Rate the monk transmog above you!

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I don't really get the whole wolf thing.
9/10 Sweet look. You lose a point for being Panderan, but that's my hang-up, not yours.

For me,well...shoulders are place-holders until I get the JP ones I want when I hit 80. (Vendor in Dalaran)

Just rolling like this until then. Wanted to get away from the "rogue" look for a while.
You look like a caster, but it does look cool.

Simple staff graphic is nice..
May swap in a replica Shado-Pan helm, may not.

@Mordarian -- 9/10. I think the particular reddish brown on the shoulders could do with darkening to match the rest of your look, but it is quite nice nonetheless. Well done.
I can literally feel the rage emanating from Kormosh's tmog which suits the orc look well. If only the sleeves were longer... D:

Flowing water transmog matches the shadopan helm much better than I thought it would.

of the xmog i can tell you're building, i give it 7/10. finish the set, and my rating might go higher! ;)
Fist of the Deity is an automatic 10/10.
9/10 @ Koga. Looks great. Nice and simple, fitting for an Orc. Not my favorite shoulder model, but that's just my taste (still a solid look with the rest of your mog).
Nice look! 9/10 for your tribal like monk. Mine still a work in progress but is going for a jedi/sith look.
Not a big fan of the northrend robe models, but 8/10. Transmog flows quite well.
Panda monks seem to look good in like everything! I enjoy the fist weapons and the sun hat switch up the purple for a more neutral color IMO. Still a nice feel. 7/10.
Hehe. Nothing but shoulders on that one. I guess if you are going for the shock of a naked space goat it is gold :D 7/10
7/10 Looks cool.
Not a bad set but looks meant more for a DK than Monk so I'll go with 7/10.

Here is mine in action pose hehe: http://i.imgur.com/EZcAGl.jpg
like the blue 7/10

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