[A-RP] Qimeng Simiao - Be Enlightened

Moon Guard
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Oh my, second page. No. Bad.
Event with Lineage, and a random mage from First Regiment. Woo \o/
If you wanna stop by, do it. I'm setting out food and drinks, so no reason to not some feasting.
You have done well, young grasshopper....
Looking forward to doing events with you guys!
We can't wait :D Just shot you an invite to our event on Monday, if it's anything you'd be interested in attending.
Moon Guard- If you're interested in joining us for some Pandaren RP- hit us up :D

Good night bump.
Morning bump. Before Halloween party A goes off.
Gogogogo need more Pandas in Pandaria <3
I'm going to Bump this all the way to the top all by myself >:[ These peeps need more peeps to make their Guild Peep-tastic <3
You know, I can only handle those marshmallow chick things once in a blue moon, and never when they are out for Easter. So.... no peeps please. Just Pandas and other things.
\o/ Bump moar
Be prepared, Temple of Enlightenment, to receive the two best pandaren RPers ever.

Well, we've already got me- which only leaves room for 1 more best Pandaren RPer.

Which one of you is it?
Taking a break from hostessing at this party. /bump
We already have Lineage of the Moon, Shadows of Argus, Blackmoon Sentinels, First Regiment, and possibly Clergy of the Light set to get involved with us in some capacity.

If your name isn't on that list- it should be ;P!

HORDE! We wanna interact with you guys too!
Im sorry I cant hear you over the sounds of nom nom.
That nom nom is the sound of me gnawing on your arm.

Horde, the Jade Wardancer comes for you!
Wax on.

Wax off.

I approve this thread.

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