WTB Guild.

I am looking to sell my current guild and transfer back home to lightbringer.
Upon arrival I will be purchasing a level 25 guild for My 2 officers and I to reform
a 10M Core raid team.

I am looking to pay 150k
Willing to pay this in gold,
or in the form of Gametime, Tranfers, Blizzard Store items
or TCG Mounts that can be purchased from the AH on Mal'Ganis
at an equal price.

If you are interested,
Please post below with Battle tag so that I can contact you.
I will check back daily, to this thread.

Please use this form in your reply.

  • Guild Name:
  • Guild Level:
  • # of Members:
  • Guild Creation Date:
  • Guild Achv Points:
  • Battle Tag:

  • Note:
    I would transfer my guild,
    But the name was recently changed,
    Therefore I would be forced to wait 30 days.
    Message ßellah in-game.
    Guild Name: Elunes Shadow
    Guild Level: 25
    Number of Members: 1
    Guild Creation Date: 2-6-2007
    Guild Achievement Points: 1200

    Message ßelluh in-game or contact here for quicker response.
    The alt code for the (ß)elluh is ALT key + 0223.

    Thank you for looking, offer away!
    dont do it babygirl i need you

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