The Fears That Rise And Strike (IC)

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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The caverns... They echoed...

They whispered...

They spoke.

The Caverns... They asked...

They begged...

They called.

The darkest reaches of system of caves is perpetually in darkness, the outer fringes merely shaded, but the luminescent purple crystals of the place do little to illuminate more than a few yards ahead of one.

In the inky blackness, things stir. Fears and dreams given shape that rear their ugly heads and strike at those who lose their way into the depths of Azeroth.

Legends, that is all there are. Legends. Tales told 'round dying campfires of the way things used to be, or could be again. That is all there is. So how then, did two groups find their way into these magical, mana-infused caverns that play host to nightmares?

Kel'tira Sunblaze and the Horde

The Blood Elf paladin was striding across the small room, the cramped floor space covered in bits and pieces of parchment, and her footsteps crackled with every other step as she trampled what may or may not have been House financial records.

"They have been gone a week, and nothing! Where? How? Why?"

The smaller figure in the room happened to nod, "Where, how, why..."

Kel'tira Sunblaze continued, "It doesn't matter! Drix, get me the paper that had the latest report in it?"

The small form clanked around the room for a moment, moving carefully around the clutter, and gathered up a sheet of paper bearing nothing more than a printed line, the handwriting neat and clear.

We found them. We found them. I don't know where we are, but we found them. The glow from the crystals is harsh, painful to those who stare at it. We have lost three to the caves and I... I hear them calling me... We don't know how... we got here, not quite. It just... happened. We think because we wanted it enough... The crystals call us into the depths...

With a curse, Kel threw the parchment on the ground, alongside so many other sheets like it, and rose, "Drix. I'm leaving. Tell the Fellowship where I've gone, and..."

She pauses as Drix whirs in the center of the room, "Run a tracking routine. Send them to me if they wish to follow me. Light help them if they do."

"Mistress. Tracking routine implemented. 98.3% chance to send followers to plus/minus one meter."

The paladin nodded, gathering her armor and buckling it on, "Good. I'm following the others."

With that, the paladin stalked towards the door, the entirety of her mind focused on where her missing people had gone.

She doubled over with a cry as she crossed the threshold, retching violently into the sand under her feet.


There wasn't sand in the Sunblaze House.

But then again, she wasn't in the Sunblaze House.

The wreckage scattered around contained everything from everywhere imaginable. The most interesting part of her new environs was the tent snapping in the wind, the red banners flying the sigil of the Horde.

Allaynna Kidrain and the Alliance

The death knight was not happy. That much was abundantly clear to any who walked the streets of Stormwind around her. That much was immediately obvious to any who crossed her path. With a curse, the woman stomped into her small house in the Trade District.

She was, however, in for a very startling surprise.

As she stepped through her doorway, Allaynna Kidrain was struck by a wave of nausea that she immediately equivocated with a portal.

When the death knight straightened from her crouched position, the great broadsword immediately came out of the sheathe across her back, her body relaxed into a fighter's stance.

When no immediate threat presented itself, the death knight rose to her feet, her sword held ready at her side, and stared out at the ocean of sand unlike any she had seen before.

With a groan, she set out towards the shadowed caves in the near distance, ignorant of the scattered wreckage, some bearing Horde insignia, others Alliance, and still others all factions in between.

Drix and the Fellowship

The little robot whirred and hummed busily, sitting in Kel's study where he always did. The door, was, as always, open to any who were looking for Kel. The only difference was the note tacked to the door.

Fellowship: I've gone to investigate something from my House scouts. Drix knows how to find me.
House: Don't bother me, I'm not around. Bother Cyaer, he needs the experience, after all.


And how the darkness writhes and stirs,
How the darkness flails.
And how the night is full of clicks and whirs,
How the night dreams.
Adrian exited the Deeprun Tram in Ironforge. He entered Tinker Town and gave a slight wave to the Engineers he had worked with before. He turned to the Military ward and walked slowly, always appreciating his surroundings. He'd been in too many close calls during his military time to take anything for granted any more. He walked up the stone carved stairs to his apartment he shared with his brother whenever he was back home.

