Solution to Arena/RBG Activity Issue

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I agree 100% with OP... every time I get burned out from pvp is from quitting because I know I won't make 2200 that season.

A lot of good ideas from others in the thread as well, blues have to read this asap!
casuals and ful time players alike i can say had the most fun throughout season 5 6 and 7 where each of the main set items and pvp weapons had different rating requirements ranging from 1550 for gloves, 1800 for weapons then onto 2200 for elite gear.

this system made pushing rating each week more rewarding and encouraged player learn and improve thier gameplay and have fun doing it, sitting at 1800 for 6 weeks straight and 2200 seeming near impossible can be quite deterring.

tl;dr - im a big fan of the season 5, 6 & 7 gear requirements
The biggest problem is not resetting mmr.

Reset mmr. Teams can't go 20-0 and be rank 1.

Second how do you know this i know alot of people who have come back to wow and are queing between 1700-2400 mmr. I think if it is at an all time low it would be to the fact that bm/war 2 shot everything by just poping cds. Mage able to spam purge without ooming /frostbomb. Casters/healers not being able to oom. And most of the other classes not being able to be compared to the classes listed.

If this were true, what about the equally (or more) imbalanced seasons of the past that had plenty of activity? S5 was worse than even this, in my opinion. There have always been gaping holes in balance and it never stopped activity before.
They need to have something at the end of the road to tempt players to push farther instead of sitting on rating: gold, more titles, tabards, pets, chances at special items, vanity stuff, etc. Or unique transmog gear.
Our team got to 2178 this season in the first two weeks, just to lose to tripple rank 1's playing at
2k mmr. For those of you who think 2200 isn't hard think again!
That would be so great if cross realm arena queues were possible. I really want to do 2s and 3s with my brother's S.Priest but I can't because it is on a different server :(

I've been arguing over this. PVE players all tell me that you should be doing it for fun regardless of whether it's raids or challenge mode. You mean, YOU.

I mean what else is fun to do in this game? Are you going to stop raids because it only offers vanity items and do what? Dailies? This is incorrect, everybody knows that heroic RAIDS give the best gear rewards in game, as well as the best vanity rewards, eg pets/mounts. Why should the top level of organized pvp not reward equally good gear? This is both unjust and hypocritical.

Those rewards you are talking about is gear. That is what drives players mad. Not vanity items. No one cared about a monkey ball. They wanted those good trinkets like a vial. They go for gear. That was what drove BC because those pvp weapons were even better then pve without rng. I'd like to draw your attention back to my previous point. Why should PvPers NOT get equally as good rewards as PvErs? When just as much if not more time and effort and lets be honest skill, is required to achieve success? This season's CP weapons simply aren't as good/effective and have lower stats/effectiveness than the best PvE weapons. So why should PvE weapons be better than PvP weapons in both facets of the game? This is outlandish.

I just don't believe in this philosophy. If you really need a reward then you are playing it for the wrong reason and how is that interesting to you that you have more players, but are just there for points?
Huh? Sorry this makes no sense. How are raiders NOT getting rewards?

What exactly is your problem with PVPers getting more rewards than the paltry few they currently have a chance at, in order to try and boost PvP participation in WOW? And making them somewhat more accessible but hardly given away for free. There still would be no comparison to the amount that are continuously supplied in RAIDS and the rate at which they are supplied at.

Example: you can do 1 complete Raid clear and if you are lucky, get 3-6 pieces of the highest level gear in game in a matter of a couple of hours, sure you may not get any drops but in the course of a month you are almost completely geared if you do full clears every week bar a couple of pieces with the lowest drop rate. It takes far, far longer than a month to achieve the same amount of conquest gear at this point in time, even with a raised conquest cap. Unless you got a drop off a world boss such as Sha of anger EVERY week, which is veritably impossible. Do you not see the disparity here?
Very well thought out post Tosan and i completely agree with this. Blizzard is focusing on the elite players camping ratings, which is a problem, but its not the entire problem.

