ICC Gunship Solo Or Optional?

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I always like to add new challenges for myself outside the norm. I'm actually eagerly awaiting the change in the next patch to remove the need for raid groups for old content. That wait isn't stopping me from trying my hand at some older content, and much to my surprise I am actually able to BOOMKIN SQWAAAAAW my way through ICC... that is up until I hit the Gunship. Shortly after starting the encounter my ship blows up out of nowhere and I'm kicked back to the docking platform. From what I'm seeing it's mechanically impossible to solo the Gunship. Everything I've seen says you have to two man it. I'm sure it would probably take quite a bit of extra work to make the Gunship cooperate with solo players, but I bet it wouldn't be too hard to add a way to simply skip it and move on to the next boss if desired. At least that's my thinking. Maybe have one of the NPCs you meet at the top of the elevator have a dialog option asking something like "Can we stick with taking care of the Lich King?" that when selected would open the teleporter to the Deathbringer. I'm really excited just with the fact that I am actually able to Moonkin solo some of these bosses, but it's a bit disheartening when the thing that stops me dead in my tracks is a mechanic that won't even let me get a legit try in before ending the fight for me. Especially when the previous two bosses I made it through (surprisingly) with no problem whatsoever.
I believe gunship is one of the few old encounters that has never been solo'd, and without some sort of exploit, will never be.

Blizzard doesn't directly support players soloing old raids, as there are many many unfriendly mechanics that make the fights difficult to near impossible, with that statement in mind, I don't think you'll see them add a skip feature.

Although, please make cannons scale by gear, this fight takes way too long in transmog clears
Yeah it is not possible to solo right now. As soon as it detects there is no one on your ship it starts to burn down quickly. This includes when you are in a cannon.

It is possible to 2 man but you have to be pretty on the ball with having 1 person jump across, kill rockets and the mage than return. Upon returning 1 person jumps in the cannon and has at it, other deals with the adds on your ship. Only thing is there is lots of room for error and it takes forever to do. 3 people is ideal, but even than it takes way to long.
just 2 manned all of ICC. Gunship was really easy.
10/28/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Vatoliciouss
just 2 manned all of ICC. Gunship was really easy.

And I just put a pizza in the oven, I bet it'll be delicious.

Wait what do either of these comments have to do with this thread? Gunship is really easy to 2-man, we know that. It's also impossible to solo.
Now there's nothing to it, because your gun does so much damage the other boat is destroyed in just 1 freeze wave.
It has been solo'd by a hunter.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9upsc83rYI easily solod and this vid was done when the thread was made some ppl just seem to act like elitist know it alls lol g/l


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