<Fatal Union> Seeking dps for core 10man

We are in search of a dps Warrior, DK or an Ele Shaman for a core 10 man spot. We would have started raiding two weeks ago, but as we all know real life happens, and we lost a couple of our main raiders due to real life commitments.

We raid from 10pm est till around 1am est. Friday and Saturday nights.

Fatal Union is a place for casual players who want to achieve end game progress, without the serious attitude that almost always comes with it.

Owned by a small group of friends, most of whom have a lot of raiding experience going back to the TBC and even Vanilla days, we understand that a lot of players like our selves, have busy schedules, therefore cant or simply don't want to commit all their spare evenings to the game, however, still want to see end game content and progress.

Some quick facts/requirements:

- Put the time and effort into your character, to improve performance
- Mature attitude towards the game
- Can knuckle down and get the job done when needed
- Friendly and social
- Not easily offended

In short, a guild for skilled and willing players who want a tight knit team with a casual and mature attitude towards the game.
Sound like something your after? Add me in game Sub#1957, So we can chat.
i be up in here like blam blam blam blam bumping it yo
Ran with them a couple weeks ago, seemed like a good bunch. /bump

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