Arena activity is low at ALL LEVELS, and at the lower levels its all about incentive to keep playing which can be done with REWARDS. They don't have to be statistical upgrades, just vanity stuff is enough for keep people playing.

Also shout out to the people in this thread giving good ideas, KEEP UP THE WORK FOR THE BETTER OF ALL US ARENA PLAYERS!!
10/21/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Tosan
In my experience there has been very little skill difference between 2k and 2200 rated players. I would suggest a rating req drop even lower for the weps. I think S3 had it right. Beyond that, all the hard-core arena people really care about are titles. Only the people that can't break 2200 would probably complain about such a move. Blizz could appease with more implementation of the "elite" gear set concepts. But yeah, as it stands, the carrot is currently on a very long stick. And you know, that may be fine, but there needs to be smaller carrots along the way to the main prize to keep things interesting for the 90% of players that don't see it past 1900 or so.

Very well said.

+1 on this one

not from the point of that it would be easier to get elite but from the point of lowering down to 2k will also reduce the tremendous amounts of carries that are done in RBGs and Arenas
I played 1,400+ games with various combs for the t2 I wear. I wanted it for no other reason than how amazing it looked. As an average player, it was hell to earn.

If it weren't for the vanity recolor, I wouldn't have PvPd as seriously in s11. Lowering the requirement to 2k would make the game a hell of a lot stressing for those who just want the aesthetic. I agree with this idea. Please make it happen.
I would actually like to see more progression in arena gear, like having 3 'tiers' per seasson:
*You buy your tier 1 like you do right now.
*You upgrade your t1 to t2 pieces at varying rating requirements, at a cheaper cost than 1 item cost. For example:
1700 rating you upgrade your legs for 1000 conq.
1750 rating you upgrade your chest for 1000 conq.
1800 rating you upgrade your shoulders for 1000 conq. get the idea
*Then you can buy the elite gear at 2.2k

This will add more of a sense of progression, without creating a huge gap in players with ratings that are close to each other.
While I can't comment on a solution to the problem, I might as well chime in and mention that there is a distinct problem in terms of pvp participation.

My server (being lolz RP PvE) is a terrible indicator of much, but we're down to 8 teams 3s teams total on my server.

I mean, something is pretty wrong when my terribad 6-14 571 rating team is somehow ranked 658 in the battlegroup.

(Yes, I'm terrible at this game. Yes, my partners are also terrible at this game. Yes, one of my partners is in quest greens. I still enjoy the pvp though. )
10/21/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Tosan
And no, this isn't "dumbing it down" or "making it too easy" - the 2200 rating requirement was implemented when there was far more activity (read: MORE INFLATION) and the goal has become far more difficult to reach RELATIVE TO ACTIVITY.

I think you'll be interested in what we have to say in an upcoming blog on the subject of PvP.
10/23/2012 11:24 AMPosted by Daxxarri
And no, this isn't "dumbing it down" or "making it too easy" - the 2200 rating requirement was implemented when there was far more activity (read: MORE INFLATION) and the goal has become far more difficult to reach RELATIVE TO ACTIVITY.

I think you'll be interested in what we have to say in an upcoming blog on the subject of PvP.


i look forward to this
Love the idea of incentives to keep lower rated ppl playing whether its vanity stuff or 1700 rating gets legs or whatever style just love little things like that to keep ppl playing but i also agree when they basically said 2s dont matter is when this games arena participation went downhill fast 2s was and still is my favorite bracket regardless of the character im on

I'm pretty sure it's arrogance he said that. Regardless 10 million players online currently, less than a 1000 over 2.2k.

Not only that, a lot of those 1000 bought their 2.2k rating.
I'm all for changing SOMETHING with regards to rating. Back in the day alot of people got 2k or 2.2k when there were FAR more teams above that level.

The result? New players like myself (just started in Cata) have a really hard time getting groups because everyone wants a 2.2k achieve to get a group going... nevermind the fact that most of the people asking for this didn't actually finish above 2.2k last season... /facepalm

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