Rate the monk transmog above you!

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8/10 Like the color scheme.

I am trying to not look like a rogue.

Not really fitting for a monk
9.5/10 the weapons don't really fit in, but I mean that doesn't drag down the look of the set at all really :p Just bugs me a little.

Edit: Finished my set today, weapon and shoulders, hopefully it loads on here soon (I wish there was a way to turn of shoulders, that would be great!).
Exotic! 8/10 for you. What about my new one?
@Hao, simple but awesome 8/10

Mine is kinda generic but I like it
7/10 looks cute
9/10 I really like your transmog but I think the swords should match the outfit.

Not really fitting for a monk

I find mine to be very fitting for an Undead Monk :P
@ Shoryukin

love the purple and the tabard show off, well your rack.

Still need to find a suitable chest, legs and feet. Working on gloves but Old Hillsbrad is being a royal pain. Shoulders alone took like 15 runs in Mechanaar. Blech.

Moosebear hoooo!
4/10 ehh only because i think the Moosebear is an acquired look
7/10. You look like a Klansman but I like it.
I like that a lot, + points for being a B-elf. 8.5/10
8/10 for the monk above me. I like the nature look on the Blood Elf....
Not too shabby. Nice set you've got going.

Not a fan of brown, but it works with this.

Must find a green shoulder, but its a good setup.

8/10....id hate to see a panda in that hahaha...
7/10 i really like the color scheme
very asian like, 7/10
i like it, sword through it off tho.

The colors dont match... but i imagine anything that dies to you will be scarred for life so 8/10 from me!

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