Disc priest talent pvp questions

Hey guys, this priest is my alt and I dont have much experience with new talents.

Problem with me is I dont do pve, do I dont have much gold, 900gold left to last me for as long as I can, so I cant afford respeccing talents all the time, would rather ask for opinions.

With pvp in mind..I have questions about our tiers..

Tier 1

Void Tendrils vs Psyfiend

Which do you prefer? I have been rolling with Void Tendrils, and it as 15 seconds better cooldown vs psyfiend. But after further thought, and being that my warrior is my main, Void will not save you from avatar being popped and them going immune, and will not save you from melee blessing of freedom paladins. Leaning towards Fear so they have to use pvp trinket. Most war bads pop berserker rage with dps macro for the 5% damage boost and also solves ret pallies and blessing of freedom.
Leaning towards Psyfiend.

Tier 2

Phantasm vs Body and Soul

Really not sure which one to pick, I wish we could have both, it would really help disc survivability, and I dont think that would be OP at all; my war would still bury his axe right in the face of a disc priest anyway. Currently have phantasm, and its helped me out many times in pvp, but would phantasm be better? If I am reading tooltip right, ranged classes cant target you for 3 sec so you can at least pop a heal off? AND, it frees up your movement speed and makes you temporary immune to snares, so also helps vs melee.
Leaning towards Body and Soul.

Tier4 Spectral Guise vs Desperate Prayer

Spectral Guise - ok so we go stealth. I am assuming if we try to heal ourselves, we break stealth? So the goal here is to pop this, run as far as possible, or behind a LoS point, to toss a greater heal? Havent tested it yet, but im assuming if we try to heal we break stealth. If so, and we also have body vs soul talent, can we PW:S ourselves if stealthed to gain great distance to heal? Its 30 second cooldown vs Desperate prayer's 2 minute of cooldown is more appealing, as long as its a guarantee we can pop a greater heal on ourselves.

Last tier.

Cascade vs Divine Star vs Halo

None of these talents look useful for pvp for me at all. Too bad Phantasm or Body and Soul are on the same tier! Question for cascade, can we target ourselves with it? At least it gives an instant heal a la prayer of mending?
I know you said you don't have a lot of gold to run around respeccing a lot, but just buy some of these: http://www.wowhead.com/item=79249 so you can reset individual talents for 50 silver.

Phantasm over Body and Soul
Spectral Guise over Desperate Prayer
Halo is the only one that's even remotely decent in PvP. You can cast Cascade on yourself but it only heals for like...20k at most if you do that.

Void Tendrils vs. Psyfiend is tricky and I can see the merits of both, but I personally take Psyfiend.
I like Psyfiend for BGs. If somebody doesn't lock it down, it really puts them in trouble.

Phantasm for sure in that tier. Body and soul is decent utility for flag running and what not, but doesn't nothing when you're being trained to death.

I've been using spectral guise, although more and more I'm going "meh" on it. It has it moments, but at times I wish I had the desperate prayer instead.

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