Rate the monk transmog above you!

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Since I didn't see a thread about this, I decided I'd make one. I'm just missing my Replica Shado-Pan Helmet and new weapons then I'll be done! :D
dang cute
i dont get da voodoo
Semo looks skinny... She should eat more to fill those vest empty spaces... Oh wait. <Canibalize>

(Cool transmog btw)
I thought I'd come in and see how I fare up.

EDIT: Forgot to add my 2c, I like the set. I wanted to get it on my rogue, but the Furious PvP set looked so classy. I wasn't aware we could use the fist-blade things in offhand :O
This one seems pretty common, actually, from what I saw in a few other Transmog threads. But that's probably because it's simple and it looks pretty good on someone that's supposed to be fighting hand to hand. I'll replace the headpiece with the Shado-Pan one once I get it, or maybe the tier hat unless it clashes with the rest (which I think it will, sadly).
I don't know what to say :P
6/10 I dislike Undead and wearing a dress FTL! lol
@Neah I like the set, It's simple but everything goes together well. I think the swords are a very nice touch to the overall theme. 8/10
hykra, i give an 7/10 is a nice set it goes together and u use the staff i am using <3 lol
Kinda Esquisite...
but looks cool ^^


Looks pretty neat. I like it. =)

for mine, I only have issues with my swords, but kind of lazy.
You look cool also... monks could have more cool looking boots, to give them the real look of a martial arts fighter... xD
Pretty good for what you have to work with at your level. 8/10

I hate that hair.

Jin'ya, Orb of the Waterspeaker want this to mog to the melee weapon since it matches the shoulders :3
If the tillers took up arms, you'd represent
I'm still workin on my set from Ulduar :P
Very nice. Digging the shoulders.

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