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Hi and sorry to bother, I am a noob so I need to ask, I am trying to get into the eye and serpentshrine cavern but I am unable to do so.

The serpentine cavern has a waterfall I cannot get through and regarding the eye, I do go through the entrance but nothing happens it's like i just hit a wall.

Could someone please shed some light on how to get in?

Thank you very much in advance!
Make sure you are in a make a group as the leader..convert it to a raid..then if the other ppl want to leave they can...but just get inside the instance before they take off...i do not remember a requirement to get in the place...however I played when BC was out so I may have done something prior but i doubt it..good luck!
There used to be attunments but lazy people got them removed. Just make a raid.
Thank you both!
To get past the waterfall you have to be in a raid group before you try the waterfall.

Any other raids are the same way, need a raid group before trying to enter. It doesn't matter how many people are with you as long as its at least one other and set to raid group.

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