Opening the door, he stepped in and walked over to the cabinet that held his whiskey. He grabbed a bottle, opened it and poured it into a glass and dropped down lazily on his couch. He hadn't even bothered to take off his gear or set his rifle down. He realized his forgetfulness and stood up, glass still in hand. Setting it down, he unsnapped his plate vest and began lifting it over his head when he was stricken with deplorable vertigo. He lost his balance and fell over, his vest half way off.

"Oh, dammit!" he shouted. He struggled to get himself into a position to fix his equipment. He rolled over onto his stomach, taking note of the ground suddenly turning to... sand? He bounced his legs up and onto his knees and lifted his upper body, dropping his vest back on to his shoulders. He affixed the snaps again, and quickly readied his rifle, bringing it up and ready to fire. He searched his surroundings, finger itching to move to the trigger and looking for any threats. He pivoted on his knee and scanned around, squinting from the sun. He took his non-firing hand off his rifle and brought his goggles up to his eyes from around his neck, tinting them to shield from the sun.

Nearing the end of his scan, he noticed a female in the distance. He stood up, slightly crouched, and moved quickly and silently, his rifle trained on the woman in the distance. He closed in and began slowing his movement. Tightening his hold on his weapon, he steadied the crosshair of his scope on the woman's back and halted. He took noticed of the caves shortly ahead.

"Who are you, and where the hell am I at? I've got a weapon trained on you, so no quick movements please. I do not want to hurt you if I don't have to." he stated boldly.
Allaynna Kidrain

Allaynna stopped.

It was a sudden, quick movement, but it was a halt.

Casually drawing her sword, she turned slowly, a lazy smile concealed by her helmet, "Who I am doesn't matter just yet, never really has. Where are we? No idea!"

Falsely cheerful, the woman seemed entirely unconcerned on the surface, but her tensed form spoke otherwise, "Sand. Sand, rocks, and wreckage. And mountains. Mountains mean shade, shade means... something. Not that water or the like bothers me... the sand is just a pain."

Shoving her sword in the sand, she leaned on the pommel, watching the man in a relaxed manner, "If you're not planning on shooting me, name's Allaynna. Allay, or what have you."
Adrian relaxed some, lowering his rifle and switching the safety on. He looked around again at the wreckages, caves and mountains.

"This is all quite strange," he said and walked slowly towards the death knight, "I'm Adrian. Adrian Octavian. Your name sounds familiar, I think my brother knows you. Dristis." he said. He took a knee and supported himself by sticking the buttstock into the sand, "you're lucky water isn't such a necessity." he said jokingly.

He began to have a weird feeling about these caves in the pit of his stomach. There wasn't anything else around, except the cave system ahead. He had been randomly teleported from his apartment, seemingly for no reason since this death knight had no clue what was going on either.

"It's hot." he said sternly and scowled slightly.
It was a rather stormy night in the darkened woods of Duskwood; rain falling down rapidly off the windows of the Scarlet Raven Inn. It was near impossible to see a few feet outside of the tavern window, it was so heavy! But John seemed to enjoy it. He was lounging in his room on the upper floor, chair propped up near the window as he kicked his feet over the window sill. He stared out into the chaotic night, a stoic look on his face as did so. It was almost as if he were in a trance. This frozen pose had been broken when a sudden flash of lightening lit up the black forest for a split second, prompting John to back up in shock. "Didn't see that coming…" He mumbled to himself as he stood up from his chair and backed away from the window.

John walked over to his bed, suddenly feeling a cold embrace as if he had just walked outside for a brief moment. He pulled on his dark overcoat and let out a slight sigh, rubbing his hands together in attempt to keep them warm. Breathing warm breath onto them, he looked around the room with a shiver as he turned back to his bed and pulled the covers from the bed and wrapped himself up in a blanket cocoon. Slumping backwards into the bed, he would lie down on his side, facing the nightstand at the side of the bed. On top of it was a puzzle cube that was given to him by one of his teachers back in Gilneas during his childhood. John reached for the cube and sat himself up, flipping and rotating the sides of the cube. After a few minutes, John had solved the puzzle and all of the symbols had ended up on their appropriate sides. With a smile, John unwrapped himself from his blankets and got up from the bed. He reached for his satchel and dropped his cube inside and walked towards the door, intent on grabbing a bite to eat before he went off into the night.

