Gathering profession skill bonuses?

Bug Report
i was just looking to see if this is a glitch, or an inteded limitation.

i have the "Herbalist's Spade", "Herbalist's Gloves" enchanted with "Gatherer", and the "Gnomish Army Knife".

But i'm only receiving a +10 to my herbalism skill. is this what i should be expecting?

if so, why was this designed this way?
I'm experiencing this as well. However, I would expect that the Spade & the Knife would not stack with each other but either of them would stack with both the gloves and the enchant.

Any official post of why this stacking isn't working? Was it removed or is it a bug?
Can't find the post, but I'm pretty sure it was addressed by either a dev, or a CM, that those items do not stack bonuses and it was intended.

Maybe someone else will remember more clearly.
hmm...if that's the case then maybe they could update the tooltips to say that the item bonus doesn't stack (like they have on other items).

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