[A-RP] <Stormwind City Watch> is recruiting!

Moon Guard

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That's right - you too can be a member of a guild who wears elementium sweaters (because you can totally make the hardest, rarest, and heaviest metal on Azeroth into a fine mesh).
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The Stormwind City Watch has been around for a very long time. Patrolling the streets of Stormwind, and fighting against criminal activity. Unlike the old Stormwind Guard; they've always been for the people, and haven't fallen into corruption. They've always held the line of defense for the people of Stormwind, and sought out to reduce the criminal activity within our beautiful streets of Stormwind. If you, a citizen of Stormwind are looking for a guild to defend the streets of Stormwind, I suggest you seek out the SWCW. They're a great guild, with decent RP, and great OOC members to help you out with whatever you'd like. They also make great friends, I speak from personal experience. Join them if you seek a Guardlike guild.
Just out of curiosity, why the restriction on Dre? I mean, not that it matters or anything....
12/02/2012 02:39 AMPosted by Aerein
Just out of curiosity, why the restriction on Dre? I mean, not that it matters or anything....

Considering in the past it was flat out no....but no, it's mostly along the line of thought that there wouldn't be many who would call Stormwind home. This, again, is a fairly recent policy change from not allowing as we did in the past, because there IS a bit of everything in the City, so, yeah...I hope that explains it some.
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