Just as John had reached to open the door, there was a sudden collapse in his legs. He fell to his knees, cringing in what seemed to be pain as he slowly began to realize that he was no longer in his tavern room. Rather, he was now on an almost abandoned beach strand. Almost being the key word as there were already two others on the beach as well. One had a gun pointed at the other. John slowly got up from his daze and looked around, noticing the two others in the short distance. He couldn't quite make out what they were saying, but he was close enough to realize that one of them was a Death Knight. Seeing as one of the two was a about to shoot the other, John was hesitant to make himself noticed, if, of course, he hadn't already been spotted by the others. With a shrug of the shoulders, John had approached the two cautiously, crossing his arms when at speaking distance.

"Were we all invited to a beach party by some sort of omnipotent deity? Or have I finally gone loony?"
Papers and books were piled haphazardly on top of the desk, and lay strewn across the floor. The chair for the desk now sat in the middle of the room, the white linens from the now bare bed had been tossed messily upon it, pillows leaking their feathers lay at its feet. The few books still on the once meticulously neat bookshelf had toppled over on their shelves, knocking various knick-knacks over or completely off the shelves. The messy room appeared empty, only quiet shuffling and muffled curses betrayed that someone was indeed in the room.

"I knew I brought it with me..I pulled it up out of the dirt...or did I? Damnit...It isn't here I'm sure of that.." A clearly feminine voice sounded from behind the bed, quickly followed by a body. Her blonde hair was disheveled and armor covered in dust. Moving from behind the bed, her armor clanking with each step, she pulled her weapons from the floor, studying them carefully before sheathing the swords.

"Kel, Alen..that high Elf..Tislina...Kel! Perhaps she saw what became of it..she was at the graveyard that day.." Rushing past the chair and nearly knocking it over she reached for her bag, missing it and knocking it to the ground with a loud thud instead, the contents bouncing out and across the floor. Cursing loudly she ignored it, rushing out the door and onto the dirt path. Her communication stone was much too important to be left lost much longer.

Grabbing the reins of her Hawstrider, she swiftly mounted it and rode down towards the Sunblaze house. Reaching the house after some time, she dismounted hastily, not bothering to tie her Hawkstrider up. Moving swiftly through the house she found Kels study, pushing the door open wider and ignoring the note. Noting the robot she took a step back, eyeing it suspiciously.

"What are you doing here...whatever you are? Wheres Kel? I need to find Kel and talk to her...why am I even talking to this thing?" Taking a few steps into the room she looked over it swiftly, making sure not to lift her eyes from the little robot for too long.
Reyara was sitting outside of her home deep in the forests of Feralas. The peaceful night sky peeked through the canopy of the great jungle, allowing Elune’s light to sprinkle down from the heavens as the wind blew through the leaves. She stood up and picked up her staff. She was fully dressed and ready to visit the local Tauren village for food. Normally they would never try to service one of her kind, but She could be quite persuasive over the merchants that stayed up this hour to sell goods to travelers.

“Let’s go.” She said to herself as she began to walk towards the outskirts of the village. “The Letter from Mother was quite promising. I am glad she is doing well.” Reyara said. Anyone looking would find it odd for her to be conversing with herself, but it was something she was becoming familiar with, as the other half of her would reply. They were two people within the same mortal body. “That is all good for her. Why should I care? Do you forget that it was she who banished us?” Ceyara replied. Her other self spoke with scorn and suppressed rage.

“Don’t be so bitter. It was either that or she would have executed me.”
“Us!” Ceyara interrupted.

“You are the one who caused it all!” Reyara countered.

“Are we going to do this again?” Ceyara interjected. Although Ceyara could speak using he bodies mouth, control over the motor functions was completely with Reyara.

“Are we? Let’s discuss something else. Ithalya is doing well. Her last visit was a welcome break in the daily routines.” Reyara said. She climbed over top a rather large root before hoping gracefully back down onto the forest dirt and continuing to walk.

