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A letter is tacked up across the boards of the Alliance cities. Written in an easy flowing hand:

“I, Ansheli Gentlestout of the Qimeng Simiao, have consulted the Waterspeaker of the Pearlfin Jinyu tribe, Elder Lusshan. It was with his eyes that he has seen the importance of guiding and teaching the outsiders beyond the mists of the Pandaren ways, healing both physical and mental wounds as well as enlightenment in all paths of life. But just as important as it is to teach these outsiders the Pandaren ways, it is as equally important to learn and understand their ways as well.

Not only will this temple be opening its doors to the Outsiders, but the waters also spoke of refilling our ranks with students and teachers that once walked our hallways. If any can be found that once wore the colors of our temple, please reach out to me once more.

Ansheli Gentlestout, Jung-Si of the Qimeng Simiao “

Background of the Temple

The Qimeng Simiao, or the Temple of the Enlightened, was founded roughly 15,000 years ago by Qimang Kuang-Manshi. It was founded during the time that the Pandaren were still slaves under the oppressive hands of the Mogu. It was first a sanctuary for those that managed to find some sort of freedom in the Jade Forest. Thousands more years slipped by and more followers came to the sanctuary. Words began to whisper on the four winds of the Pandaren rising up against the horrid rule of the Mogu.

After the fall of the Mogu, and many years after the first Pandaren Emperor, the sanctuary finally reached temple status. It followed the ways of the Jade Serpent, as she is a beacon of wisdom for the Pandaren race.

The last Jung-Si of the Temple was a Monk by the name of Chang-Shuo, this is of course the master that would have named Ansheli his successor.

We are a bastion for Monks/Warriors, as they make up the field of front line fighters. Though with the failing of the Mists, the doors have been opened to all in order to make sure that not only the Pandaren way goes on living outside of the lands of Pandaria, but also that the ways of the other races are not long forgotten once they find themselves in Pandaria as well.

We will be focusing on the RP aspect of Pandaren, with an open door to the other races of the Alliance as Pandaren are looking to learn about the people they are now allied with. We shall also be looking to enjoy PvE and PvP aspects of the game as well. I personally will be looking to get involved with the RP-PvP of the server once again. And I welcome all those that wish to join me.

We shall say this, Monks of other races beside Pandaren will be harshly looked over. We will happily take in students of other races that wish to learn the Monk ways. If you have questions about this, please reach me in game either by whisper or by in game mail.
Shadow Priests ICly, this is a touchy subject, but the Pandaren would look at such a thing as though this person is Sha touched. And it would not be wise to attempt to join their temple as a Shadow Priest ICly. If you are a Shadow Priest for PvE/PvP/OOC that is one thing, but IC is a completely different beast.
We are looking for people that might be up on the idea of having their Pandaren once belonging to the Temple. Ashenli is looking for those that once held rank in the Temple, and have been among our new allies in attempts to gap the bridge between the races.
Also, looking for guilds to ally with as well as to have a rival with. The fact that this Temple has been around for the last 15,000 years is a wonderful chance for both Horde and Alliance Pandaren to have once interacted with each other.

((I knew I was missing something!))
Cool! Someone was saying the other day that the Alliance need more Pandaren guilds. Best of luck.
Well thank you.

Much love Ana!
I like the name. Enlightenment Temple!
Much love bb.
Forte means Dumb. Just sayin'.
10/23/2012 04:00 PMPosted by Ashenli
Forte means Dumb. Just sayin'.

Much love, Forte. ^_^
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I'm looking forward to getting to know those in the Qimeng Simiao. Already seem like a great group.
Bedtime bump before crashing for the evening.
Running water never grows stale. So you just have to 'keep on flowing.'
If you guys ever need some Horde side rivalry, we can possible set something up. ^_^
What'd you say about my momma?!
That she is a kind and saintly woman.

Bump for these guys.

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