LF Horde Guild

Lvl 90/ILVL 470 Holy Priest & Lvl 90/ILVL 470 Tank Pala LF Horde Guild that raid at 8pm(+8GMT) .Mature,active in raiding & willing to learn and follow instruction.Pst if any invite to guild.
Only guilds I can think of from the top of my head that raid later for us Perth guys is:

Rise of Dragons - has 1 team that raids at 10pm ST (which is now 7pm thanks to daylight savings) - contact Remetree in game for more info

Infusion - raid at 12pm ST (for memory) - you'd want to get hold of Bloodsteel or Faeline in game for that one

All I know of - good luck finding a team.
Thanks for yr info,so yr guild raid timing is at 8pm(+8GMT).
Do yr guild still need a healer and tank?
Maybe, I'll double check for you and let you know when I'm next online and see the RL on. Might be tomorrow with shutdown tonight.

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