“Yes, our little sister has always loved us, no matter what.” Ceyara said. She too felt nothing but love for their sister. “Ok we are coming up on the village. If you don’ have what it takes to get us our food you better let me take control.” Ceyara said.

“Ok fine after we climb this ridge you can take over until you get us our food. But As soon as we get it back I am taking control back!” Reyara said.

“Ok fine just keep your voice down idiot! Do you want them to find us?” Ceyara whispered. Then Reyara jumped from the ridge, slowing her fall to gently land on the jungle sand…

“Wait what in Elunes name just happened?” Reyara and Ceyara both said at once. She was somewhere else entirely. “Is this Tanaris? It can’t be.” Reyara said.

“Get us moving over there towards the cover of that cave! This sun is going to kill us!” Ceyara said. “Wait it was night time less than a minute ago! How did we get here! And where is here anyway!” Ceyara shouted.

Then She noticed a few figures close by. “We can’t hide in this sun. Get closer to them! Move! Maybe we can use them to help us!” Ceyara said.

“Or maybe they need our help.” Reyara countered as she approached.

“Just don’t do anything stupid!”

“Hello! Do you all know where this place is? Or how I got here?” She shouted.

Mentally Ceyara was face palming.
Allaynna Kidrain

Allaynna chuckled slightly, "I know Dristis." She grinned wryly, "We've been... in a couple tight spots before, and a couple strange ones."

She slung her pack off of her shoulder, digging around for a minute before loosing an impressive stream of curses as she pulled what appeared to be a canal crab out of her bag, dangling from her plated fingers. Giving the thing a vicious shake, she dislodged it into the sand, delving back into her bag and dropping a full skin of water on the sand in front of Adrian.

"Trust me or not, there's water, there's nothing strange in it, promise," she said, turning to face the two newcomers.

As neither of them seemed to be pointing weapons at her, the death knight left her sword in the ground, smiling slightly in a disturbing way under her helmet, "Deity? There's a thought. Not that I like any of them. They all tend to get me in trouble now."

"As for where, and how?" She spoke almost cheerfully, clearly happy that -something- was happening to liven up her day, "No idea!"


The little machine hummed busily for a moment, the blue and gray metal shining in the sunlight from the window. The papers on the floor pointed to a hasty departure on Kel's part, and Drix, the little robot, held a handful he had gathered.

On the desk, a small stack of guildstones sat, along with another, more prominent note.

I shall assume that you missed my first note, and that you are one of the Fellowship, because most of the House is terrified of barging into my study after the grape incident. If this is the case, I am out. Light knows where, but out I am. Drix can send you to me, or you can use your guildstone, possibly.

Dropping the papers, the robot spoke, if speech is what it could be called, in a metallic tone, "Tracking routine, Kel'tira found, send to?"
The day had started off smashingly, awakening beside his beautiful bride, and her snuggling into his arms. This was it was all about as far as he was concerned. He dressed casually into his armor and such, never knowing what he would run into in Ogrimmar. He hastely wrote Karamia a note that he would return shortly, then they could explore more of the Jade Forest. He left the note in Brewmother Kiki's care, he trusted her to deliver it to Mia.

Fortunately, there was a portal just outside the Honeydew Village inn, and he sauntered over towards it. Several other folks were waiting to make the portal jump. A big tauren warrior of some sort, a tusk-faced troll shaman?, and a goblin god-knows-what...Cyaer waited as they all made the jump. Finally, it was his turn, as he stepped into the portal there was a strange flash and...

...he found himself on some sandy floored shallow cave. What the hell? This wasn't Ogrimmar! He immediately dropped into a crouch and inspected his surroundings. There was all sorts of debris and crap in the vicinity. He stood up to look over a small pile of junk, and he noticed two things. Someone had lost their breakfast, and they had walked over in the direction of a wind blown tent.

Cautiously, he followed the footprints in the sand, and as he came upon the flapping tent, he recognized the form standing nearby.

