Volcanic [A] 4/6, 1/6

    Guild Level: 25
    Progression: 4/6 MV, 1/6 HOF (12/12N, 7/7N and 6/8H in Cataclysm)
    Time Zone: PST

Volcanic offers its guild members a mature (18+), no drama, fun and social atmosphere for the raiders within the guild. We are a small, tight-knight group of adults who enjoy progressing through game content while having a good time.

In Volcanic, your attitude is everything. As long as you are pushing your characters abilities to the limit and have a positive attitude, you will be raiding with us.

Recruitment Needs

Healers - High (Open to Resto Druids/Resto Shamans)
Tanks - Not recruiting at the moment.
Melee - Not recruiting at the moment.
Ranged - High (Open to Mages/Warlocks/Shadow Priests/Elemental Shamans)

Thursday: 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm
Friday 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm
Saturday 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm

Contact Info

Interested in raiding with us? Have questions about anything related to the guild? Send me an in-game mail to Pwnbook or Quelle.

Sign up on our website, if interested in applying now: http://volcanicguild.enjin.com/recruitment !!!
Bump for resto pew!
Bump for heals and tank!
Seeking raid aware DPS and heals.
Bump. Looking for nice & raid aware players to raid with!
I sent Quelle an ingame mail message this morning before leaving for the office.

Check out my armory and let me know if we can talk.
Welcome to the guild Shylena. :)
Thank you!
Found our mage tonight. Looking for melee DPS for Sun/Mon/Weds nights. Would prefer a warrior/shaman/monk or retadin. Will consider a shadow priest w/ disc OS also.
Le bump.
Bumpity bump bump.
Bump. Need a tank. Previous tank had real life issues going on and had to step down.

Only interested in warrior/paladin tanks at this time.
Raid groups are currently very full :D

Looking for casuals.

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