Bamf's Battle Royale

Shattered Hand
11/06/2012 11:26 AMPosted by Kinaesthetic
bamf, why don't you just crown me the autowinner and gief me. kthx.

Long Live the Trolls! :)
11/06/2012 06:52 AMPosted by Idareyou

Bump! Coming soon!
Happening in less than 3 days. Plus no one cares about guild recruitment spam.
Except hardcore GM's.

Also, there's no such thing as spam anymore. But I assume Bamf is trolling. :)

Good troll, and thanks for the aid Bamf. ;)


P.S. for all of the hunTARDS, no sarcasm is intended...literally.

P.S. CHECK CHECK CHECK... Mic CHECK!... You guys can hear me? K, let's do this. /assist Idareyou. BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! GET THE KILL GET THE KILL!

Another bump!
Congratulations to Chiefbromdan, winner of the Dalaran Sewers battle!

Up next is a Gurubashi Arena FFA in which both Horde and Alliance can participate. Date TBD in December.
Let's hope it turns out better...I was only semi-entertained.
Who got second and third?
A 1600 warrior got first. If that doesn't entice you to enter, nothing will.
Lemme guess 4 people showed up? All of whom @%%%*%%@ 2's in the 1500 bracket?

Sign me up
11/13/2012 05:22 PMPosted by Spamfire
Lemme guess 4 people showed up? All of whom @%%%*%%@ 2's in the 1500 bracket?

Shoulda showed up in the first place. 4 people was essentially free gold for everyone.

I can only conclude anyone who dares say something and didn't show up after my weeks of advertising is a smack-talking ninny with nothing to back it up.

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