"Kel? What the hell? Where are we and is this your doing or are we in more trouble than I care to think?"
Kel'tira Sunblaze

For someone who had so recently been retching in the sand, the paladin turned in an admirably short time, her careful control being the only thing that caught the bolt of Light before it left her hand. Directing the magic at the ground instead of at her cousin, she frowned sternly, clearly unhappy with the man that stood in front of her.

Sheathing her sword and hooking her shield on her back once more, Kel loosed a series of curses as she let off her pent up frustration. Breathing heavily, she thunked her fist into the pole of the pavilion and resumed frowning at the rogue silently.

Finally speaking, she was clearly trying to control her voice, "How the hell did you get here? And how the hell do you plan to get back?"

The Blood Elf paused momentarily, clearly thinking before sighing and shaking her head, "I told Drix to not let you come. I told him to keep you there, the Fellowship and the House need someone, and since I am here, with no way out as of yet... that was you."

Resuming frowning, she began to pace back and forth, continuing the rant at her cousin and one of her best friends, "What did you do to my robot to make him send you?"

Holding up a finger as if to silence him, she continued, speculatively, "Drix -did- send you, didn't he?"

Settling to the ground, the woman cursed again, rummaging in her pack and finding a half-full water skin. The sun was on the brink of setting, and the day was still uncomfortably warm. The paladin wiped sweat from her face and drank shallowly of the water, glaring up at Cyaer, "Out with it."
The Sin'dorei rogue raised an eyebrow at just how close he had come to catching a bolt of light. "Sis, did I take the ever vigilant Kel'Tira Sunblaze by surprise?"

He ducked again when she frowned and looked like she might swat him like an annoying little bug.

"How did I get here. Well, I had just left Mia asleep in Honeydew, and was taking the portal to Ogrimmar, when flash, boom, I find me on this not unpleasant beach. I wonder if I can get me a towel out and catch some rays to bring my tan back a little bit. Whoa, hey! Take a joke, it relieves the tension, Kel."

"As far as getting back, catch the next boat out of port, and head home, I guess. Where are we by the way?"

"Whoa, whoa, wait a minute, you told the House and Fellowship to seek me out for help? There goes the neighborhood on that one. And I didn't do anything to your little robot. You have a little robot? Does he do tricks?"

He pulled up a pile of sand and sat down across from his cousin. He looked at her and grinned wide, the "all was good with the world" kind of grin.
Kel'tira Sunblaze

Annoyedly, the tall woman shook her head, "No. Yes. Maybe."

Listening silently, glaring in all the right places, cursing in the others, she sighed when he was finished, and the rested her head on her hands as he sat down and grinned at her.

"Where are we? An island, a light-forsaken island in the middle of Light-knows-where. There are no boats, there are no ports, there is a tent, and a cave."

With the last words, she pointed east towards the mountains, the cave mouth illuminated by the setting sun, "A cave that seems to have eaten my scouts alive."

With a sigh, the paladin heaved herself to her feet, unbuckling her armor slowly as she stared at the sky, readjusting her gear on her too-thin frame before sitting down again, leaning against the pole once more.

Running a hand through her strawberry hair, the Lady Sunblaze grunted something under her breath that could have been a curse, a prayer, or both.

"You fail to grasp the enormity of the fact that a portal that should have sent you to Orgrimmar dumped you on a beach with me. And, up until recently, five of my best scouts," she said, still frowning, but this time not at Cyaer, rather at the sand where she was sketching out a person's face with a stick, "They said the caves were calling to them, they said there were things on the beach, they said there were... "

Kel trailed off, angrily smoothing the sand where her husband's face had been taking shape recognizably, "That, Cyaer, is why I am here. I left Drix with instructions to keep you specifically home, because I trust you to take care of things if I did not manage to get back," she sighed, "And now we are both stuck in this mess. Not that there are many people I would rather have at my back, mind you, but..."

She shakes her head again, "Why am I complaining? There is nothing I, or anyone, can do about it now, after all."

"What am I going to do..."
"My dear, Kel'Tira, you wound me with your words. I did not fail to notice I did not find myself in Ogrimmar. I do however do my best to make do with whatever I am handed. I may not see Karamia again, but I'm making do. I suggest you do the same." He stands and wipes the sand off his armor.

