[H] Now recruiting Raiders

The Shattered Legion is a friendly guild with a friendly environment. We are actively seeking members to join our ranks. We enjoy many aspects of the game from PVP, PVE, and achievements. We are a level 24 guild and climbing quickly to 25. We offer many perks for our guildies who are interested in many different aspects of the game.

PVP: We have several members of our guild whom love to PVP! They do BGs, Arena, and once we get enough members we would like to do RBG. PVPers also get free guild repairs, gemming, and enchants.

Achievements: Many of our members enjoy doing achievements! We would like to do a lot of the old world raids for titles and achievements but, alas we need more players!

Raiding: The Shattered Legion is recruiting Raiders for our ten man raid team. All of our raiders have done progression raiding since BC. We are currently seeking 2 Range DPS, 1 melee DPS, one healer, and one tank that could come in if the one of the other tanks are unavailable. We are a level 23 guild and climbing quickly to 25. We offer flasks and buff food during raiding, free guild repairs, assistance with gear, Gemming, and Enchants. Ventrilo is the means of communication that we use during raiding. We are a friendly guild but do expect that our raiders are willing to come prepared to make progress and have fun while making that progress. Raid times are Fri and Sat 7pm server to 9pm server.

Our server, Azjol-Nerub, is a low population server, i believe that you ca transfer for free from a high population server.

If you have anyone questions or if you would like to get to know us please in game mail or whisper Myazz/ Myazzsgoblin/ Cheryblossm .

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