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Hello guys, I'm new here but I've been playing wow on-and-off since Vanilla. Recently I started playing again with my girlfriend, and I have a new account which is on US server. I decided I would play for Achievements, since I don't have a lot of time for hardcore pve/pvp and I don't want to get competitive without puting the time to get decent results.

I searched the web but I couldn't find any achievement guide. Maybe I didn't search well, but I think there is no good achievement guide for new players who just want to get all the achievements done quickly. There are indeed guides for individual achievements, but there is no way to know which way to start. My guess is that you need to start by leveling 6 characters (5+1 for all-professions achievement) so I'm working on leveling my characters right now. I'm also working on making money with the AH, as I have experience in this regard and gold is a good thing to have especially for the "expensive-items" achievements.

But then I don't know what I will work on. Do you guys have any suggestion on what to do after or while leveling? Any daily quests I should be doing? Any reputations I should be farming first? Any help is appreciated.

- Mactone
I would personally start off with quest achievements towards loremaster and exploration achievements. Once you've knocked off each zones full amount of quests it becomes much easier to access all of the dailies/reputation that specific zones have open. Also focus on your 2ndary professions like Arch. Cooking. and First aid. I would also do Wsg and AB for those pvp achievements because some are much easier to get at a lower lvl then at a higher lvl in the game. Good luck and have fun. Achievements are by far my favorite part of this game and an easy thing to be proud of if you do not have time to farm raids and such.

Also at max lvl lower lvl raids become easy to solo and farm for their achievement rewards aswell.

I'd also focus on one character at a time especially making one your main focus for most achievements.
nammie is right thats what you should do i aready did that

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