Rate the monk transmog above you!

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6/10, but I suspect the bad poses blizzard likes to force on our profile pages isn't doing yours any justice.

<---- Speaking of bad poses...
I know I just have a rogue set but I enjoy it :3.

Aesica 6/10 not bad but I've seen alot of similar sets. I like your staff though~
7/10 -- very dark and roguelike. I really had to take a point off for the orientation of your offhand transmog though. It's bugging the crap out of me, and I hope it isn't actually rotated like that ingame.
No it's not like that in game. Fist weapons are weird on the armory lol. I just got that fist last night so I transmogged the second one for now :P
I'm pretending to be a druid!
12/05/2012 09:39 PMPosted by Lyrial
I'm pretending to be a druid!

Shall we say, Comedic/10?
I changed my guy up and now he just looks silly...

Edit: guess it didn't update
Bones - I like it brings me back to the days of naxx Raiding some good memories there.

Side note - they call me the blue ranger on my Sapphire Panther. me and 3 buddies each have a color and transmog to match the mounts =)
Nyanlol - I'd give yours an 8/10, I really like it. It's not my style, but it's well put together. Your weapon and offhand don't really match it very well, though; maybe one of the blue crystal maces from WOTLK?
still farming for a few pieces on my set. but overall look is there. gotta love Claw of Molten Fury
Kubo - cool xmog set give it 8/10
Edgemaster--that set on your panda looks great. That's saying a lot because I think the pandas look ridiculous. 8/10

For myself, this is the most monk-like transmog I could find. Google-Image Search "Tibetan Monk" and you'll see why. I also have the turquoise version and I switch between the two when I'm bored. When I get a PVE set going then one will be PVE and one will be PVP.
Considering Tibetan monks live a life of simplicity this is probably the closest you can come to in game. :/ 7/10 for effort! Although the crescent moon is a little out-of-character.

Now mine, you can't see from the back, but the back of the spaulders is actually the same red as the belt and the staff. You can even see some of those hues in the matching gloves and feet. :) I just liked how everything seem to magically come together color-wise. What do you think?
12/06/2012 10:00 PMPosted by Beifong
Although the crescent moon is a little out-of-character.

How so? Tibetan Monks practice Buddhism and the various phases of the moon are celebrated/are of importance to some Buddhists (there are like...18 different kinds of Buddhism so I can't speak for all of them).

In regards to your transmog, brownie points for actually taking color matching into consideration instead of just putting a random set together. 7/10.
7|10, not bad at all, i like the haircut with the bandana :)
6/10 only because Rump didnt xmog the shoulders:P still looks very shado pan, maybe that was the goal?

My profile image doesn't do my xmog any justice imo:

Yah shoulder arent xmog, i wanted them like that :)
Not bad. Not my first choice, but it looks just fine. 8/10
9/10, missing the set shoulders, but they fit in nicely

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