[H][10] Tu/Th 7-10EST

Area 52
Hi! Thanks for clicking on this post.

Just a moment of your time please, and I promise, no giant walls of text that crit.

[Obscure] is an adult guild composed of a core of experienced raiders that wanted a fresh start toward the end of Dragon Soul. We wanted to get back to having fun while playing the game, not just logging in for the same grind on the same bosses night after night.

Our core is a group of Heroic Progression players with experience in 10 and 25 man raiding from Burning Crusade, and 10 and 25 man Heroic Progression Raiding in both Wrath of the Lich King and Cataclysm.

We all still play with the same focus and mentality that is key to the success of any Progression guild, but play on a light, 2 day, 6 hour a week schedule that is more accommodating for Real Life Demands.

Current Progression:

6/6N Mogu'shan Vaults

1/6N Heart of Fear

Raid Times:

7pm - 10pm EST

Tuesday, Thursday

Roster Openings:

No current needs.

**We do have a minimum age requirement of 18**

Our guild is always open. We enjoy having great new people to spend our time with in game. If we seem like the kind of people you would like to just come hang with, don't hesitate to contact an officer for more information, or come check us out on our website.

Website: http://obscureone.guildlaunch.com/

If you are interested in joining, please fill out an application - don't worry, it's quick and mostly harmless.

In game contact: Songweaver (Song42#1953), Parrish, or Baztank.

We look forward to hearing from you.
Would love to have a Monk!
Still looking.
Still in need of a skilled healer.
PM me thursday if you still need help, could care less about loot.

-Guildless, showing me still in this baddie guild.

Definitely interested, will be in contact.
Still looking.

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