He glances about, trying to see anything else nearby or anyone else closeby. He turns his head to the left and then to the right, and twists his neck a bit, then stretches.

"Well, I'm headed towards those caves they offer the best form of shelter for us. Rule #1 of survival: seek or build shelter. Rule #2: find fresh water, and Rule #3: find a food source. So, you going to sit here feeling sorry for yourself, or pick it up and move that tiny heiny of yours?" As he says this he scoots towards the caves, hoping to dodge anything Kel might throw at him.

Cyaer whispers, "At least it isn't raining."
John smiled at the death knight. It seems they were in the same boat when it came to the supernatural. "And here I thought I was the only one being chased down by farmers wanting to burn me at a stake." He shrugged. "Maybe now I can let others share some of the glory." John chuckled, looking over to the ocean with a sigh. He seemed a little upset. Or annoyed. He really didn't like ending up in places he did not intend to go.

He looked back to the three, rubbing his chin as if in thought. "Well… seeing as none of us know where we are, I say we go out and explore a bit! Or prepare to stick around this…" He made hand gestures around the beach strand. "… area. Like build a hut. Or some other." He crossed his arms, giving a rather aloof pose as examined this random area. Quietly, he pondered to himself about how he got here, how these people got here, where they are, why he and these people were the ones transported here and by what means? It was all a puzzle to him. And he liked puzzles. A slow grin crept on his face. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? A puzzle to solve with the reward of knowledge.

Grin lowering to a smirk, he looked up to the folk that it seemed like he was going to be stuck with and nodded. "I'm John by the way. Mage and chemist." He gave a slight courtesy at the group. "So!" He began. "What are we going to do?"
Awaiting the robots response, her eyes shifted to the desk again. Walking towards it, she picked up a rather obvious note., and read it. Grape incident? Never mind, she’s gone off somewhere again…she always seems to be off somewhere, busy, or in some sort of trouble. Grumbling to herself she set it back on the desk, jumping slightly as the robot spoke.

“Tracking routine? Send to? No. I just need to know where she is, I’m fully capable of finding her myself, and I just need to speak with her for a moment. Although, she never quite seems to be around.” She turned to face the robot, scowling at it. Perhaps Kel is in trouble again?

“Alright send me to wherever she is, I’ve changed my’s best to get there quickly I suppose.” She walked a few steps closer to the robot, turning her head for a moment to look at the door, noticing a note tacked to it. Walking over to read the note she had missed, a wave of nausea passed over her, a knot of pain welling inside her. Buckling over she reached out to feel for the floor of the Sunblaze house beneath her, but instead felt...sand? Falling fully forward in surprise, she landed face first into the sand, the tiny grains sticking to her face and hair, and finding their way through the cracks in her armor. Cursing softly, she pulled herself up from the sand, brushing it off her face and armor.

Wreckage was strewn across the sand in this strange place, ripped banners…and footprints? Drawing her weapons, a metallic sound, she shifted into a battle stance, scanning the sand around her for any threats. Wreckage often meant war, and war meant death. Death, meant undeath. She had come across many ghosts and other undead beings in places with sand and wreckage, and she wasn’t taking any chances here.

Where am I? What happened here? Whose footprints are those? This is all Kels fault and that little machine of hers! How could it send me to such a remote place…why would kel go here? These questions and others flittered across her mind as she stood, relaxing slightly. Weapons in hand, she took a step in the direction of the footprints, scanning the landscape cautiously once more. Sand fell from her armor as she walked, the sand muffling her footsteps, but her armor still clanking slightly as she followed the strange footsteps, weapons drawn.

After walking for a short time, she saw two figures in the distance, their forms both familiar but one more so than the other. Tensed with weapons ready, she walked closer, the female figure with the red hair was unmistakably Kel...the other also a member of the Fellowship she had seen few times before. Cy...Cyaer? The name popped into her head, she had seen him at a meeting before with that paladin, Mia.

"Kel! Kel what is this place? Where are we?" She relaxed her weapons moving closer to the pair, a scowl on her face half-hidden by her faceguard. Sticking her weapons in the sand, she lowered it to speak more clearly.

