Exalted with Klaxxi - No The Empress' Gambit

I am 999/1000 Exalted with Klaxxi.

I am not being offered the quest line to get the epic rings.

I logged off, exited game, zoned back to SW, etc.

I believe Malik is supposed to offer it to me.

Is this a bug or did I miss something?

EDIT: It seems I needed to recover all the Klaxxi Paragons.
where from? I have recovered them all i think. unless there are more for exalted.
i have the same problem too, after i exalted with Klaxxi i did not get the last quest which is give you the epic ring. so i wait for the 2nd day after daily reset, but still nothing happen, and the same problem happen at Golden Lotus, after i exalted I also did not get the last quest which is give you the epic neck.... i thingk this is not fair to all, we put all hard work for daily everyday just becasue we need the last quest , Blazzard please fix it
I'm in the same boat. I thought maybe I dropped the quest accidentally, but in any case I cannot pick up any of the quests in this chain from any of the relevant NPC's.

I opened a ticket and the first reply was not really related to my problem. They steered me to Accounts and Billing....

I responded to that ticked and the reply said I should be able to get the quest by returning to the NPC's, which is not the case.

I have a second response pending. I have no quests in the zone at all and none the NPC's in the quest chain have a quest I can pick up. I even traveled to the entrance to Heart of Fear, but nothing was there either.

Hope we all get our ring!

Really sad listening to your story. I have get my 2 epics (ring and necklace). When hit exalted with Golden Lotus, immediately at the Golden Pagoda, the NPCs will have a few quests need us to do. The area is full with mobs that need us to kill. After killing the mobs, we will get another final quest. The quest is completed at Mogushan Palace, fight the final boss.

For Klaxxi, when hit exalted, even not do other quest (that day I just do 2/8 klaxxi quests to hit exalted), one of the NPCs (the paragon) will give us a quest, which only need to listen to his story. He lead us to a door, he open the door, and then go inside, we follow him, he tell the story...after listening all his story, we can turn in the quest to the NPC.

Thus, I am sure it is a bug. May be for Klaxxi, u must save all the paragon. If u do save all the paragon, everyday u will get 8 daily quests from them.

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