break roughly half way thru the night.

We currently have 10 raiders on the roster but have been struggling to get all of them to attend every week. Our goal is to have 12+ raiders so we can have backups. Once the roster is filled we'll have a schedule for nights off for everyone to share the burden of 12 people in a 10m enviorment.


Key Logistics:

-Raid times: Friday and Sunday 7:30PM-10:30PM Server (8:30-11:30 EST)

-Team Size: 10 man

-Time off: Major holidays such as Easter Sunday will entail a day off rather than attempting to find another night

-Loot system: EP/GP -- you are rewarded for the time you put into the raid and helps reward the time put into farming.

-Performance Review: Please have a World of Logs parse for us to review when we mumble interview you. Even one from a quick LFR would be great.

-Voice Chat: Must be capable of using and speaking clearly on Mumble client. We're not going to spend 10x the money on a crappier quality vent server that lags communication

More About Us:

To help you determine if your expectations match ours, here's a little more detail on play-time expectations.

At various stages of time, nearly all of us have been hard-core raiders in our past. Fast forward to the last couple years of Cata and now MOP, and many of us are now working adults, some starting or have started families, etc. We've moved on to a casual hardcore (aka "semi hardcore") play style.

By that we mean that we are serious about the nights we play, but also afford time for plenty of breaks and when we're done with content we farm it for the gear, but don't bang our heads against ALL of ALL heroics. We usually do a few heroics, but eventually if all the normal mode gear is farmed, we'll break or start mixing in alts/more casual friends for our runs until the next Raid comes out.

We also feel a 10man format affords everyone the ability to get to know each other better and so chemistry on the raid team is very important to us. While you won't have to fill out a long application to get invited to the guild, we will do a mumble interview to gauge who you are and what your expecations in the game are to see that we're a good fit for you and vice versa.

You'll notice we have 2 raid nights: Friday and Sunday. We're pretty "hardcore" about keeping to just the two raid nights. These particular nights are also chosen to have the least conflict with working professionals who may travel for work during the work week. If you enjoy raiding many more nights, we have alts and friends/family who like to raid more casually on one night a week for other nights. And for MOP, we intend to set up a rated BG night to mix up the WOW activities. We prefer to keep to the single main 10man group, and for growing our guild we prefer doing so by adding casual alt runs or more PVP activities for off-nights
need a Tank or Spriest for tonight. Our Offtank posted out.
Still Looking for a spriest to add to our 10 man roster.

Currently 4/6 Normal
Will most likly need a tank and dps for Friday night. Should clear 3/6+

Sandy has left a few of our players without power.
edited the OP.

need a couple quality raiders!

Prefer the below,

Ret Pally
Still need a Spriest! A ret pally would work as well.
Still looking for a solid raider.

Prefer a Spriest. Will consider a Ret Pally, dk, Rogue.
Still looking for a spriest!

Hoping to get Garalon down this week!

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