"Rare" "Epic" MOP Items are a mess...

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I want to know exactly what the programmers were thinking with MOP?

First to start.. It takes you about 3-4 days to get to lvl 90 and all higher level "rare" gear, which is Bull...

Then all your Items don't make any sense to try and get, or work for...

Example: The " rare" guns that engineers make are useless cause there's 2 better range weapons with 40% drop rates, yes you get suckers that'll buy them.. But why even put it in the game, if at the level you can get them, you just have to run the arena scenario and get a better range weapon.

Example: Chestguard of earth harmony.. ilvl 476 sells for about 25K gold on my server, which no one has bought .. gets cancelled out by the First Raid boss drop you have as an LFR! Item: StoneFang chestguard.. ilvl 476... So 10 man Raid and 25 man raid would actually be higher values... Why pay 25k, if in LFR my " rare " crap that is GIVEN to me is good enough?

My problem is: You give us everything to raid.. Then the stuff we should work for are worthless... If the Chestguard was ilvl 496 or ilvl 486 and cost mats that made it run 100K gold... Then hey at least I have a goal, to get to... But right now, since the 2 that have been in the auction house on my server are still there for about 2 weeks now.. I'm going to assume that I'm not the only one thinking, it's a waste of resources and time to buy it. Or at least make the drop for Stone fang one of the later drop bosses.. Not the first one!
Remember when it used to take months to get 1-60? Or at least one month for 1-70 before XP nerfs?

Yeah 3-4 days is BULL!!
Another one! I finally got my first epic drop! It was a ilvl 476 necklace... But since it only took a week to get honored with Klaxxi... The necklace was crap cause I was able to buy a ilvl 489 necklace off them!
Yes I do Bara..
I suppose the intention for putting JP items at the original 450 was that everyone was JP capped going into level 90 and they didn't want anyone to have heroic gear right upon hitting level 90.

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