'Artifacting' (I think) on Desktop PC

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Okay. My cousins aren't here so I might have to try it myself, which could be bad, but I'll try to see if there's anything looking uneven. Seems to be a fairly common problem.

That Intel site's automatic scanner thing says my Intel drivers are 'valid', so I assume they are okay. Got a video game driver downloading right now.

Huh. The Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver claims my computer doesn't meet the minimum requirements for installing it...
I think I may have identified a possible issue regarding the processor's temperature.

I'm obviously not very technologically inclined when it comes to computer parts, but the processor's fan ought to be moving in some way, right?

How do I go about fixing that? x.x
Did you connect the fan power on the heatsink to the CPU_FAN or similarly named plug?
Yep. It was on the CPU_FAN connector, and after a few tests they told me to move it to the SYS_FAN1 connector to see if it would kick in there. It didn't.

In the BIOS I turned on the CPU Fan Fail Warning option, but it's not been doing anything. The computer seems to realise the fan is there, it's just not spinning.
Is this a stock fan that came with the CPU or no?
It was in the box with the CPU, so I guess stock. I didn't buy a separate one.
Seems like it's faulty.

Buy a third party CPU cooler. Hyper 212+ is being sold for $15 (after rebates) from NewEgg right now.
I had looked at that one after seeing a comment on a forum, but one of my cousins tells me that particular fan might have some issues connecting to my motherboard. I'll keep the name handy, though, so he can double check when he comes around.
Problem solved; the wires were slightly blocking the fan's movement. Removed them from the offending areas and it's running fine, Prime95 took about 20 seconds to get the processor temperature to 70 degrees where it used to be ~5 seconds to get to 80, so I'm confident in it.

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