Candy bucket at Refuge Pointe missing.

Bug Report
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Urgent hotfix required:

I can not find a candy bucket for Alliance at Refuge Pointe in Arathi Highlands at all. Also, the Achievement log says "Refuge Point", needs an update.
AGREED!! I'm stuck on same one. Did every other candy bucket in Eastern Kingdoms but this one and it's stopping me from getting achievement. The place isn't even decorated with the halloween theme D:
Yep, none for me either.
same here, not sure whats up. FIX IT BLIZZ!
Yep im here looking for it also im on the tanaris server so it looks like its game wide not just server that sucks !!
it doesn't help to relog there and relogging usually fixes phasing issues.
It's missing for me too--even after relogging.
Yes, the Refuge Point candy bucket is missing. Just took a look with a toon that has got that bucket for the achievement last year & the bucket is no longer visible.
dalaran - silver enclave bucket is under the stairs in the "a hero's welcome" inn.
Yes, Refuge Point is definitely missing. Even flew circles around the outside to make sure it wasn't just misplaced outside the gorge somewhere. Urgent! This is an achieve stopper...on an achieve we have to wait an entire year to try again!
I can also confirm that the candy bucket is missing @ Refuge Point
Was apparently going to get hotfixed in EU, I wonder if they can do it without restarts for US.
I'll add my voice in as another person with the issue.
Same for me :(
ARRGGGGGHHHHH.....WTF Blizz, get this fixed ASAP. Been waiting a year to get this done.
Candy bucket is also missing for me over on Cenarion Circle.
Same here.
Same problem. Can comfirm.
Yeah, what's up with this? This needs to be fixed, I'm going to be ill if I have to wait another year to get my achievement.
Yup. IDK How Blizz got this messed up.....its not like its expansion content -.- They better fix it before hallows end ends or I will be super upset : / want that drake

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