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Okay, I think I found the Motherboard on MWave. This the one?


It says to install DDR3 1600 Mhz memory I need to install an Intel 22nm CPU. I take it that's the i5-3470 thing you mentioned?

Since MicroCenter isn't available in Australia (at least, to my knowledge), take the cheapest i5-3xxx lineup available.

Go with whatever is the cheapest B75 that is from a reputable, big-name vendor.

This seems to be the CPU you mentioned. 'Very limited stock' available, but hopefully a few days won't be too much of an issue. It's running $193. I'll do a quick search to see if it's available elsewhere any cheaper though.

Nah, according to the price comparison site this is one of the cheapest, and I don't recognise any of the stores in either case.
Yeah, that seems to be the cheapest. You can go with that.
Regarding the video card itself, there seem to be multiple versions of the Radeon HD 7850. Gigabyte, Sapphire, etc.

There's this: http://www.mwave.com.au/sku-42060915-PowerColor_Radeon_HD_7850_Video_Card_GDDR5_1GB_256_bit_860MHz_4800MHz_Clocks_DVI

And this: http://www.mwave.com.au/sku-42060863-Gigabyte_AMD_Radeon_HD_7850_Overclock_Video_Card_GDDR5_2048MB_256_Bit_975_4800MH

Are there any major differences I should be aware of, considering the other parts?

Also, the AMD website for the Radeon 7850 seems to be suggesting 500w is the minimum power requirement, or am I reading it wrong?
There are two versions of HD 7850. Cheaper ones have 1GB VRAM, while more pricey ones have 2GB VRAM.

Other differences include:

Cooler effectiveness
Factory OC value

For example, the PowerColor has 1GB VRAM, OK cooler (nothing special), and slightly OC'd stock clock

The Gigabyte has 2GB VRAM, fancier fans (known to work well), and highly OC'd stock clock

HD 7850 easily runs on 500W 80 Plus Bronze certified power supplies. Both AMD and nVidia inflate + exaggerate "minimum value" because most people buy !@#$ power supplies that can't provide 70% of what it is rated for.
Ahh, okay. I don't really know how to overclock, so I doubt that'd be an issue, but I'll aim for the Gigabyte anyway since it seems like it'd last longer.

Power supply I've found is: http://www.mwave.com.au/sku-34040725-Thermaltake_TR2_Bronze_500W_TR_500PCAU_Power_Supply_ATX_EPS_Silent_12cm_Fan_Acti

After this, I -think- I just need to work on finding a tower that isn't too much larger than my current one, but is large enough to fit all parts comfortably. Would you happen to have a recommendation on the type of tower I'd need?

And here I show my computer illiteracy once more; I'm going to need to either buy or salvage the USB and CD/DVD drives from my old computer, too, aren't I? And a sound card, come to think of it..
PSU is good.


Decent case, can do HD 6990

Only has rear fan. I recommend spending few more bucks on an extra 120/140mm fan for the front

If you can salvage, do it to save money.
You do not need a sound card, but you can use your existing one (if your motherboard has PCI slot)
Looks like the new one will have a PCI slot, at least.

That one you linked says all the fans are optional in the specs, where are you seeing that the back fan is built in?

And yeah, if it'll keep the PC cool over summer and all these parts will fit in that case with enough room to spare, I'll get an extra fan. Just a bit nervous about buying a case that's too small or too big.

Thanks for all the help. So far I've got a wishlist for a motherboard, power supply, case, video card and CPU. I assume they're all compatible with each other and Windows 7 64 bit. I should be able to salvage my Hard Drive, CD/DVD drive and USB drives (possibly the Ethernet card if that's something that's not built into the motherboard) and the sound drive, since I doubt that's contributing to the graphical !@#$ery that's been going on.

I don't think I'm forgetting anything. The keyboard is an old-fashioned one with a circular node rather than a USB input. Mouse is USB, speakers are standard, monitor is standard.
The picture seem to have a fan in the back.

Guess it isn't correct. Then you want 2 fans. One rear, one front.

Both sound card and ethernet card is no longer necessary on today's motherboard, I would mention. Keep them on the old PC if you plan to give it away to someone or sell.

Hard drive and DVD drive must be SATA interface.
Cool. Thanks again, I'll check in with a report when it eventually gets made.
Okay, so I talked to a couple of cousins who are going to help me put stuff together.

They suggested I go for an i7 3770 processor rather than the one that was linked earlier, and a Radeon 7870 HD video card.



Any thoughts regarding that?
While i7-3770 will have slight FPS advantage over i5, it's minuscule, and it's definitely not worth $100 more for it.

Not sure what they are thinking, but i5-3470 is all you need.

HD 7870 is a good choice, of course, they will cost more than a 7850.
Personal pref, but take a look at PCCG http://pccasegear.com/ since you are in Aus, been buying from there for a long time now. top notch, I've never used mwave but I don't hear many positive things about them
We basically decided the extra bit of cash wouldn't be too much of an issue as the total was coming out a lot cheaper than I expected, due to a few things I could salvage from the old computer. We found out Mwave had a comparison tool so they spent a while comparing the processors spec by spec.

As for PCCG, I've never heard of them, though I've never heard of Mwave either.

Much of the discussion was going over my head, of course, but hopefully this'll work out. Thanks again, Kalganized, you've helped a lot. Wish I could return the favour.
Okay, that took longer than anticipated, but now I've got the computer constructed.

Things seem to be running fine though it's only been a couple of hours so far. Should I go about updating whatever drivers I can? And if so, I may need some help locating the most up-to-date drivers, as I've proven terrible at this in the past.

As always, Windows' Device Manager says I've got the most up-to-date drivers, but this Winzip Driver Updater that piggybacked onto my system with another program claims it's out of date (I'd have to pay to have it install the update automatically of course).

The current driver update for my HD Radeon 7870 graphics card is 8.950.0.0 with the driver date being 14/2/2012. I also have Intel i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40 Ghz as a possible un-updated driver, and a couple of Intel 82801 PCI Bridge - 244E.

If there's a free program that'd help out that would be great, otherwise I'm wary about messing with the drivers alone.
Incidentally, WoW suggests 'High' mode graphics, but if I switch them to Ultra I still have 50-100 FPS depending on what I'm doing. Is it safe to run Ultra or should I stick to the recommended?

The processor seems to be running anywhere from 30-50 Celsius without WoW open, but yesterday it went up to about 76, possibly due to a raid. Are these temperatures normal, or too high?
http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6934365605 (yeah, there's a driver section)

Also, latest video driver is 12.11 beta 7 (or beta 8)

76C seems high for stock, non-OC even on stock fan
Bah. Least it's on a 3 year warranty but I don't get why a brand new processor would already be overheating.

I would double check if the heatsink is seated tight on the CPU.

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