<Angelus Mortis> (H)

Angelus Mortis is a small guild looking to add more members to raid.

We are looking for active people (age 18+) who are ready to raid (ilvl 470+).

Currently we are looking for a non-plate tank, a pally healer and a ranged DPS/heals combination (non shaman) to finish our group for 10 man raiding. We are always looking for casual members :)

We raid 3 nights a week (Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday) from 7-10 server time.

If you have any questions, you can either leave them here or contact either Braids, Meridian, Periapt or RØ in game.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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In search of exceptional players for all classes and specs.
You can also now apply Online at : http://www.amkorgath.board-directory.com
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We need a non-plate tank, a heals and a DPS to finish out our group!
We are a small 10m guild looking to finish out our roster. We are looking for a non-plate tank. Also looking for PvPers and casuals.

We are looking for active players. Attendance is our biggest goal! We are willing to help you gear and help learn the fights if you willing to be online for the raids :)
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Bump :) Searching for a Rogue ready to fill a Core Raid Spot!

Also actively looking for PvP'ers and Casuals!
Still looking for a tank :)
We are looking for DPS, a tank and heals for possible raid spots and casuals :)
Our raiding needs have been updated!
Cant wait to hear from you!
i am a frostwolf xfer looking to get back into the raiding scene. i have been on a hieadous due to work since last october so my ilvl is not great but its not bad (470). i can be a really dedicated raider and i love progression through raid content. lot of excitement to kill a boss for the first time. so let me know wats up here or ingame thank you.

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