"Where. The. Hell. Are. we?"
Adrian nodded in thanks to the death knight and picked up the water bladder, "I'll trust you, because I'm a nice person." he said. He noticed some others had joined them as well, he nodded at them and fell backwards onto his back, lying in the sand and putting his hands behind his head.

The mage that had joined them was talking, and Adrian snapped out of a small trance. He looked around to the water, and didn't feel like getting up.

"I mean, yeah, we could explore... or we could stay on the beach and, you know.. do beach things." he said dryly. He lifted his rifle and grabbed the pistol grip with both hands, aiming at the sky and sweeping it around. He sighed and sat up, "but if we must explore, I'll take point with the loudenboomer here," he said and tapped his rifle. He wiped his nose with his forearm and stared off into space, awaiting the plan of action.
Allaynna Kidrain

Allaynna glanced around the group, smiled slightly, and shrugged, "Water is a rough guess. There's a cave that-a-ways," she pointed at what had once been her destination, and then at the setting sun, "I don't like this beach. I suggest we get off of here before dark. The caves seem as good as any place."

Seeming to remember herself, she spouted her name, "Allaynna Kidrain," she called, as she walked away, swinging her sword in a cavalier manner, "Coming?"

The death knight would continue towards the caves, where she would stop in the mouth, waiting patiently.

Kel'tira Sunblaze

Mustering a surprising bit of energy, the Paladin climbed to her feet, gathering her pack and grunting as she swung a playful fist at Cyaer's shoulder.

"Rain would mean water, Cy. Water is good."

Ducking and walking quickly towards the caves, Kel frowned as she walked, "So, if you showed up... we can guess that--"

"Lyri?" With a cry, the woman spun, frowning and groaning again, "...that this is a more widespread problem..."

"I have no idea where we are, Lyrilia... And Light knows I wish I did."
Adrian rolled his head around and stood up, groaning in a very exaggerated manner. Getting to his feet, he stretched and tossed his rifle in the air and caught it in both hands, "I'm Adrian." he added after Allayna introduced her self once again, "right behind you." he said to her.

Sauntering over to the cave, he propped his rifle against the wall and lowered his goggles around his neck, sitting down on a rock he ran a finger through his messy hair. He took a sip of the water that Allayna had given him and he held it up in thanks before placing it into his backpack.

"This place is weird. I don't like it." he said. He drew a grenade from his backpack and began tossing it about from hand to hand. This place lacked explosions, and soon enough he would probably be able to fix that, but it'd just be a waste right now. He stifled a burp and awaited them to move ahead.
John had followed on behind with a smirk as they made their way towards the cave. While caves were not particularly his favorite places to go, it was better than just standing around on the beach doing nothing. He uncrossed his hands, keeping them at his side rather jus incase he had needed to send out a quick spell as they made way and stopped in front of the cavern entrance.

"Caves aren't bad. Even though most of my life threatening encounters have happened in caves, they aren't -too- bad, I suppose." He shook his head. "Scratch that, caves are evil." He looked around at the others around with a sigh before peeking into the cave himself.

He sighed at the man's rather barbaric nature, perhaps a bit annoyed. Tavern hopping is a good way to find rather strange individuals and burping was certainly a feature John wasn't quite find of. "Alright! Who goes in first? Draw straws? Pushing the other in and see what happens?"
I left the two women behind a bit to come up on the cave entrance quietly. I fell into a crouch, and moved like a great cat, searching for any footprints or other manner of movement. I sniffed the air of the cave as I slowly entered into the cave, I stayed fairly close to the entrance not wanting to lose the setting sun light to see what I could see.

Sand and another several ways to go back into the caverns Kel had talked about earlier. Fire was going to be a necessary evil, as it was a warm place. But fire meant light, and in some cases a deterent to wild life. Let's hope the wild life around here knew about fire.

I passed the women as they started into the cavern. "I'll find us some firewood, a fire might be a good idea for the night." I began searching through the debris and sought out wood for our fire. A lot of wood to make it through the night.

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